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So You Saved $20K: 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

27 Feb 2017

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Applying for a BTO might be considered a standard part of the Singaporean Dream, but truthfully, sometimes it just isn’t the right fit. The wait can seem like forever, and even then, perhaps you can only get a flat in Serangoon while your parents live in Pioneer.

But thanks to the recent adjustments to the 2017 Budget, first-timer couples who want to buy resale HDBs will now receive greater subsidies to do so. Instead of the previous $30,000 subsidy for flats from the resale market, couples will have $50,000 to purchase four-room flats or smaller, and $40,000 for those who buy flats that are five-room or bigger. These cost-saving measures mean additional flexibility for young homeowners, and money which can be invested into enhancing your ideal home.


1. Better Bathrooms


Bathroom, U-Home Interior Design

Bathrooms are often the one aspect that people think can be neglected. After all, as long as it has the basics, why get fussed? Most social interaction takes place in the living room or patio, and guests will see it maybe once per visit. But in reality, we spend a lot of our time in bathrooms – that’s where we start and end our days, and it should be regarded as a sanctuary of sorts. So if you have a little extra cash, put it to good use and take your bathroom interior to the next level, maybe by incorporating a chic tile.


2. Couture Kitchen


Kitchen, The Interior Place

The kitchen, too, is the place to get your hands dirty. But why not do so in a magazine-worthy setting? Preparing all those meals for your significant other or your little brood might as well be a pleasurable experience. Not to mention, higher quality materials and workspaces will make cooking that much easier. Invest in seamless shelf space and a deep double sink – you won’t regret it.


3. Textured Finishes


HDB 5-Room, Renozone Interior Design House

White walls and wood floors are generally sufficient for the home. But elevating the design tone involves establishing a strong, cohesive appearance from the very first glance. Consider unusual pairings that are slightly higher-end, like this mix of industrial, exposed concrete with dark wood for high drama.


4. Unexpected Layouts


Resale Executive Apartment, The Local Inn.Terior

Sometimes the standard layout to HDBs can get a little stale. But if you can afford to spend, try and switch it up – open the space so that the eye travels in long lines, and visually extends the central area. Replace original entrances with sliding doors off to one side, or hide the kitchen behind a brick-look wall divider. Go crazy, and don’t let the layout determine your home!


5. Resort Style


HDB 4-Room, Design 4 Space

Another option is turning your home into a personal hotel. Who says your space has to look like everyone else’s? Instead, think of luxurious elements to include in the design of your interior, such as partitions that say sophisticated zen, and fabric panels that evoke exclusive lounges.

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