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8 Décor Ideas for Your Kids' Room

12 Jul 2016

Design Trends

Doing up your children’s room and not sure where to begin? Here are 8 surefire ways to transform an empty room into a safe, fun, and imaginative space for your kids thrive in. A home where you can make lasting memories together, and where they’ll love to return to in the years to come.

1. Doodle Wall


Every child loves to doodle, especially on walls. To give them the freedom to express themselves, provide a section of wall in a play-room or an entryway and paint over with chalkboard paint. If the wall is small, you may even want to paint it entirely.

If you don’t like chalk, you can also think about dedicating one plain wall to their artistic expression, or using a large roll of paper that you can stick up.

The idea is to provide a special place for the kids to vent and draw to their hearts’ content. You also get peace of mind because it’s unlikely that they will go and draw on other walls (and drive you up one). Win-win!



Blossom Residence by Space Atelier

Which kid doesn’t like climbing up and down a bunk bed? Now you probably wouldn’t want your 3-year-old doing that and risking some bumps on the head, but for kids 5 and above, these beds spell F-U-N!

Bunk beds are also practical given our small homes here in Singapore. If you’re worried about safety, choose a design that comes with broader steps and a safety ledge for the top bunk. When making the purchase, bring along the future occupants to test different bed designs out.

If you only have one child and think you’d never need a bunk bed, well think again. The bottom bunk can used for something else, such as a reading nook, which brings us to our next point.

3. Book Nook


Le Wood @ Bukit Timah by Fuse Concept

There is a saying that goes: “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Give your child a love for books that will last him for life, by setting up a cosy reading corner. It doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a low shelf or display unit for books, and a cosy kid-sized armchair or a beanbag. Even a bay window can be refashioned into a comfy nook with some seat cushions.

Tip: If there isn’t any natural light source nearby, you may need to look at getting a reading lamp that is at the right height and sufficiently bright but with low glare.

4. Let’s Get Crafty


Art and craft is one of the most important aspects of play for young children. Craft not only supports healthy brain development, it promotes creativity and feelings of wonder and mastery in children! Placing age-appropriate art supplies in one corner of the room, that is accessible and within reach, encourages the process of making art. You can even add new materials such as recycled toilet rolls and empty bottles every now and then to jazz things up!

5. Gallery Wall

Source: Design Improvised

Now that the kids are making all sorts of art, it’s time to put some on display. Select an empty wall in their room; it could be above a bed or a desk or perhaps even along an entryway, and use it to house their favourite artworks. You can even get them to sign and date the different pieces so you can see their own growth. Who knows? You might just be nurturing the next Picasso!

6. Naturalist Play Corner

Source: Making Mum

Kids these days hardly get to explore the great outdoors. But that doesn’t mean we can bring bits of nature into our own homes. Just put together an old crate or small table, some faux grass, some of their favourite animal figures or odd bits collected from a nature trail walk, and there you have it.

7. Hideaway Tent

Source: Lilac Petal

There’s nothing like a tent or teepee to create an air of whimsical adventure in your own home. If you don’t want to buy one (yet), you can even DIY by draping a large piece of cloth over chairs or a clothes stand. Easy-peasy but oh so fun.

Low Hooks for Organisation

Nadia Cruzova/

Low-hanging hooks are a great (and easy) way to grow your child’s independence. Teach your child that everything in his room has a home, and it’s his responsibility to make sure he puts toys back into their boxes, books onto their shelves, and bags, hats and worn (but clean) clothes onto their hooks.

It’s great fun doing up a child’s room and I hope these ideas and tips have given you a headstart into your next awesome project. If you’ve enjoyed this post, do share it with your friends. And remember to check out more home renovation inspirations here.

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