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12 Modern HDB Toilet Design Ideas You Can Copy to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

23 Dec 2019

Design Trends

White-tiled bathroom with glass shower partition
DC Vision Design Pte Ltd

As apartment dwellers living in limited spaces, most of us dream about owning a large, spacious bathroom. Unfortunately, this is a luxury we can’t afford.

A few simple strategies, however, can be employed to create an illusion of a bigger space! From carefully selected colour palettes to the installation of specific fixtures, we have got you covered.

Interested in finding out how you can to make your toilet appear roomier and spruce up its current look? Check out these modern HDB toilet design ideas below!

Flooring and Walls of HDB Toilet

Match the Colours of the Tiles and Walls

Bathroom with matching dark grey wall and floor tiles
Northwest Interior Design Pte Ltd

Contrasting tile and wall colours break the space into distinct areas; it divides the bathroom up and makes it appear smaller.

On the contrary, blending the colours makes it hard to distinguish where each area begins and ends. This produces a continuous look that makes your bathroom look larger.

Use White on White

Bathroom with white-coloured walls, sink, and toilet bowl
Penta Design & Contracts Pte Ltd

White can reflect any available light, rather than absorb it. Thus, incorporating white bathroom accessories and fittings into your toilet brightens it up and makes it look bigger.

Wash Basin, Mirror, and Vanity Cabinet in HDB Toilet

Use a Pedestal or Wall-mounted Sink

Toilet with a wall-mounted vanity and sink, with glass shower partition
Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

A large, built-in vanity can dwarf a compact HDB toilet and make it feel cramp.

On the other hand, a wall-mounted or pedestal sink is the perfect option for a small bathroom. These fixtures create an open feeling within your bathroom and make it feel bigger. In addition, the freed-up space can also be used to store items and house some shelves.

Go Big with Your Mirror

Long bathroom with multiple large wall-mounted cabinets with mirror doors
Flo Design Pte Ltd

To make the space appear larger, The Spruce recommends that you swap your current mirror for a bigger one. A large mirror can contribute to the sense of spaciousness and lengthen the look of your bathroom walls.

Because of its reflective properties, it can also transform the look of your toilet and create the impression of space.

Install a Floating Vanity

Compact toilet with floating sink and vanity installation
Sky Creation

A floating vanity is a perfect solution to space constraints. This fixture makes a bathroom appear roomier and frees up floor space.

While the additional space may seem insignificant, having more room can make a drastic difference in tight areas. It also serves as additional storage for your daily essentials.

Toilet Bowl in HDB Toilet

Use a Wall-mounted Toilet Bowl

White-themed bathroom with a wall-mounted toilet bowl Design Pte Ltd

Because these fixtures are typically smaller in size, wall-mounted toilet bowls are perfect for HDB bathrooms with limited space.

They also trick the eye by making the space seem bigger. Besides, these toilet seats are gorgeous and elevate the entire ambience of your bathroom.

Install Racks or Wall Shelves for Additional Storage

Bathroom with wall-mounted racks and glass shelves
D5 Studio Image Pte Ltd

The area above your toilet bowl often ends up being underused and forgotten. However, when short on space, every inch of the bathroom matters.

Maximise the space by placing a standing rack or installing some wall shelves to create additional storage.

Shower Area in HDB Toilet

Use a Glass Panel

Toilet with a glass shower partition panel
New Interior Design

Replacing the shower curtain with a glass panel or door is another great way to expand the look of your bathroom. The glass opens the space up and allows more light in, giving an optical illusion of a larger toilet.

Tip: opt for a frosted or tinted glass panel if you prefer more privacy.

This option allows more light to filter through, keeping you covered while making your shower experience feel less claustrophobic.

Ditch the Bathtub

Spacious modern themed bathroom with a shower stall
Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

A relaxing soak sounds like a wonderful idea after a long, tiring day. However, installing a comfortable, freestanding bathtub just isn’t feasible in a small HDB toilet. These fixtures are often too bulky and eat up valuable real estate.

When designing your HDB toilet, install a shower stall instead; it’s smaller and ensures the efficient use of space. Aside from that, according to plumber Shane Bruce, make sure that you set up the proper slope so drainage happens right!

Create a Separate ‘Wet Zone’

A large bathroom area with separate wet and dry zones
Einstein Studio Pte Ltd

The area where most of the water-based activity is carried out is known as the wet zone. The dry zone, on the other hand, usually refers to the toilet and vanity counter.

For HDB flats that permit the separation of these zones, splitting them up can help free up more bathroom space.

This layout provides you with a larger shower area and shields your vanity area from humidity. It removes the possibility of mildew and muck build-up, helping to maintain its condition. This is an important consideration for those who store beauty products on the vanity counter.

Lighting in HDB Toilet

Install Bright Lighting

Smaller-sized bathroom with plenty of bright lighting
Stylerider Pte Ltd

Good lighting is essential in tight spaces as it helps to make a small area look big and open. This is crucial in a small HDB bathroom which often doesn’t have much natural light.

The toilet is also where most of us groom ourselves. For these reasons, the presence of good task lighting is paramount.

Some examples of task lighting include:

  • Wall sconces
  • Vanity mirror lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Ceiling spotlights

Additionally, to ensure that your bathroom is sufficiently lit, multiple light sources can be installed at different locations. A grid of ceiling lights or mirror lights, for example, will help you avoid shadowing and make the space feel brighter.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

A toilet installed with large windows and blinders, bathed in natural light

Natural light helps to open a space up to make it look larger. The problem is that the windows in HDB toilets are incredibly small and bear semblance to a ventilation shaft.
To rectify this issue, avoid placing plants or laundry near the windows. This prevents you from blocking any light from entering the bathroom.

Alternatively, you can opt for glossy and light-coloured surfaces that can reflect light to create a brighter space.

Designing Your Dream Toilet

Achieving your dream HDB bathroom design can be challenging when faced with limited square footage. However, you shouldn’t let a small bathroom hold you back.

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