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Types of Storage Racks for Storeroom and Bomb Shelter and Where to Buy Them in Singapore

31 Jan 2020 by |

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Storeroom racks
Source: Kasto Rack

Just got the keys to your new home?

One of the many essential things to get is storage racks for your storeroom. This provides ample space to keep your less used items in an organised manner.

In this article, we’ll be covering the different types of racks you can choose from and where to buy them in Singapore.

Types of Storeroom Racks

Standard Rectangle Storeroom Rack

Standard boltless rectangle storeroom rack
Source: Standard Boltless Rack

This is the standard unit of storage rack for all storerooms and bomb shelters. Typically, there’s an option of 4 tier and 5 tier shelving to cater to all storage needs.

L-shape Storeroom Rack

L-shape Boltless Storeroom Rack
Source: Yee Sin Storage

The L-shape rack is a common choice for BTOs that come with a door on either the right or left (instead of middle) of the storeroom.

It is essentially 2 standard rectangle racks put together, but with the option of removing the centre pole.

U-shape Storeroom Rack

Boltless U-shape storeroom rack
Source: Yee Sin Storage

For storerooms with a door in the middle, homeowners would usually opt for a U-shape rack. This maximises the space while providing easy access to the stored items.

This rack is similar to an L-shape, just that it comes with 3 rectangle racks.

Difference between Bolt and Boltless Racks

In the past, storage racks relied on bolts to stabilise and support the load. However, with recent advancement in technology, there are now boltless alternatives.

Advantages include:

✓ Easier to install
✓ More stable, can hold more weight
✓ Doesn’t require maintenance

Difference between Metal and Plywood Shelves

The difference between metal and plywood shelves varies for different storeroom rack suppliers in Singapore.

In some cases, there isn’t a difference in load capacity. However, for some companies, the quality of the materials may differ so plywood may be more durable than metal.

Do enquire about this with your preferred supplier.

Where to buy storeroom racks in Singapore

 DeliveryInstallationBoltless / BoltedShelf materialColours
  • Metal
  • Plywood
  • White
  • Sim Win LiangFree delivery for purchases above $120 Boltless
  • Metal
  • Silver
  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Metal
  • White
  • Yee Sin Storage$15 for purchase of less than $180 Both
  • Metal
    (only boltless)
  • Plywood
  • Grey (only bolted)
  • Brown (only bolted)
  • White
  • Black
    (only boltless; additional charge)
  • Storeroom Rack
  • Metal
  • Plywood
    (3-4 days waiting time)
  • Beige
  • Boltless Rack
  • Metal
  • Plywood
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Black
    (additional charge)
  • Kasto Rack SGFreeFreeBoltless
  • Metal
  • Plywood
  • White
  • Black
  • SgShelving

    Email: or use their contact form

    SgShelving’s boltless storeroom racks are designed to be sturdy, durable and long-lasting.

    Many customers have complimented them for their punctual delivery and installation services. On top of that, their customer service and after-sales follow up are impeccable.

    Sim Win Liang


    SIM WIN LIANG is a leading pioneer in the storage solutions space, with over three decades of experience.

    Their official distributorship of METALSISTEM Italy is a testament to their product quality – all racks have been manufactured based on EN10204 standards, assuring their durability. logo

    Email: or use their contact form

    Started in 2004, has been growing rapidly due to their countless referrals. They have provided racks for a wide range of entities from government companies to HDB owners.

    What makes them different is that they offer white boltless racks that can be fixed with 4 – 6 metal shelf tiers.

    Yee Sin Storage


    Yee Sin Storage was launched back in 1984 and has since become a leading supplier of storage racks in Singapore.

    Their main solutions include

    • Bolted rack (Plywood)
    • Boltless rack (Metal or Plywood)
    • Boltless medium duty rack (Plywood)

    Size of racks can also be customised based on your needs.

    Storeroom Rack Singapore


    Storeroom Rack Singapore specialises in offering affordable L-shape boltless racks as they believe it’s the safest and most environmentally friendly option. To top it off, each tier is able to withstand a total load of 400kg.

    Prior to the installation, you can opt for a 3D render to visualise how the racks look like in your storeroom.

    Boltless Rack Singapore

    WhatsApp: +65 8511 1934

    The team at Boltless Rack Singapore is known for their fast installation and great customer service. They supply several types of racks including

    • Bolted heavy duty rack (Plywood)
    • Boltless heavy duty rack (Plywood)
    • Boltless rack (Metal)

    Do note that there may be additional charges for white or black coloured racks, as the default colours are grey and brown.

    Kasto Rack

    WhatsApp: +65 9741 1623

    Founded in 2013, Kasto Rack is known for their multi-functional storage solutions. Moreover, their decades of expertise in metal works and fabrication have equipped them to deliver safe and quality racks.

    Price comparison of storeroom rack suppliers in Singapore

    To get a gauge of the price range, we created a sample floorplan and contacted each supplier for a quotation.

    Sample storeroom dimensions for price quotation

    These are the quoted prices for a 4-tier, L-shaped (without centre pole) white rack with metal shelves.

    Note: Storeroom Rack Singapore and Boltless Rack Singapore do not have white racks, so we took the quotation for beige racks.

    SupplierMain rackExtension rackHeight of rackQuoted price**
    SgShelving105cm x 61cm152cm x 46cm183cm$378
    Sim Win Liang99cm x 50cm156cm x 50cm197.2cm$384
    Storeroomrack.com120cm x 40cm140cm x 50cm200cm$410
    Yee Sin Storage120cm x 60cm150cm x 45cm183cm$410
    Storeroom Rack
    120cm x 60cm150cm x 45cm184cm$432
    Boltless Rack
    106cm x 46cm198cm x 46cm183cm$440
    Kasto Rack120cm x 60cm150cm x 45cm184cm$460

    *Beige racks
    **Includes delivery and installation

    Disclaimer: These prices are for illustration purposes only and are accurate at the time of publication. Rack dimensions are recommended by each supplier. If you wish to add height or opt for different rack dimensions, the price will vary.

    How to measure your storeroom to fit your storage rack

    This is how a typical BTO bomb shelter will look like.

    Typical BTO 4 Room Bomb Shelter Layout

    Source: How to measure your storeroom to fit your storage rack

    Step 1: Take measurements of your walls

    How to measure your storeroom for storage rack

    The main measurements of your storeroom that you should measure are A, B, X, Y and the height of the room.

    If your storeroom has skirting, ensure that measurements are taken from skirting floor to skirting. All measurements should be taken from the floor.

    Step 2: Take note of where your circuit board is

    Next, take note of where your circuit board is. If there are any protruding beams, do highlight it to your supplier as well.

    This is to ensure that the vertical beam of your rack doesn’t block the circuit board and isn’t obstructed by any beams.

    Step 3: Contact your preferred storeroom rack suppliers for quotation

    After determining any obstructions, it’s time to shortlist a few of your preferred suppliers and request for a quotation.

    It would help if you know what you want, i.e.

    • L-shape or U-shape shelves
    • Metal or plywood shelves
    • Colour of rack
    • Number of shelves per pack (usually 4 – 6 shelves per rack are available)

    Step 4: Decide on the dimensions of your storeroom racks

    How to measure your storeroom to fit your storage rack
    Source: How to select your L Shape Rack

    Ideally, each supplier should have suggested a few options for your storeroom rack dimensions.

    Compare them to see which company provides

    • the best value and
    • the most space-efficient rack dimensions.

    Do take note of the delivery and installation fees as well.

    Ensure that there is at least 3cm of allowance at all sides to fit your racks comfortably.

    Choosing storeroom racks for your home

    With the many rack solutions companies out there, it’s best to engage the most reliable one that can meet your budget and storage needs.

    In search of a storeroom rack?
    Get it from a reliable supplier!

    Check out our list of suppliers

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