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5 Tips for Creating a Great First Impression of your Home

27 Sep 2016

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Ever wanted a home that could impress your friends at house dinners and parties?

With more and more built-to-order (BTO) flats popping up in our island, everyone wants a home to recuperate that can also double up as a space to invite their friends over for dinners and house parties.

It’s not hard to have the best of both worlds. Here are 5 tips to create a great first impression at home so that you will never have to shy away from inviting people over.

1. Pay attention to your front door

Braddell View Condo by Meter Cube Interiors Pte Ltd

Braddell View Condo by Meter Cube Interiors Pte Ltd

Many of times people tend to forget the front door as a part of their home – but truth is, your guest would probably form a first impression based on it.

Make it as fancy as you want or as simple as possible, but your front door should give your guest a hint and set the tone of what your house would be like.

I’ve seen industrial-themed houses with shutters as their door/gate. Think out of the box. Don’t just stick to the conventional wooden door, because a door can add so much more character to the space than it already has.

Fabian from IDZIGN says it is generally affordable to customise your front doors.
“The recommended add-ons for the front door are wood trimmings, and spray paint for the homeowner’s desired shade of colour,” he says.

2. Pick a theme and stick with it

The D'Leedon by DISTINCTidENTITY Pte Ltd

The D’Leedon by DISTINCTidENTITY Pte Ltd

Minimalist. Classic. Retro. Eclectic. Modern. And the list goes on.

You may have a hard time deciding on which theme you would want for your new home – but that doesn’t mean you should incorporate bits and piece of each theme into your home. Pick a theme that best suits your personal style and stick by it.

By having a clear distinct theme, your home would look more organized and cohesive so that when your guest enters for the first time, it would be stepping into an experience instead of a mix-mashed clutter theme.

Don Loo from DC Vision also suggests pastel tones for a more inviting home.
“Peach and cream white in particular as it is soothing to the senses.”

And in the case that you find yourself torn between two themes, is it alright to combine the two themes into one?

Wayne Chuan from The Local Inn.terior says that depends on the HDB room tier.
“It is feasible for 4 to 5 room configurations. For a seamless look, the themes must be complementary to each other. Proper planning is needed for a right balance in furniture, fitting and décor.”


3. Be organized and keep it simple

Silversea @ Marine Parade by IDEES INTERIOR DESIGN

Silversea @ Marine Parade by IDEES INTERIOR DESIGN

Decision making while purchasing new furniture for your home can be a long and tedious process.

Before going out on your furniture shopping trip, roughly plan out and have a list of what you want to have in your new home. Split your shopping into different days so that you won’t be overwhelmed, here’s a tip: have designated shopping days for different parts of the house (i.e. living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc).

Less is more. Don’t purchase items just because they are ‘cute’ and you think you can fit them in somewhere in the house – chances are you would probably not. Be practical with the things you get – you don’t need 2 sofa sets unless you’ve got a family of 10.

4. Clean and clutter free

Twin Waterfalls by Dap Atelier

Twin Waterfalls by Dap Atelier

If you like the sight of clutter, raise up your hand. Probably not, and your guest would not like them too.

You know yourself best – and if you know you’re a hoarder or someone that likes to clutter stuff, it’s time to do something about.

When designing or conceptualizing your home, ask your Interior Designer for more shelves, compartments and hidden storage. That would probably ease down the clutter a little bit but you have to do your part to regularly clear out stuff that are unwanted and to keep your home clean.

Or else, besides your guest, you might have uninvited ones too (like roaches).

5. Signature or unique pieces in your home

Compassvale by Kingritz Lifestyle Design

Compassvale by Kingritz Lifestyle Design

This would probably be the talk of the house and everyone would be intrigued by it. This is sort of like the centerpiece of the house and it can come in the form of a uniquely designed furniture, an antique piece or even a cool storage system.

These items should generally be placed at a visible spot of your home so that when your guest ask you, you can have the privilege to show them off.

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