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Quick Budget Tip

Majority of the renovation costs is taken up by major works such as hacking, masonry, and carpentry works.

Living/Dining Room

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Other Works

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The process includes hacking and/or rebuilding, touching up, and plastering up walls. Cost of endorsement from professional engineers is not included.


Usually involves flooring, tiling, and wet work. The amount depends mainly on area size and labour costs for laying of tiles and foundation.


Involves wardrobes, cabinets, storage features, and other customized solutions. Cost depends on the size, materials used, and amount of workmanship required.

Other Works

Other renovation works involved, includes but not limited to:

  • Ceiling & Partition
  • Plumbing Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Painting
  • Cleaning & Polishing

Renovation Cost Singapore

Renovating your home is one of the most expensive things you will pay for; renovating a 4 room HDB BTO can cost $16,000 – $140,000. That is why planning a budget for your renovation is important.

With HomeRenoGuru's renovation calculator, you can better understand the main factors that contribute to your bill and more effectively plan for your home makeover.

Overview of Renovation Cost in Singapore

Light*** Moderate Extensive
Total cost of renovation $16,950 - $20,340 $43,025 - $51,630 $116,550 - $139,860
Cost of renovating a living room $700 - $6,800 $6,800 - $12,500 $12,500 - $38,300
Cost of renovating a bedroom $500 - $7,500 $7,500 - $12,700 $12,700 - $50,400
Cost of renovating a bathroom $550 - $6,550 $2,600 - $8,600 $8,600 - $35,500
Cost of renovating a kitchen $800 – $2600 $6,550 - $11,950 $11,950 - $27,450
Other renovation costs** $1,750 - $6,150 $6,150 - $10,700 $10,500 - $25,200

*The figures are calculated based on a 90m² 4 room HDB BTO with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

**Other renovation costs include electrical works, glass and aluminium, painting, and cleaning and polishing.

***Light renovation work refers to minimal structural changes; the walls and tiles remain in their original state.

Medium renovation work refers to moderate structural changes; there will be some hacking and changing of tiles involved.

Extensive renovation work refers to major structural changes; there will be extensive hacking of walls, and existing tiles will be completely removed and replaced.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Renovation in Singapore

Type of home

The cost of renovation will vary with the type of residential home. Resale flats, for instance, may cost 20 – 40% more to renovate as compared to BTOs.

The higher cost of renovation is due to the following reasons.

  • Additional hacking of walls or tiles
    Resale flats require additional hacking and masonry work such as the hacking of existing tiles to achieve a certain look.
    BTO flats, on the other hand, come as a clean slate and do not need as much work (unless preferred). This results in lower renovation costs.
  • Additional piping works
    Resales cost more to renovate as they may require extensive piping rework and planning – something that BTOs do not need.
  • Re-wiring of electrical works
    Most new homeowners will not want to continue using existing old electrical wires due to safety reasons.
    A simple rewiring of a resale flat can cost an extra $4,000 - $6,000 depending on the number of electrical sockets you plan to have.
  • Extra toilet fittings
    BTOs come with pre-fitted sinks and toilet bowls. Resales, however, will require homeowners to purchase and install their bathroom fittings, adding on to the renovation cost.
  • Extra space
    Resales tend to be much larger than BTOs; a typical 4 room resale is usually 10 – 20m² larger.
    A bigger space requires more materials, leading to a higher cost.

Amount of work that needs to be done

The cost of renovation will be pricier if it involves a lot of work. For example, the renovation cost will be high if your interior design style requires a large amount of hacking and carpentry work. Consider scaling back your renovation if you have a tight budget.


Stay away from half-hacked walls to avoid busting your budget. Such walls are more labour intensive and costlier to achieve as compared to fully hacked walls.

Type of materials used

Another factor that can inflate your renovation bill is the materials that you choose. This can include the type of countertop and flooring material used.

Some materials such as marble or quartz will come with a premium price tag. Therefore, opt for more affordable options if you are working with a small budget.

Type of interior design theme

Some interior design themes are costlier to achieve than others. For example, a Scandinavian theme will be more expensive as compared to an industrial theme.

This is because exposed tubes and pipes give the space a feeling of rawness which complements the industrial theme. This helps homeowners to save money on installing additional fixtures to conceal electrical tubing and piping to achieve a minimalist look.

Choice of interior designer or contractor

Hiring an interior designer (ID) will cost you about 20 – 30% more as they take charge of every aspect of the renovation; from designing to the supervision of work. This can help to avoid costly renovation mistakes.

Contactors will only carry out the work as instructed by you and will thus, charge you less.

Here are some of the main differences between an ID and contractor.

ID Main Contractor
Designs and conceptualises
Provides floor plans and 3D drawings
Advises on most recent interior design trends
Liaises with all individuals
Requires homeowners must be on the renovation site to receive new furniture or appliances
Supervises major works

Another thing to consider when choosing an ID or contractor is the years of experience they have; the more established and experienced they are, the higher the cost of their services.

How to Finance Your Home Renovation in Singapore

Most people do not have an additional $20,000 - $100,000 sitting around to pay for their renovation.

If you belong to this group of people, you will most probably need to take up a renovation loan to finance your home renovation.

It is important to note that a renovation loan is not the same as a personal loan. With the former, you get to enjoy much lower interest rates. As such, you should avoid using a personal loan to pay for your renovation.

Renovating Your Home in Singapore

Renovating your home soon? Budget and plan better for your home makeover by using our renovation calculator. If not, contact us to receive a free renovation quotation today!