HDB 4 Room Resale/BTO Renovation Packages

Today, up to 80% of Singaporeans live in HDBs. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are a ton of attractive HDB renovation packages made available for homeowners to get a good deal.

At HomeRenoGuru, our interior designers (ID) offer value-for-money 4 room renovation packages for resale and BTO flats. Most packages include the following:

  • Carpentry
  • Feature wall installation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Flooring
  • False ceiling

How do I get started with HDB renovation in Singapore?

  1. Shortlist a few interior design firms and select one. Before embarking on your home renovation, it’s best to do your research. Do a quick Google search for reviews on IDs and get recommendations from friends and families. This is when you compare quotations and renovation package inclusions and prices.
  2. Think about the overall design theme and look you’re going for.Look for home design inspiration via ID websites and Pinterest. Your ID may request for you to provide a mood board of what you envision your home to be.
  3. Pick materials for your home.These may include flooring, tiling and countertops. The type of materials you pick will affect the overall look and possibly lead to add-on costs.
  4. Plan your built-in appliances and features.For instance, this may include a built-in oven, wardrobes and storage slots, compartments or shelves. With the help of your ID, you’ll be able to get expert insights to balance between aesthetic and function.
  5. Purchase fixtures for your home.Fixtures are anything that requires a tool to install and remove. Some examples of such would be curtain rods, air-conditioning units, blinds and ceiling fans.
  6. Purchase electrical appliances and furniture.The last step is to complete the look and functionality of your home with electrical appliances and furniture.

What to consider before signing a renovation package?

Whether the ID is CaseTrust-accredited

This indicates that the ID firm

  • offers transparent quotations; all fees are clearly and fully disclosed to customers.
  • has distinctly defined business practices and systems.
  • has trained and ethical staff who are equipped to provide accurate advice.


Work scope

Your ID will advise you on what works can be done for your chosen package. You are advised to review the detailed scope and clarify anything before going ahead with it.


Final quotation

After all discussions, ensure that you check the final quotation provided by the ID. At times, there may be a disclaimer in fine print to state that the quotation is an estimate. This might indicate that any design changes or delays caused by the client may increase the price.


Payment schedule

A payment schedule will be drafted up by your ID in the contract. The typical down payment should be about 15% – 20% of the total price, and the following payment dates will be stated clearly.

Ensure that the down payment does not exceed 30%, and that you’re comfortable with the payment timeline.


Warranty, defect and maintenance policy

The contract should also contain details on the firm’s warranty, defect and maintenance policy. The warranty period for general renovation should be at least 12 months after the completion date, while smaller fittings should be covered for about 3 – 6 months.

Note down these periods so that you know how to and when you can get help!

How much does it cost to renovate a 4 room HDB?

The cost of renovation depends on a few factors such as (but are not limited to) the following.

Extent of renovation

In general, these are the price ranges for a BTO or resale flat.

Extent of renovation Light Moderate Heavy
Price range $16,950 – $20,340 $43,025 – $51,630 $116,550 – $139,860

For a more accurate gauge of your renovation cost, use our renovation calculator.


Type of HDB home

As compared to BTOs, resale flats will cost 20% – 40% more to renovate. This is because they are usually larger and require more work to be done i.e.

  • Additional piping works
  • Additional wall or tile hacking
  • Re-wiring electrical works
  • Replacing bathroom fittings

Type of materials used

Some materials cost more than others. For example, marble flooring is expensive to install and would cost more than vinyl flooring or ceramic tiles.


Choosing the right renovation package for your HDB 4 room flat

HomeRenoGuru’s interior designers offer the most attractive and value-for-money renovation packages. Get a free quotation from us today!

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