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11 Affordable 4 Room BTO Renovation Designs Below $50,000

27 Jan 2022

Design Trends

Modern living room with tall glass windows for study room

Designed by Monoloft

Just got your keys to your new 4 room BTO flat and not sure where to find interior designers to make this home feel like yours? 

In this article, you’ll find 11 flattering design ideas to help kickstart your renovation journey. We’ve also categorised the designs according to the various budgets ranging from $30,000 to $50,000. Renovating your 4 room BTO flat can be more affordable than you think! 

4-room BTO Flat Renovation Below $30,000

If you’re looking at building simple and nice-looking spaces in your home, these designs will ensure that your home achieves that while not busting your budget.

1. Dark contemporary design ($23,000)

Kitchen with bar counter and high chairs Bedroom with L-shaped wardrobe and bed with grey sheets

Interior designer: Sky Creation
Location: Bidadari
Interior design style: Contemporary
Cost of renovation: $23,000

Just like this home, you can combine trendy dark and moody interiors with wooden elements to give your house some warmth. The bar counter and seats are perfect for morning rituals (if you have any) or wind-down evenings. 

Switch out to lighter colours, like grey, to make your bedroom and furniture look contemporary for a complete mood shift. 

2. Simple and minimalist home ($24,000)

Minimalist living room with dark blue sofa and curtains

White dining table with white and black chairs in a corner Bed with Him and Her pillow covers

Interior designer: Sky Creation
Location: Yishun
Interior design style: Scandinavian
Cost of renovation: $24,000

Minimalistic, open spaces, light, nature and timeless are words you can definitely use to describe this house. 

Scandinavian design is emphasised with clean, minimal furniture pieces used to complement the open living spaces filled with natural light. By choosing matching colours, you can achieve a more consistent look throughout your house!

3. Scandinavian contemporary design ($28,000)

TV feature wall with colourful sofa and cushions

Entryway with small seat and cushions Bedroom with wall-mounted TV and bed with patterned sheets

Interior designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Compassvale Crescent
Interior design style: Scandinavian contemporary
Cost of renovation: $28,000

Are you someone who desires Scandinavian design but wants something more than just minimalist aesthetics? 

This home is a blend of Scandinavian and contemporary design with the wood coffee table, TV console and white brick feature wall. Go loud with a colourful couch and pillows to make your home more Scandi!

4-room BTO Flat Renovation From $30,000 to $40,000

We’ve got styles for the minimalist, those who like a luxurious hotel and those who dream of staying in tropical resorts. If you have a little more to spare on building your dream home, you can take cue from the next 6 styles.

4. Minimalist luxury home ($30,000)

Modern living room with tall glass windows for study room

Bedroom with dark L-shaped wardrobe and bed with white sheets Study room with grey elegant wallpaper and L-shaped desk

Interior designer: Monoloft
Location: Bukit Batok
Interior design style: Minimalist
Cost of renovation: $30,000

Is your ideal home a luxurious looking one? You can select a cohesive colour plan with a grey accent for a minimalist yet elegant look. Accentuate the luxury theme with the metallic faux-effect texture wallpaper, and pendant lights in the living room and master bedroom!

5. Country resort concept ($30,000)

Country design living room with house plants and warm lights

Tropical open concept kitchen with nautical table placemats Bedroom with wardrobe, bed and house plants

Interior designer:
Interior design style: Country
Cost of renovation: $30,000

Transform your 4 room BTO flat into a comforting country sanctuary by having an upholstered grey sofa, house plants, green curtains and wooden flooring. 

The kitchen design can be differentiated with tiles of its own style. You can also give it a resort-like vibe by adding other nautical elements (i.e. a ship figurine and blue and white table placemats)!

6. Classy modern abode ($30,000)

Wall-mounted TV with large speakers near the ceiling

Kitchen with bar counter and sliding windows Bathroom with glass shower doors and dark marble counter

Interior designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Tampines
Interior design style: Modern
Cost of renovation: $30,000

Want to achieve a modern look? Think monochromatic colour palette and clean lines. Build yourself a true home theatre experience by adding large speakers near the ceiling. Insert a sliding window on one side of the kitchen wall and voilà, a home bar is created! 

7. Bright and lively retreat ($37,000)

Living room with television, coffee table and L-shaped couch

Dining area in front of kitchen with glass window Kitchen with white cupboards and silver fridge

Interior designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Bukit Batok
Interior design style: Modern contemporary
Cost of renovation: $37,000

You can have both modern and contemporary designs as inspired by the BTO renovation above. Consider neutral colours and open, airy layouts with minimal fixtures around the house to achieve the “less is more” look. Liven up your home by adding colourful honeycomb-shaped wall fixtures and warm lights!

8. Muji-inspired home ($40,000)

Dining area with wooden partition and Muji-inspired feature wall

Wall-mounted TV with Muji inspired feature wall Bedroom with L-shaped wardrobe and bed with greyish-purple sheets

Interior designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Tampines
Interior design style: Modern Muji theme
Cost of renovation: $40,000

Bring Japanese zen home with this Muji-inspired design. The textured light brown wooden feature wall, divider and warm lights create a feeling of relaxation when you come home. You can extend this peace and relaxation to the bedroom by only having a simple cupboard and a bed. 

9. Modern luxury hotel ($40,000)

Luxury bedroom with L-shaped wardrobe

Wall-mounted TV with ceiling fan and TV console 4-seater dining table with placemats and chandelier

Interior designer: DC Vision Design
Location: Yishun
Interior design style: Modern
Cost of renovation: $40,000

This home is the epitome of an affordable modern home design. Tapping on a neutral and consistent theme and colour palette will make your home more stylish. You can also opt for a chandelier above the dining table to enhance the modern design and elegant vibe of your home!

4-room BTO Flat Renovation Above $40,000

Ready to stretch your budget to build a home with all your desired features? Check out the next 2 designs that might inspire you the most! Costing just above $40,000, but with more personalisation, carpentry and fixtures for a bigger visual impact.  

10. Dark tropical resort ($47,000)

Dark tropical resort with beach inspired carpet

Dining area with dark wood table and dim lighting Bedroom with wardrobe and bed with dark green sheets

Interior designer: Carpenters
Location: Anchorvale
Interior design style: Tropical resort
Cost of renovation: $47,000

To create a tropical dream home, paint it special with darker colours and scatter house plants around the living room and kitchen. 

Elevate the home with a chandelier in the living room and hide cabinets with the help of panelled walls. Style it with a carpet that resembles the beach, sand and water, and you will always be on vacation!

11. Timeless Scandinavian design ($48,000)

Scandinavian theme living room with Christmas tree in a corner

Dining area with 4 -seater wooden table and chairs Bedroom with L-shaped wardrobe and bed with blue sheets

Interior designer: Starry Homestead
Location: Lorong Limau
Interior design style: Scandinavian
Cost of renovation: $48,000

Picture coming back to a functional, beautiful and cosy home! You can adopt Scandinavian design for your own home by focusing on white and neutral colours and by incorporating wooden furniture. 

Make it cosier with cushions and soft pops of colours through the bedsheets and a white textured feature wall! 

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FAQs: Renovation for 4 Room BTO Flats

How can I make my 4 room BTO look bigger?

There are a number of methods that can help your 4 room BTO flat look bigger:

  • Use light colours for furniture and walls

Light and cooler colours are known to reflect more light. So, paint your walls and select furniture with lighter colours to make your home look more open and airy. 

  • Declutter your space

To make your house look larger, arrange items neatly and out of sight, so that the floor is visible at all times. That way, your rooms will feel larger and more space can be opened up. 

  • Use large mirrors

Mirrors reflect artificial light and give the illusion of a bigger space and depth. 

  • Use space-saving furniture

Space-saving furniture provides more space just as its name suggests. Some ideas include using storage beds, foldable tables and expandable kitchen tables.

  • Leverage natural lighting

Open up the windows and let natural light come in! Your rooms will naturally look larger when it’s well-lit! 

How much does the renovation for a 4 room BTO cost?

Renovating a 4 room HDB BTO can cost anywhere between $16,000 and $140,000. It can vary based on the extent of the work that you wish to do and the type of design. 

Light renovations can cost about $20,000, moderate ones can be around $50,000 and extensive renovations will cost more than $100,000. 

Get a rough gauge for the renovation cost with our renovation cost calculator!

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