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Meet Me At The Bar - The Versatility Of Bar Counters

18 Dec 2019

Tips & Advice

The bar counter is arguably the hottest thing in kitchen design right now. In fact, around half of all local homeowners who renovate their homes now want one. It is no surprise that this is made even more possible with the option of open-kitchen layouts in new BTO flats now. Let’s take a look at some brilliant examples that serve a wide array of purposes.

HDB 4 Room 234B Sumang Lane | De Style Interior Pte Ltd

Cook-While-You-Chat-with-the-Guests Bar

This rustic-industrial design extends just above the kitchen sink and work counter, hiding the messy food-preparing while allowing the chef to interact with her guests. The open shelving on the outward facing of the bar is perfect for storing pretty napkins, salt and pepper shakers, toothpicks and that collection of gourmet artisanal salts you’ve been collecting.

HDB 4 Room McNair Towers | Luova Project Services

Wake-Up-and-Smell-the-Coffee(-or-Not) Bar

This bar counter doubles up as a breakfast bar and the fourth ‘wall’ of an enclosed kitchen when the folding glass panels are closed. It means you can wake up and smell the coffee – or smell nothing at all. Many homeowners are opting for this flexible configuration to contain cooking smells when necessary – and open up the space when it’s not.

HDB 4 Room 51 Strathmore Ave | Promax Design Pte Ltd

Do-Anything-and-Everything Bar

This neat 2-seater counter is good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snacks, reading the newspaper, working on your laptop… the list goes on. May we also add that the glossy black laminate is a breeze to wipe clean, and visually chimes with the black powder-coated track lighting and semi-industrial lamp design elements of this house. Score!

HDB 4 Room 670C| Edgefield Plains Waterway Ridges|Carpenters

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Mum’s-Home-Bakery Bar

This seemingly-small bar counter in this open-concept kitchen accommodates a built-in oven and also serves as the preparation space and storage space. You can mix up a batch of biscuits while you chat with the family in the living area, and even steal a glance or two at the TV while you’re creaming the butter and sugar. Store your stand mixer, bowls and baking trays in the cabinet alongside the oven for added convenience.

Condominium 1 Jalan Jintan | Leef Deco Pte Ltd

Long-Days-into-Late-Nights Bar

This versatile floating wooden bar counter gives an unobstructed view into the stylish monochromatic kitchen. The transparency of the ‘legless and faceless’ counter is echoed in the light, wire-framed bar stools that let light pass through them, literally. It’s just the thing for casual dining, productive working, and sipping wine into the wee hours… all in the comfort of your own home.

HDB Maisonette Bukit Batok St 52 | Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

Welcome-Home Bar

This L-shaped bar counter is one of the first things you see upon entering the house, triggering a grateful ‘Phew, it’s good to be home’ feeling and strategically screening off the utilitarian area of the open concept kitchen. We love how the use of copper pendant lamps add a cosy glow, and the classic black and white always looks crisp and clean.

Office 1 Ubi View | Y-Axis ID

Feels-Like-Working-from-Home Bar

With the growing popularity of co-working spaces that feel like hipster apartments, offices are getting cosier and homelier. This gorgeous office space has a pantry that feels like a kitchen, and a distinctive zig zag bar counter that houses a sink and an extension for snacking, hot-desking and brainstorming. With offices like these, nobody minds working late!

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