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The Sizeable Advantages of Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces

07 Apr 2021

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Distinctly larger than most leading brand surface materials in the market, Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces enhance the visual impact of large spaces, drawing the eye in all directions to take in the uninterrupted panoramic splendour of the view.

A Fitting Choice for Large Surfaces

Engineered to exacting standards in Modena, Italy, Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces are available in extra-large sizes of up to 1,600mm x 3,200mm, and come in more than 50 colours and styles. Their generous proportions cover large surfaces without the visual distraction of the frequent seams, joins and grout lines that accompany laminates and tiles. And unlike stone-look laminates and tiles that manage a passing resemblance at best, Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces look virtually indistinguishable from naturally formed stones such as marble and granite.

Sleek Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces create a unified visual impact that opens up a space, unlike smaller tiles such as those used on this TV console, which tend to visually diminish a space with continuously repeated patterns.

Beauty in Consistency

A major advantage of Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces over naturally mined stones is the open-ended availability of its supply. For projects that require a consistency of colour and pattern over an unusually large area, Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces are the ideal solution. Unlike marble and granite whose volumes are limited by the size of their natural deposits, Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces can be manufactured on demand. The key to the consistency of Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces lies in its unique manufacturing process. The hi-tech production process begins with the mixing of all-natural mineral components, which are spread into layers of a uniform thickness. They are then subjected to extremely high pressure, which compresses then into a high-density substance, and thoroughly cured. Next, they are digitally printed with a pattern that simulates natural veining, then fired or sintered, and polished and packed before being sent to destinations around the world.

Creative Freedom in All Directions

The majority of Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces are 12mm thick, with some designs also available in 6.5mm-thick slabs. The combination of an exceptionally large slab size with a relatively slim thickness allows architects and designers the creative freedom to cover the surfaces of not only walls but three-dimensional countertops, bathtubs, benches, dining tables and planters.

Durable, weather-resistant and low-maintenance, Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces are ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

For example, a single large slab can be cut and wrapped around all facings of an island counter. Hence, the natural pattern of veins and gradations flows from the top down the sides in one unbroken continuum. Likewise, this ‘wraparound’ effect can be applied to desks and vanities, vestibules and entrance halls, dressing rooms and powder rooms, shower cubicles and even entire bathrooms.

Visual Drama

For breathtaking visual impact, a growing number of designers are opting for bookmatched Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces, whereby two identical slabs are flipped and juxtaposed like a mirror image. The infinite variations in vein patterns give rise to abstract images that evoke butterflies’ wings, the symmetry of the human form, and all manner of surprising images.

The luxurious flourish of bookmatching, which has been traditionally achieved with rare matching marble slabs, is now relatively easy and affordable with Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces.

Artisanal Quality and Reliable Supply

Unlike naturally formed stones that are fraught with imperfections caused by impurities in their composition, weathering and handling, Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces leave their manufacturing facility in mint condition.

Since Gardenia Sintered Slabs Surfaces are manufactured, architects and builders are never at the mercy of unreliable and erratic supply chains. They can be literally made to order, and on demand. This confidence-inspiring assurance eliminates the possibility of costly delays due to material shortages, an all-too-common scenario especially in recent times.

Durability and Washability

Gardenia Sintered Slabs Surfaces are resistant to heat, making them an ideal choice for kitchen backsplashes, benchtops and counters. Unlike relatively fragile naturally formed stones and laminates, you need never worry about heat damage or cracks from direct contact with cookware straight from the oven.

Furthermore, Gardenia Sintered Slabs Surfaces are virtually non-porous, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. Even in heavy-traffic areas such as commercial kitchens, poolside bars and other punishing environments, they will look ‘as new’ after a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth. And unlike their naturally formed stone counterparts, they can withstand most household cleaning solutions including hospital-grade disinfectants.

Non-porous, chemical-free and easy to clean, Gardenia Sintered Slabs Surfaces help homeowners and business operators meet today’s exacting hygiene standards.

Due to the absence of frequent grout lines, Gardenia Sintered Slabs Surfaces avoid the dirt and mould traps that are often associated with tiled surfaces, especially in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. This imparts a premium luxury look and an impression of sparkling cleanliness that is eminently appealing in these hygiene-conscious days.

Sometimes, More is More

Luxuriously large, incredibly versatile and remarkably durable, Gardenia Sintered Slabs Surfaces empower architects, interior designers and homeowners with considerably more possibilities in creative design, without a prohibitively high price tag. There is almost no surface, big or small, that they cannot cover.

Intrigued? Visit Bellus Group’s warehouse and see, touch and feel the beauty of Gardenia Slabs Sintered Surfaces for yourself. Alternatively, download the catalogue or call 6555 3528 and ask about an obligation-free quote for your next project.

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