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HomeRenoGuru: Keeping Things Credible with Star-Rating System

24 Nov 2016

Tips & Advice

Lately, rogue interior designers have been all over the news, short-changing or even scamming hardworking homeowners. As there are few measures to keep the industry in check, homeowners are burdened with the full responsibility of picking a credible interior designer to transform their living spaces. However, there have been no comprehensive resources for them to access – that is, until now.

The Devil is in the Details

HDB 3-Room by Urban Design House
HDB 3-Room / Urban Design House

HomeRenuGuru’s Designer Details page is an all-in-one overview of your interior designer of choice. For example, looking at the Designer Details page for Urban Design includes a brief write-up of the firm’s background and design values, any available package deals that are up for grabs, reviews from previous customers, and images of past projects, like with the above example of the HDB 3-room package. Of course, the HomeRenoGurustar rating is the most important part. Carefully constructed by HomeRenoGuru to produce the most useful ratings for site-users, the rating system asks consumers to evaluate the following: The service rendered by the interior designer, the design concept, the quality of renovation, and lastly, whether their experience was value for money.

Easy Navigation

HDB 4-Room – Bishan by The Local Inn.Terior
HDB 4-Room – Bishan / The Local Inn.Terior

One of the major draws of HomeRenoGuru’s site is its user-friendly nature. Decorating your new home is a daunting process, and having the right resources at your fingertips can really help to alleviate that stress. The clean-looking site is simple to use both on your laptop and mobile, complete with a large selection of images so you can browse for inspiration at any point in the day.


Choose from the Best Designers

HDB 4-Room by New Interior Design

HDB 4-Room / New Interior Design

For the first time, all of the best design firms in Singapore are accessible in a single place. This means that the quality and credibility of what you see on the websiteis assured even before you experience the services of these firms yourself. If you’re still not 100% certain, the Designer Details pages and rating system might give you a better idea of how and with whom to proceed based on your particular preferences.

Empowering You

HDB 3-Room by Ace Space Design
HDB 3-Room / Ace Space Design

Sometimes, consumers don’t get the power they deserve. Instead of being forced to face the tough decision of not knowing how your home might turn out, you now have the option to access all of the necessary information you need when you need it. Rather than working within the confines of the current methods of finding an interior designer, HomeRenoGuruaspires to break the mould by allowing customers to have a voice. You should be able to decide on what you want and trust that your interior designer will do right by you to create your dream home.

As if that wasn’t enough, HomeRenoGuru is also holding a lucky draw! Win a free home renovation worth $30,000 just by signing up for an interior package with any of the participating design firms on Another huge prize is the stunning Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe. What do you have to lose?

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