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HomeRenoGuru is an online renovation review portal with more than 500 of the best interior designers (IDs). Through our years of establishment, we have constantly been building a strong network of designers, so you can have limitless options! Moreover, our IDs are industry-accredited, highlighting their commitment to upholding first-class business practices and services. On top of house renovation, they also do commercial renovation for locations such as offices and retail stores. If you are looking for renovation ideas, our design gallery has thousands of images that spans across 15 different interior design themes! To get an accurate quote from our IDs, contact us for a free quotation!

Factors to consider when choosing an interior designer

  • ID portfolio: ID firms usually specialise in a few interior design themes. Browse their past projects and shortlist a few based on your aesthetic preference.
  • Verified reviews: Use renovation platforms such as HomeRenoGuru to read verified reviews left by past clients. This will give you a good feel of how it is like to work with them.
  • Budget: Work within your budget! It is advised to gather quotations from a few IDs to see which one suits your budget best.
  • Chemistry and communication: This is important as you have to be able to communicate your ideas and requests comfortably in order to achieve your dream home.

Frequently asked questions about renovation

How long does renovation take?

Generally, BTO renovation will take about 8 – 10 weeks, resale flats will take 12 – 14 weeks, and condominiums will require 2 – 4 months. Note that the exact duration will depend on the extent of renovation and other factors.

How much does renovation cost?

The cost of renovation is dependent on a few factors such as
  • whether your HDB home is a BTO or resale flat,
  • the size of your home,
  • the extent of renovation (e.g. whether hacking and tiling will be done), and
  • your preferred interior design theme.
A moderate renovation for an average 4-room BTO will cost about $43,025 - $51,630. For more accurate numbers, use our renovation cost calculator.

How to apply for renovation loan?

The first step is to find out if you are eligible to apply for a loan. Thereafter, check what documents you need to get ready for the application and submit them to your bank. Here are some banks that offer renovation loans: Refer to each individual bank’s information page for detailed instructions.

How long does it take for HDB renovation permit to be approved?

HDB has restrictions for certain renovation works. In such cases, you will have to apply for a renovation permit and wait for it to be approved by HDB before renovation can commence. Usually, it takes about 2 – 3 days to be approved. You are advised to apply for a permit as soon as possible to avoid any delays!

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