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8 ideas for introducing pastels into your new home

23 Dec 2016

Design Trends

Buying a new house can be exciting; renovating it to make it uniquely yours is even more so. At its most pristine state, the interior design possibilities for your new home seem almost limitless. These days, there is a buffet of choices available, especially if you are looking for alternatives to plain white interiors.

One unconventional interior design option that can yield great pay-off is pastels. Living in the 21 century means it’s time we realized those shades aren’t just for youth or women. When done right, they make for a tasteful living space thatll make your friends (pastel) green with envy. Here are 8 ideas that will help you turn your dream home into realitywith pastels!

1. Paint it Pastel


Landed House- 37 Li Hwan Terrace by Artrend Design

The living room is the centrepiece of your new home, and it is also where you will be entertaining your guests come housewarming season, so it is no surprise homeowners agonise long and hard over its facade. Unfortunately, most often overlook pastels when it comes to the living room’s walls, fearing it will make the space appear unsophisticated.

Quite the contrary: Chanel Cheah from AC Vision Design says pastels walls are extremely versatile, and can fit most design styles. She suggests picking one main pastel shade to pair with several other complementing ones. Alternatively, she recommends decorating a pastel-coloured wall with a painted-on graphic design for a more distinctive look.

2. Keep it to the Kitchen


HDB 4 Room BTO- Segar Road by New Interior Design

It is a shame pastels are rarely found in the kitchen, because they can really transform the space in inspiring ways.

For an impeccably stylish kitchen, Rachel Chew of ID Gallery suggests opting for pastel coloured cabinets. She says the 2-colour scheme will work best because it creates an interesting visual contrast. According to her, one of the ways in which this can be achieved is by choosing a lighter colour for the body of the cabinet in relation to its door.

3. Furnish with Pastels


HDB 4 Room- Yishun Street 31 by 9 Creation Pte Ltd

Not one for painting your walls in pastels? Do not be so quick to write off those soft hues from your living room (or home) altogether, as there are other ways in which you can brighten up your living spaces with a pop of pastel.

Like in the picture above, pastel-themed furniture such as couches and coffee tables, can easily become the focal points of your sitting room, allowing your home to radiate a modern chic vibe effortlessly.


4. Light it Up


HDB 3 Room- Bedok Reservoir by Ace Space Design Pte Ltd

Pastel tones can brighten your home’s study room and may even become the source of motivation to get you through days where the inertia is almost staggering. Pastel light fixtures bring a touch of colour to your home offices neutral interior without being too lurid. Both charming and practical, these delicately hued light fixtures make great additions to your home’s new workspace.

5. Tile it On


Condo- Euphony Garden by U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

We have talked about painting your walls pastel, but another option that allows you to integrate pastels into the walls and floors of your new home is to go for delicately coloured ceramic tiles. Pastel backsplashes (a panel behind a sink or stove that protects the wall from splashes) give the interior of your kitchen a fresh and modern look.

6. TOTALLY Tile It On


Clover by the Park by by Renozone Interior Design House

Bathrooms are places to unwind with a hot shower after a long day, and nothing says peace and tranquillity quite like this rose pink bathroom. Eric Toh from EC Vision comments that pastel shade tiles are suitable for creating that coveted open-bathoom concept so prevalent in luxury hotels. To recreate an elegant hotel-esque effect in the comfort of your own home, take it a notch higher and go all out with pastel tiled bathroom walls.

7. Do it for the Kids


HDB 5 Room- Compassvale Bow by Love Home Pte Ltd

If creating a conducive environment that your child can rest peacefully in ranks high on your priorities when it comes to designing your new home, pastel colours for the walls and furnishings are your best bet. Both calming and timeless, it is hard to go wrong with a muted colour scheme.

8. Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise


HDB 5 Room- 331B Achorvale Harvest by Absolook Interior Design Pte Ltd

Still hesitant about introducing pastels into your new home? Take baby steps and go for pastel accessories such as throw pillows or rugs! These are less permanent, and therefore, less daunting alternatives you can try before you take the plunge.

Incorporating pastels in your new homes interior design can be surprisingly rewarding. Don’t knock it till you have tried, we just might make a convert out of you.

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