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15 Unique Bay Window Design Ideas To Maximise Space In Your HDB

28 Dec 2021

Design Trends

Bay window in a bedroom

Designed by Starry Homestead

Bay windows refer to windows that are at least 0.5m above the floor. At times, they may get tricky to work with when it comes to renovating your home.

However, with the right interior designer and some research, you’ll be able to get some great ideas to maximise space! Check out these 9 bay window design ideas for HDBs and 15 design inspirations.

1. Create A Lounging Area With Bean Bags

Bay window lounging area in a living room

Designed by Carpenters

A lounging area in the living room provides an additional tranquil space to sit down and relax while reading the newspaper. This HDB 4 room design by Carpenters features an elevated platform by the bay windows with three wide drawers for storage.

2. Build A Bench For Extra Seating Space

Bay window lounging area in condominium

Designed by Carpenters

Have bay windows at the corner of a room? Add a bench for sitting and some cabinets for additional storage. This simple bench matches the room’s interior with a dark marble design and light wood top. It makes the room more welcoming and is great when you have guests over!

Bay window lounging area

Designed by U-Home Interior Design

A bench can also be incorporated beside your bedroom bay window. This provides an extra area for you to sit and unwind before retreating to your bed for a good night’s rest. To add on to its functionality, include some cabinets for storage space.

Bay window bench

Designed by Design 4 Space

If you have an extra room with bay windows, turn it into a hangout room with benches so you can sit around and chill with friends. Fish enthusiasts can add a classy aquarium into the space to have a calming effect. Even when you don’t have guests, you can sit and gaze at the fishes.

Bay window bench in a study room

Designed by DC Vision Design

Have an awkward window at the corner of the room? Integrate a built-in bench by the window and connect it to two tables on both sides to turn it into a study room! This way, you can sit on the bench when taking a break from working.

3. Install A Platform Bed Or Bed Frame With Storage

Designed by Carpenters

Another idea would be to get your interior designer (ID) to build a bed frame. In this master bedroom, the bed frame incorporates hidden storage compartments which is ideal for smaller homes. The dark wood and huge frame gives it an overall cosy and luxurious feel.

Designed by Carpenters

Other than the master bedroom, bed frames can also be built in your other rooms. This interior design features a narrow ledge beside the bed and a light wood bed frame. Side drawers have also been included for additional storage and convenient access to items. The result is a room that has a tranquil, relaxing overall vibe. 

4. Build A Study Table For Your Study Room

Study table by bay window

Designed by Design 4 Space

Turn your room into a study space by installing a long table by the windows for your work essentials. Some helpful tips when designing your study table would be to 

  • have drawers to store your items — this prevents clutter on the table,
  • ensure that there’s enough desk space to place your items, and 
  • ensure that the height of the table is comfortable.

Study table beside bay window

Designed by Carpenters

Here’s another design inspiration for a study desk by the window if you like a Scandinavian theme. What’s unique about this is that there’s a mini fridge below the desk so you can grab refreshments conveniently! To liven up the space, add some plants and open shelves to display knick knacks.

5. Do Up A Makeup Or Vanity Table

Makeup table by bay window

Designed by Edgeline Planners

This ingenious design combines a luxurious lounging bench beside a small table that can be used as a makeup or vanity table. With this, ladies can get ready by the bay window with natural lighting in the day. 

Furthermore, the white furniture, together with the velvet cushion and vintage stool work together to bring a posh feel to the room.

6. Build A Shelf Display For Your Collectibles

Bay window with shelf display for collectibles

Designed by TBG Interior Design

If you need more storage in your home, make use of the vertical space beside bay windows and build a shelf! Have collectibles to display? Do an open shelf so your guests can admire your prized possessions. To achieve a minimalist look, go for concealed shelves instead.

7. Build Shelves And Cabinets For Additional Storage

Storage shelves beside bay window

Designed by DAP Atelier

This is something that all homeowners can never say no to — more storage! “Zng” up your bay windows by adding cabinets. This minimalistic room used white cabinets and drawers to brighten up the space and complement the neutral tones of their other furnishings.

8. Incorporate A TV Console To Enjoy Netflix

TV console by bay window

Designed by Edgeline Planners

This unique bedroom configuration uses the abundant vertical space to create a double deck situation with a bed below and a study area above. A ledge for placing items has been included by the window, with a designated console for a TV. Now you can lounge in bed while watching Netflix!

9. Install A Sink In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

Bay window sink in a kitchen

Designed by Design 4 Space

This U-shaped kitchen design taps on pops of colours and classy lighting fixtures to tie in a modern look. The kitchen island also doubles up as a dining table. By the bay window, there’s plenty of countertop space and a timeless black sink.

Bay window sink in a bathroom

Designed by Edgeline Planners

Huge windows in your bathroom and nowhere to place a mirror? This toilet design cleverly added a huge mirror by the wall. For the bay windows, a countertop was installed to display soap dispensers and towels and a classic sink was built to complete the aesthetic and functionality.

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FAQs: Design Ideas For Bay Windows

Can bay windows be removed in Singapore?

If you’re planning to make changes to your bay windows, you’re required to file a request to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Such changes include removing it completely or extending it outwards. 

However, do note that the replacement of bay windows is strictly not allowed for HDBs unless they’re damaged and require a replacement.

How do you maximise a bay window?

Some ways to fully maximise a bay window would be to: 

  • Turn it into a lounging area with bean bags
  • Install a bench to sit around with guests
  • Install a platform bed or bed frame with storage
  • Build a study ledge or table for your study room
  • Add a makeup or vanity table
  • Turn it into a TV console
  • Add a sink for your kitchen or bathroom

How can I improve my bay window?

  • New coat of paint

If you bought a resale flat with bay windows, you can freshen up the space by adding a fresh coat of paint! Using light colours will brighten up the area, while dark colours will allow you to add depth and cosiness.

  • Add curtains

Another way to improve the look is to make use of curtains. Use loud colours and fun patterns to make the windows the focal point. Conversely, neutral shades can give the area a more sophisticated and natural look.

  • Add furniture around the window

Make use of the natural light that’ll come in during the day and let the windows be the anchor to your room. Add some sofas and armchairs and make it into a conversation area. Alternatively, add a desk to create a study area.

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