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Dream Home: A House Where Love Resides

03 Jan 2017

Dream Homes

You can feel the love in the home of radio deejay Zaza, mother of adorable twin girls Zaara and Sonia. Zaza loves her ‘floating kitchen’, the girls love their princess-perfect pink bedroom, and they clearly loved working with Lionel How of Absolook Interior Design.

Name(s) of Homeowner(s): Zaza Majid
House Type: 5-room BTO Flat
Size of Home: 120 sq m
Duration of Renovation: 7 weeks
Cost of Renovation: Approx. $70,000
Interior Design Firm: Absolook Interior Design Pte Ltd
Name(s) of Designer(s): Lionel How



The lovely ladies of the house – Zaara, Zaza and Sonia


HomeRenoGuru: How did you find your interior design firm?

Zaza: I chanced upon Absolook Interior Design on Facebook. Like all other new homeowners, I actually went around and looked for quotations. I sent private messages on Facebook to renovation companies. Absolook replied very promptly and the lady boss called me up. And after that, we met, and I’m very glad that I actually chose Absolook Interior Design.

HomeRenoGuru: What was your design brief?

Zaza: I wanted something neat and practical yet elegant. In fact I already knew the kind of furnitures that I wanted and had the colour palette in mind – beige, champagne gold, a tinge of black and the use of tinted glass and mirrors to create the illusion of space.

HomeRenoGuru: How did you find the renovation process?

Zaza: I would say it was a smooth renovation process. I was constantly updated by my ID Lionel How via Whatsapp messages. He would send me pictures to update me on the progress and all that, so I was really very appreciative of that. Throughout the whole process, I had peace of mind. I didn’t have to worry about anything.



The living area features a rotating TV wall, which enables privacy for adult conversation while the girls are occupied


HomeRenoGuru: What parts of your home do you love the most?

Zaza: Definitely I love every part of the home, but some of the highlights of the house include the TV cabinet that can be turned to either side of the living room. So, if let’s say I would like to have a chat with my friends on one side of the living room, I can just turn the TV over so that the kids are occupied.



The girls’ princess-perfect, pretty pink bedroom


Not a patch of pink in sight in Mum’s elegant, neutral-hued bedroom


Zaza: Another part of the house I love is of course the girls’ bedroom. When I asked them what colour they want, being girls naturally they chose pink. The bed set is actually the first furniture that I got for the house, and Lionel painted the room to suit that furniture.

Sonia: I love my bedroom because it’s pink.

Zaara: My bedroom looks like a palace!


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Zaza’s ‘floating kitchen’ is separated from the dining area with a glass partition, and a hatch


Inside Zaza’s kitchen, which is a breeze to clean


Zaza: Another one is of course my kitchen – what Lionel called ‘the floating kitchen’. I wanted something practical, something that is easy for me to clean, and he came up with that idea, so cleaning is a breeze!

HomeRenoGuru: Would you recommend your interior design firm and designer to other homeowners?

Zaza: It was absolutely the absolute choice. I would highly recommend Absolook Interior Design – in particular my ID, Lionel How. He did an excellent job in putting everything together and in making sure that everything ran smoothly.

He was always on the ball, and always contactable – that’s very important. So make sure you are very comfortable with your ID, because you are going to work along with him or her for the next seven, eight weeks, or even more, for some.

Thank you, Absolook Interior Design and Lionel How. You’ve given me a home where love resides.

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