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19 Stunning BTO Renovation Designs From $15,000

28 Sep 2021

Design Trends

CCK 4 room BTO by Carpenters

HDB 4-room BTO flat design by Carpenters

After applying for your BTO flat, the next thing on the checklist is to think about how you wish to design your new home. As BTO flats are equipped with the bare minimum, you can choose to customise your decor any way you like!

In our article, we’ve listed 19 gorgeous BTO renovation designs for you to draw inspiration from, starting as low as $15,000. We’ve also included tips for your home renovation project and answers to your frequently asked questions!

HDB 3-room BTO flat

1. Modern-style flat ($15,000)

Living room with modern style

Kitchen with modern style Bedroom with modern style

Interior designer: U-Home Interior Design
Location: Ho Ching Court
Interior design style: Modern
Cost of renovation: $15,000

This modern-style 3-room BTO flat located at Ho Ching Court features different patterns throughout the house. An elegant-looking wallpaper is used throughout the walls of the living room while the shelves and cabinets of the kitchen sport a fashionable marble design.

The velvet sofas in the living area further complement the modern design of the house and add a touch of elegance.

2. Scandinavian-style flat ($17,000)

Living room with Scandinavian style, piano and bookshelf

Living room with Scandinavian style and colourful tiles  Bedroom with Scandinavian style

Interior designer: Starry Homestead
Location: Keat Hong Colours
Interior design style: Scandinavian
Cost of renovation: $17,000

This Scandinavian-style home was designed with the homeowner’s love for books and music in mind, with a piano in a corner of the room and a tall bookshelf right behind the seat. The colourful hexagonal tiles add pops of brightness to the otherwise dull-looking space.

If you’re an avid reader, just place a table and some chairs beside the window for a snug little reading corner!

3. Scandinavian country-style flat ($25,000)

Living area with contemporary Scandinavian design

Dining room with contemporary Scandinavian design  Living room with contemporary Scandinavian design

Interior designer: Monoloft
Location: Toa Payoh Lor 1
Interior design style: Scandinavian country
Cost of renovation: $25,000

This BTO flat in Toa Payoh showcases another take on Scandinavian design by combining it with country interior design. The light-coloured brick feature wall adds a rustic feel to the home while the use of wooden elements and neutral colours further highlights the Scandinavian country theme.

This cosy design makes this home a lovely place to come back to after a long, tiring day at school or work.

4. Scandinavian-style flat ($26,440)

Living area with Scandinavian style

Dining area with Scandinavian style  Bedroom with Scandinavian style

Interior designer: Starry Homestead
Location: New Upper Changi Road
Interior design style: Scandinavian
Cost of renovation: $26,440

Scandinavian-style homes are characterised by minimalism and muted tones. This interior design style is brought to life through this BTO flat with its clutter-free design, wooden furniture and white walls.

If you enjoy hosting parties, this design provides the space you need for a fun and intimate get-together with your friends and family!

5. Industrial-style flat ($31,000)

Dining area with industrial design

Kitchen with industrial design  Kitchen and bomb shelter with industrial design

Interior designer: U-Home Interior Design
Location: Matilda Court
Interior design style: Industrial
Cost of renovation: $31,000

This instagrammable home at Matilda Court embodies the main features of the industrial interior design style with its wooden furnishings and flooring, black brick walls and track lights. It also uses warm tones alongside black elements to complete the industrial look.

HDB 4-room BTO flat

6. Scandinavian-style flat ($25,000)

Scandinavian themed living room with Chinese influence

Scandinavian themed kitchen with grey accents  Scandinavian themed bathroom with grey accents

Interior designer: Monoloft
Location: Bendemeer
Interior design style: Scandinavian
Cost of renovation: $25,000

Scandinavian interior design is definitely a popular choice among homeowners in Singapore, as this 4-room BTO flat is yet another home showcasing this design style! 

This home leverages the strong natural light available in Singapore to brighten the interior and achieve a consistent look through varying shades of grey in the kitchen and bathroom.

Don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour with your furniture or textiles, like this living room which features a teal sofa!

7. Minimalist-style flat ($25,000)

Dining area with minimalist design

Bedroom with minimalist design  Kitchen with minimalist design and metal fridge

Interior designer: Monoloft
Location: Canberra Crescent
Interior design style: Minimalist
Cost of renovation: $25,000

Minimalism is front and centre in this BTO flat designed by Monoloft, which features open spaces and a monochromatic theme. 

Though the colours and clutter-free design can make the house look cold and uninviting, adding different textures of wood such as on the furniture and floors can help to add some warmth to the home.

8. Modern contemporary-style flat ($30,000)

Contemporary themed living room with red sofa

Contemporary themed corridor  Contemporary themed kitchen with wooden cabinets

Interior designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Punggol Walk
Interior design style: Modern contemporary
Cost of renovation: $30,000

This modern contemporary-style home focuses greatly on comfort and space. It shows homeowners how to go bold with colours like red amidst a neutral palette and achieve a gentle subtlety with geometric shapes. 

9. Country-style flat ($30,000)

Living room with country style

Dining area with country style  Kitchen with country style

Interior designer:
Interior design style: Country
Cost of renovation: $30,000

If you’re in need of a getaway, why not turn your home into a tropical resort where you can unwind and relax?

You can take inspiration from this country-style flat which is reminiscent of a beach resort, with an array of potted plants scattered throughout the entire house. The warm lighting creates an inviting and comforting atmosphere, welcoming anyone that steps through the doors.

10. Minimalist-style flat ($30,000)

Living room with luxurious modern design

Bedroom with luxurious modern design  Study room with luxurious modern design

Interior designer: Monoloft
Location: Bukit Batok
Interior design style: Minimalist
Cost of renovation: $30,000

This 4-room BTO flat is the epitome of minimalist interior design thanks to its wide, open spaces and minimal furnishings. To showcase the personality of the homeowners, textured wallpapers that exude a timeless look are used throughout the house.

The brilliant use of glass doors for the study room further help to create an illusion of an open-concept house while offering a certain level of privacy!

11. Scandinavian contemporary-style flat ($30,000)

Scandinavian contemporary living room with colourful rug

Scandinavian contemporary home with colourful tiled walls  Scandinavian contemporary kitchen

Interior designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Dawson Road
Interior design style: Scandinavian contemporary
Cost of renovation: $30,000

This BTO apartment combines the elements of Scandinavian and contemporary interior design to create a bright and cheerful home. The colourful rug in the living room stands out in contrast to the light-coloured wooden feature wall in the living room without looking out of place.

If you have massive floor-to-ceiling windows like this home, make sure to leverage the natural light to brighten the house!

12. Resort-style flat ($47,000)

Resort-style HDB home living room

Bedroom in Anchorvale by Carpenters  

Interior designer: Carpenters
Location: Anchorvale
Interior design style: Resort
Cost of renovation: $47,000

The dark teal walls exude a soothing and calming vibe, similar to the feelings evoked during a holiday at a beach resort. The addition of potted plants to the interior also complements the resort theme of the house, making it the perfect place to come back to after a long, tiring day.

You can also make your home look more spacious with a glass partition, similar to the one used for the study room in this home!

13. Contemporary-style flat ($49,000)

Living area with contemporary style

Doorway with contemporary style  Living room with contemporary style

Interior designer: U-Home Interior Design
Location: Bukit Batok
Interior design style: Contemporary
Cost of renovation: $49,000

Despite lacking the earthy tones that a contemporary-style home would typically have, this 4-room flat communicates its interior design style through the use of geometric shapes and lines.

HDB 5-room BTO flat

14. Minimalist Scandinavian-style flat ($32,000)

Canberra Street Hdb 5 Room by Design 4 Space

Scandinavian bedroom with patterned bedsheets  Scandinavian dining area with glass door

Interior designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Canberra Street
Interior design style: Minimalist Scandinavian
Cost of renovation: $32,000

The natural elements as well as the tall windows and glass doors that allow natural light into the house highlight the Scandinavian theme that this home is inspired by. The thoughtfully-placed furniture and open spaces also help to highlight the minimalist side of the home.

15. Modern-style flat ($33,000)

Living room with modern style

Dining area with modern style  Kitchen with modern style

Interior designer: Sky Creation
Location: Tampines North
Interior design style: Modern
Cost of renovation: $33,000

From the textured curtains to the wooden furniture and patterned wallpapers, this modern home retains its stylish look without feeling cold and uninviting. A consistent and cohesive vibe is also achieved despite the varying looks throughout the different rooms.

16. Modern-style flat ($34,682)

Living room with modern style

Bedroom with modern style  Kitchen with modern style

Interior designer: U-Home Interior Design
Location: Bidadari
Interior design style: Modern
Cost of renovation: $34,682

Is your dream home one that makes you feel like you’re staying in a hotel? If so, this modern-style flat is a great place to get inspiration from!

This sleek home features a monochromatic palette of whites, greys and blacks and houses minimal furniture to create a spacious look. The expensive-looking marble kitchen backsplash and countertops bring out the vibe of a posh hotel.

17. Minimalist-style flat ($40,000)

Bedroom with minimalist style

Living room with minimalist style Dining room with minimalist style

Interior designer: Monoloft
Location: Woodlands Drive
Interior design style: Minimalist
Cost of renovation: $40,000

This spacious 5-room BTO flat focuses on minimal furnishings and uncluttered spaces. The cool tones that run throughout the house are contrasted by the warm tones of the wooden furniture to add some elements of cosiness.

18. Contemporary oriental-style flat ($42,000)

Living room with oriental style

Bedroom with oriental style  Kitchen with oriental style

Interior designer: Starry Homestead
Location: Rivervale Delta
Interior design style: Contemporary oriental
Cost of renovation: $42,000

Wooden elements are the star feature of this home as seen from the cabinets, coffee tables and majority of other furniture. Additionally, the feature wall in the living room incorporates 2 different textures and colours of wood — a practical and aesthetically pleasing feature for those who need extra storage!

19. Scandinavian contemporary-style flat ($49,000)

Contemporary themed living area

Contemporary themed bedroom  Contemporary themed dining area

Interior designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Tampines
Interior design style: Scandinavian contemporary
Cost of renovation: $49,000

With its muted palette, natural elements and clutter-free spaces, this home is undeniably reminiscent of a Scandinavian home. To add a contemporary touch, simply use some patterned textiles like what’s been done in this home!

Tips for your BTO renovation

Get inspiration from Pinterest

Homerenoguru Pinterest

HomeRenoGuru Pinterest

Before deciding on a particular decor or interior design style, one great place to get inspiration from is Pinterest. You can find a wide array of images and designs from all over the world and easily save them for future reference.

In fact, you can use Pinterest to create your own mood board. A mood board is a collage of images that’ll help you to determine if your dream home looks cohesive and consistent. Some elements that you should include in the mood board are:

  1. General room designs
  2. Furniture such as chairs, tables and cabinets
  3. Accessories such as lighting and potted plants
  4. Textures for rugs, carpets and curtains
  5. Flooring
  6. Paint or furnishings of different colours

This is an example of how your mood board can look like:

Moodboard inspired by HomeRenoGuru

Design your home with power sockets in mind

Power socket on the wall

Hiding power sockets sounds like a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home. However, these outlets are crucial for your daily activities, especially work and cleaning. Hence, it’s crucial that you design your home with power sockets in mind!

This means ensuring that:

  1. The power sockets are easily accessible and aren’t obstructed by other furniture.
  2. The power sockets are situated near important locations in the house such as in the kitchen for appliances, beside the bed and beside or behind the sofa.
  3. You have sufficient power sockets in the house.

Get advice from renovation community groups

Online community groups

Once you have a rough idea of how your home should look, it’ll be a good idea to get some advice from renovation community groups. Examples of such groups include Budget Reno (Singapore) on Facebook and Singapore Renovation on Telegram.

These communities are passionate about sharing their experiences and tips on all things related to home renovation and can help you avoid any potential pitfalls when designing your home!

You can also refer to our article on home renovation mistakes to avoid as advised by first-time homeowners!

Gather quotations from a few interior designers

Interior designers table

Once you’re ready to begin your BTO renovation journey, it’s time to look for a reliable and professional interior designer to make your dream home come to life!

Instead of settling for the first company you contact, gathering quotations from more than 1 interior designer can give you a wider range of options to choose from. You can read the reviews left by their previous customers or even schedule a meeting with them to determine how comfortable you are with engaging their services!

Ready to create your dream BTO flat?
Let our interior designers help you!

Find a designer

Create your own renovation checklist and schedule

Person ticking off on checklist of tasks

After deciding on an interior designer to take on your renovation project, the next important thing is to create a renovation checklist and schedule. This will help to ensure that each stage of the renovation proceeds according to schedule and all areas are accounted for.

Get a renovation permit

Renovation permit

Before proceeding with your renovation works, you may have to request a renovation permit from HDB or the relevant authorities. This is especially so if the renovation entails

  • water service works,
  • gas works,
  • electrical installations and
  • window installations.


How long does a BTO renovation typically take?

BTO renovation works will usually take between 6 – 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of your project. Unexpected situations such as material shortages and renovation difficulties may result in a longer renovation period.

To receive a more accurate estimate, you’re advised to contact your interior designer.

How much does BTO renovation cost in general?

BTO renovations can cost between $10,000 to $60,000. This will depend on factors such as the complexity of the design and cost of furnishing.

You can use a renovation cost calculator to get an estimate of your renovation cost.

How can I save money on my BTO renovation?

There are many ways to save money on your BTO renovation including:

  • Purchasing furniture from Taobao
  • Purchasing ready-made furniture rather than custom-made ones
  • Using refurbished furniture rather than new ones
  • Comparing quotes before making your decision
  • Reducing the amount of extensive renovation works where possible

How do I find the right designer for my BTO flat?

There are many considerations when choosing a designer for your renovation project. This includes their:

  • Experience
  • Portfolio
  • Prices
  • Reputation and reviews
  • Quality of work
  • Level of communication
  • Honesty
  • Chemistry with the homeowner

Renovating your BTO flat

If you have an interior design style in mind but need advice on certain areas of the renovation, speak to one of our interior designers today. Alternatively, you can get more ideas for your BTO flat with these amazing HDB renovation ideas!

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