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5 Childhood Cartoons You Can Channel for Your Home Decor

16 Mar 2017

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Themed Cafes in Japan are on the rise. Given Singapore’s obsession with cute things, there has been a similar flurry over here, such as the Pompompourin cafe and Hello Kitty Orchid Garden at The Changi Airport.

Now, you may be feeling an itch to incorporate some cute cartoon characters into your home decor. So how do you go about doing that? How have others successfully incorporated cartoons into their dream home decor? We scouted for a few cartoon-worthy home decorations for inspiration in your next renovation.

1) Hello Kitty


Fernvale HDB 5 Room by Design 4 Space

Say hello to the world’s most famous cat without a mouth- Kitty. This gorgeous room exudes cheeriness, from its pink walls to the Hello Kitty shaped ceiling light. You’ll be sure to relive your sweetest childhood memories with Kitty White (her real name) here! Make sure the saccharine tones of this room don’t clash with your general decor.

2) Disney Mania


Jeff Christiansen// Flickr

You can’t miss out Mickey Mouse (or Minnie, his girlfriend) if you’re talking about cartoon characters. This iconic Disney mascot is recognisable even by his mere silhouette- revel in the wacky cheer of this goofy mouse with shades of vibrant red and black.

When it comes to cartoon themed decor, Richard Yeo from Design 4 Space takes the following into consideration- “We will see what is the colour scheme they want, and then the layout plans- it depends on the child’s age. If they’re around 4 to 5 they will grow up very quickly and they might outgrow the theme. Boy or girl? Wallpaper, floor ceilings, cabinets, curtain- same colour scheme. These are the basic things”.

3) Let It Go


Princess Room by Absolook

From the classics like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to today’s hit sensations, Frozen‘s Anna and Elsa, princesses continue to dominate the dreams of many fanciful children. Varying shades of pink are necessary to create the perfect pastel confection that doesn’t bore- enhance the effect with headboards shaped like tiaras!

Henry Ong from Posh Living suggests elements such as “curtains with lace, gold colours, some crown cushions in gold and pink with a silver armchair” in the planning for a princess room. It’s vital to establish a pretty colour scheme to build the room of your princess dreams!




4) What’s Your Kryptonite?


Jhefrry Swid/Flickr

You’ve probably dreamt of saving the world as a kid. And who better embodies that than Superman? Blue, yellow and red are the emblems of the Man of Steel, so you are going to want these colours to feature prominently in your home. Feel like the hero you (probably) are with this gigantic ceiling fixture in the shape of the Superman logo. For bachelors, this is sure to take your pad to the next level.

5) The Best Of All Worlds


Kitchener Link by Ace Space Design

If you’re a true child at heart, you probably can’t choose one out of all your beloved cartoons. Well, the good news is that your room can be a mix of your favourites- or rojak, as we like to say. Your bed sheet can be Disney-themed, while other characters such as Doraemon can live on in your plushies.

Bing from Carpenters has some suggestions for clients who prefer a mix of themes. “Do research and find a few famous cartoons, characters and pictures. Make sure you like those designs. “He also talks to them to understand what they are like. “If it’s the living room or kitchen, place emphasis on stickers. The top and bottom cabinets- place the design on the partition in between. Play around with vibrant colours such as red and yellow.”


Cartoons brighten up the mood of your home- they’re a surefire way to evoke nostalgic memories of your younger self. It’s not easy to find an interior designer who will understand your needs, which is why it’s always a good idea to check out ratings and reviews. So here’s to you getting the cartoon-themed home of your childhood dreams! As Walt Disney once said- imagination has no age and dreams are forever.

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