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6 Swings And Hammocks - For The Inner Child In You

23 Dec 2016

Tips & Advice

For all those who are young and younger at heart, this is for you.

Remember that beloved swing we used and abused when we frequented in our carefree childhood days? Those were some pretty good times. Unfortunately, part and parcel of growing up involves leaving those playgrounds behind.

Luckily, you can always recreate those childhood sources of joy in the comfort of your own home!

That’s right- indoor swings and hammocks are a thing, and it’s actually possible to incorporate them into your home without them sticking out like a sore thumb. With these unique pieces, you’ll kill two birds with one stone by getting some relaxation in while reliving the good old childhood days.

Read on to find out how!

1. For Lounging on Lazy Days

The One with Cove Lighting

Pandan Valley Condo by The Interior Place

If you’ve a great view and space to spare in your living room, why not create a lounging space great for lazy weekend siestas? A hammock, according to Candy Ng from The Interior Place, is a great piece of furniture that allows us respite from the stressors of urban living. When incorporated into your home, the hammock’s outdoorsy element allows your living spaces to exude resort-esque vibes worthy of Bali.

Alternatively, if you lack the space for a hammock, situating a swing chair near the windows does the trick too.

2. For the Reading Area

For the Reading Area

Landed House by Project I Pte Ltd

Make reading a whole lot easier for yourself. For maximum comfort, Thomas Poon from Thom Signature suggests placing a hammock on an elevated platform in your study room. Alternatively, if you stay in a smaller flat, he says that a swing chair will work just as well.

Whatever you choose, trust me when I say you’ll have yourself an awesome reading chair that you’ll never want to leave.

3. For Hanging Out at the Patio

For Hanging Out at the Patio

Bukit Batok-Landed by The Orange Cube Pte Ltd

While most swing chairs only has enough space for one person, a swing like the one pictured above allows you to accommodate more. It’s great for having extended afternoon conversations with an iced drink on hand. This is one piece of furniture that will shine when you have your friends and family over.


4. For Your Apartment’s Balcony

For Your Apartment's Balcony

Yishun Ave 11-HDB 4 Room by Dzign Station

Because space is a premium for most condominium and HDB apartments, Colin Tan from Artis Interior recommends a stand-alone swing chair for small balconies. Compared to hammocks, swing chairs have a pretty simple installation process, and take up way lesser space.

5. For a Cozy Corner

For a Cozy Corner

Blk 316-HDB 5 Room by Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

If you have a large living room that encompasses both the dining area and the cozy corner for watching television, like the one shown in the picture above, Dennis Chong from D’espirit Interiors says that placing a swinging cocoon chair in the corner makes for a great movie corner.

Choose a colour that nicely contrasts the room’s colour palatte, and your swing chair can even become an eye-catching focal point in the living room.

6. For Admiring Your Garden

For Admiring Your Garden

Butterfly Ave-Landed by Icon Interior Design

For those who have a garden at home, and who persist on tending to it daily without fail, I’m sure you’ll take some time to admire your work every once in a while. There’s no better way to this than to stick a hammock or a swing in your garden so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in utmost comfort.

By now, you’ll be almost 100% convinced that you absolutely NEED a swing or hammock in your home because I totally am. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and unleash your inner child with these swing and hammock ideas for almost any home!

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