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45 Contemporary Interior Design Inspiration For Different Rooms In Your HDB Apartment

18 Sep 2020

Design Trends

Bed with grey bedsheets and white stripes, ceiling fan, brown wardrobe with full length mirror and study table

Designed by Areana Creation

Contemporary interior design is often confused with modern or minimalist designs. However, the flexible nature of contemporary design sets it apart from the two aforementioned styles. 

While this style focuses on keeping up with the current trends and evolving with the times, some of its characteristics include:

  • The use of geometric shapes
  • The use of straight and/or curved lines
  • A mix of dark and earthy colours
  • An occasional burst of bright colours
  • The use of space

In this article, we’ve put together a list of different rooms in an HDB apartment featuring a contemporary interior design for your next home renovation project. 

Take a look below!

Contemporary Interior Design: Living Room

HDB 3 Room

1. HDB 3 Room ($23,000)

Wall-mounted tv, brown table, tv panel and shelves

Designed by Weikencom Design

This 3 room HDB apartment uses wood as its main element. It adds a touch of contemporary design with the use of rectangles for its cabinets and ceiling design.

2. HDB 3 Room ($23,800)

Designed by Areana Creation

This living room is big on geometric shapes as its pillow covers feature unique patterns and designs. The decorative furniture placed on the table also comes in different shapes and sizes to complement the contemporary feel of the room.

3. HDB 3 Room ($30,000)

Hanging lights, circle and rectangular mirror that extends horizontally across the wall

Designed by Renozone Interior Design

The circular design of the mirror on one wall and trapezium-shaped door at the opposite wall captures the essence of contemporary interior design, which focuses on geometric shapes.

4. HDB 3 Room ($35,000)

Spacious living room with unique hanging lights, brown sofa and wooden flooring

Designed by Absolook Interior Design

The shape of the hanging lights adds a contemporary flair to the clean and spacious interior of this living room.

5. HDB 3 Room ($50,000)

Grey walls and sofa, brown blinds and wall-mounted tv

Designed by Design 4 Space

This HDB apartment features the perfect marriage of earthy hues with darker gradients. The grey furniture and upholstery is complemented by the wooden lines, furniture and flooring.

6. HDB 3 Room ($50,000)

Wall-mounted tv with white and brown coffee table and brown sofa

Designed by DC Vision Design

The living room uses wall designs and furniture that highlight strong lines and varying colours. This contrasts the wooden design of the dining area adjacent to the living room.

7. HDB 3 Room ($50,000)

Rug with circle patterns, orange sofa, red stool and tv

Designed by Absolook Interior Design

Geometric shapes and pops of colours are front and centre in this living room. The rug and bright colours in the room add vibrancy and life to the apartment.

HDB 4 Room

8. HDB 4 Room ($30,000)

Circular, wooden coffee table, tv on tv console and brown wall

Designed by Swiss Interior Design

A good balance between lines and shapes is achieved in this 4 room HDB flat through the choice of furniture. It’s also spacious without looking too bare.

9. HDB 4 Room ($35,000)

White walls with wooden rectangles and wall mounted tv

Designed by Design 4 Space

White and wooden elements are a key feature of this living space. The interior designer (ID) achieves a contemporary feel with the help of lines and rectangles that run across walls of the room.

10. HDB 4 Room ($40,000)

Brick feature wall behind the tv, round hanging lamp, sofa and dining table and chairs

Designed by Image Creative Design

This house places a strong emphasis on shapes and textures, as evidenced by the brick wall behind the television, the round hanging light and coffee table.

11. HDB 4 Room ($40,000)

Half brick feature wall with wall-mounted tv, bright blue sofa and brown coffee table

Designed by Design 4 Space

This is another HDB home that is big on geometric shapes and textures with its hexagonal tiled floors and red brick feature wall. It also adds a pop of colour with its light blue sofa upholstery.

12. HDB 4 Room ($72,000)

White circular coffee tables, light grey rug and wall-mounted tv in the living room

Designed by Design 4 Space

The straight lines that cut across the living room help to draw attention to the walls. Conversely, the curved lines separating the wooden flooring add a special touch to the overall design.

HDB Executive Apartment

13. HDB Executive Apartment ($32,000)

Grey wall with neon yellow lines, wall-mounted tv and brown rug

Designed by Posh Living Interior Design

This home is transformed from a modern to contemporary interior design with the brilliant use of lines and a mix of colours.

Contemporary Interior Design: Bedroom

HDB 3 Room

14. HDB 3 Room ($25,000)

Bedroom with bed with blue bedsheets, white wardrobe and wall-mounted TV

Designed by Design 4 Space

Aside from the use of lines on the wardrobe, subtle lines also run diagonally across the TV panel. Bright blue bed sheets are then used to create some vibrancy in the room. 

15. HDB 3 Room ($30,000)

Bedroom with brown wardrobes and bed with black, grey and white stripes

Designed by Design 4 Space

Strong, bold lines are evident in this room and can be found on the wardrobe, bed headboard and bedsheets.

16. HDB 3 Room ($50,000)

Bedroom with grey and white wardrobe, wall-mounted tv and single bed

Designed by U Home Interior Design

The style of this bedroom focuses on neutral colours like black, grey and white for its furniture. Shades of brown are instead highlighted through the curtains and flooring.

17. HDB 3 Room ($86,000)

Greyish-brown wardrobe with vertical lines and queen-sized bed

Designed by Starry Homestead

This contemporary-style bedroom highlights the presence of each furniture through the use of space. Each piece of furniture also complements one another with their varying shades of brown.

HDB 4 Room

18. HDB 4 Room ($40,000)

Grey bed, wall-mounted TV and black wall with frosted glass

Designed by Lome Interior

The design of this room is kept simple and uncluttered. The wall is left bare for the wall-mounted TV, which gives prominence to the horizontal and vertical lines of the TV panel.

19. HDB 4 Room ($50,000)

Bed with floral bedsheets, blue headboard and white wardrobe with brown lines

Designed by Design 4 Space

In line with a core characteristic of the contemporary style, the main feature of this bedroom is the distinct lines that decorate the exterior of the wardrobe.

HDB 5 Room

20. HDB 5 Room ($30,000)

Bed with black, grey and white stripes and wardrobe with black, brown and grey trapezium design

Designed by Design 4 Space

This stunning bedroom highlights the use of geometric shapes, colours and bold lines through its bed sheets and wardrobe. Attention is drawn to the wardrobe, which is designed in shapes of irregular quadrilaterals and shades of brown, black and grey.

21. HDB 5 Room ($48,000)

Queen sized bed and white and brown wardrobe

Designed by Sky Creation

The interior style of this bedroom focuses largely on lighter colours that brighten up the room. Rectangular photo frames are hung on the wall to highlight the use of lines and shapes in the overall design.

22. HDB 5 Room ($50,000)

Bed with brown headboard and wall with intersecting lines

Designed by Swiss Interior Design

This stylish bedroom highlights the use of prominent lines above the headboard of the bed. The combination of white, grey and brown is also well-balanced and not overpowering.

23. HDB 5 Room ($80,000)

Bed with grid-lines and windows with blinds

Designed by Fineline Design

This bedroom features clean lines and simple design. The curtain blinds then further add to the contemporary style of the room.

HDB Executive Apartment

24. HDB Executive Apartment ($19,000)

Bed with blue bedsheets, wall-mounted tv and tv panel with black bold lines

Designed by Areana Creation

Attention is drawn to the thick, striking black lines that run across the large TV panel in the room. Curved lines on the ceiling lamp add a touch of uniqueness to the room together with the bright blue bed sheet covers.

Contemporary Interior Design: Kitchen and Dining Room

HDB 3 Room

25. HDB 3 Room ($27,000)

Spacious dining room with black table, chairs and tv and hanging square lights

Designed by Design 4 Space

While this dining room has a modern feel, the designer brings a contemporary touch to the design with an array of geometric shapes found on the lamp, chairs and wall fixtures.

26. HDB 3 Room ($28,999)

Dining room with unique frame for lightbulbs and brown tables and chairs

Designed by Design 4 Space

The curved back of the dining chairs and the interesting shape of each lamp creates a stylish and fun look to the home.

27. HDB 3 Room ($30,700)

Kitchen with black countertop and brown shelf doors

Designed by Design 4 Space

This kitchen design features a sleek yet homely design with its black marble countertops and wooden cupboards. The effortless combination of the two makes the design look incredibly chic.

28. HDB 3 Room ($34,000)

Dining room with brown tables and chairs, large mirror on wall and unique hanging lights

Designed by Design 4 Space

The unusual design of the hanging lights above the table serves as a centrepiece that draws attention to the otherwise simple dining room.

HDB 4 Room

29. HDB 4 Room ($30,000)

Kitchen with black shelves and wooden countertop and black fridge

Designed by Swiss Interior Design

This 4 room HDB home combines the use of wood with dark, solid colours like black. The walls separating the kitchen from the dining area are transformed into windows to create an illusion of spaciousness.

30. HDB 4 Room ($35,000)

Kitchen with white furniture and shelves and yellow backsplash

Designed by Design 4 Space

While this kitchen features clean, white furniture with a neutral marble countertop, the ID jazzes up the room with a bright yellow backsplash for a pop of colour.

31. HDB 4 Room ($52,000)

Spacious dining room with wooden tables and chairs and trapezium shaped frame for hanging lights

Designed by Design 4 Space

The interior design of this dining room emphasises the use of lines on both its walls and furnishings. In particular, the hanging lights are uniquely shaped in a trapezoid frame.

32. HDB 4 Room ($56,000)

Dining room with black tables and chairs and white wall separator with overlapping lines

Designed by Carpenters

This home uses lines to accentuate its furniture as seen from the hanging lamp and wall divider. The messy layering of lines also helps to create an array of shapes on the divider.

HDB 5 Room

33. HDB 5 Room ($60,000)

Brown dining table, red chairs and square hanging lights

Designed by Design 4 Space

The bold red chairs add a pop of colour to the neutral hues of the dining room and the square frame of the lights illustrates the contemporary theme.

34. HDB 5 Room ($98,000)

Grey chairs and beige table with special hanging lights

Designed by Design 4 Space

The trapezoid shape of the table legs and funky structure of the lights makes the dining room of this 5 room HDB apartment stand out from the rest of the house.

HDB Executive Apartment

35. HDB Executive Apartment ($40,000)

Dining room with white chairs and brown table and wall separator with overlapping rectangles

Designed by Absolook Interior Design

A striking element of this executive apartment is the wall partition separating the corridor from the dining room, which is made up of overlapping rectangles.

36. HDB Executive Apartment ($62,000)

Wooden dining table and chairs, marble kitchen counter and hanging lights

Designed by Absolook Interior Design

This home highlights a blend of cold furnishings with a warm, homely style. The textured wall of this dining room and kitchen also adds an element of surprise to the design.

Contemporary Interior Design: Toilet

HDB 3 Room

37. HDB 3 Room ($14,380)

Tiled floors, black standing shower and black cupboards and white toilet bowl with black cover

Designed by Design 4 Space

This bathroom design features solid black furniture and accessories which draw focus to the various horizontal and vertical lines. The small, hexagonal-shaped tiles also add to the overall contemporary design.

38. HDB 3 Room ($87,000)

Rain shower, white toilet bowl and brown sink counter

Designed by Design 4 Space

This bathroom features a balance between dark and neutral colours. While the walls and sink celebrate different shades of brown, it is contrasted with the dark metal colour of the showerhead and grey pipes.

HDB 4 Room

39. HDB 4 Room ($34,000)

Black sink, white toilet bowl and glass partition

Designed by Design 4 Space

Despite being relatively small, this bathroom enlarges its space visually with the help of the glass divider. The tiles on the walls make straight lines the main focus of this toilet design.

40. HDB 4 Room ($36,000)

Golden standing shower and white tub, black marble wall and wooden feature wall

Designed by Design 4 Space

The cold black marble of the walls is disrupted by a calming wooden design that runs from the ceiling to the floor. The golden showerhead then complements the marble walls with a hint of elegance.

41. HDB 4 Room ($40,000)

Wooden wall on one side and grey tiled wall on the other side with circular mirror and white toilet bowl

Designed by Design 4 Space

This stunning design showcases two distinct walls – one wooden and one tiled. The circular shape of the mirror then adds to the contemporary interior design of the bathroom.

HDB 5 Room

42. HDB 5 Room ($44,000)

Black sink with rounded edges, brown cabinets and standing shower

Designed by Design 4 Space

This interior design incorporates the contemporary style using the curved shape of the sink. It serves as the main focal point of the bathroom.

43. HDB 5 Room ($60,000)

Standing shower with black tinted glass, white toilet bowl and mirror with lights

Designed by Design 4 Space

The lighting and strong lines on the mirror draw attention to the unique pattern on the wall. The bathroom is also designed to be spacious and uncluttered.

44. HDB 5 Room ($70,000)

Geometric feature wall, white toilet bowl and glass partitions

Designed by Lome Interior

A geometric shape feature wall is used to highlight the contemporary design of the toilet and add a quirky vibe to the bathroom.

HDB Executive Apartment

45. HDB Executive Apartment ($120,000)

White tiled walls, white toilet bowl, white sink and brown shelves

Designed by Posh Living Interior Design

The clean and light colours used in this bathroom helps to create an illusion of spaciousness and simplicity.

Creating Your Dream Contemporary Design HDB Apartment

If you’re trying to create the perfect contemporary look for your apartment, you can speak with our interior designers for advice. Also, do check out other HDB renovation ideas for more inspiration!

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