HDB 5 Room Renovation Package 

Renovating your home allows you to customise your interior design to fit your style and preferences. 

Here aHomeRenoGuru, we offer a variety of renovation packages designed for resale flats and BTOs.  

Most of our packages include  

  • Carpentry works
  • Electrical wiring 
  • Feature wall installation 
  • Flooring works 
  • Plumbing works 
  • False ceiling installation 

How Long Does Renovating a 5 Room HDB Take? 

In general, the duration of the renovation can last anywhere between 8 – 10 weeks for BTOs and 12 – 14 weeks for resales. 

How Much Does It Cost to Renovata 5 Room HDB 

The cost of renovating a HDB flat can range from $16, 950 – $139, 860. For a more accurate breakdown of the renovation cost, use our renovation calculator.  

The cost of your renovation is affected by the factors listed below.  


Type of Property 

Resale flats typically cost more than BTOs to renovate as these older homes generally need more extensive overhaul of their interiors. 

Additionally, resaletend to be larger than BTOs. This means that more material and labour are need in the renovation, leading to a higher cost. 


Interior Design Style 

The cost of renovation is also dependent on the theme of your home. For example, minimalistic  and Scandinavian interior design styles are more expensive to implement. This is because a lot more effort and money are needed in concealing pipes or wires in the home. 


Type of Materials Used 

The choice of building materials will affect the cost of your renovation since the materials are priced differently. For instance, the cost of installing hardwood flooring is much higher than vinyl flooring. 


What to Consider When Choosing a 5 Room Renovation Package 


Planning a renovation budget allows you to determine how much you can afford. This helps you to avoid selecting a renovation package that is beyond your financial means and prevents you from landing yourself in debt.  


Credentials of the Interior Designer 

Before committing to a renovation packageyou should research on and look at the credentials of the interior designer (ID). This makesure that ID is credible and that they will be able to deliver the results as promised. 

As part of your research, you can examine examples of their previous works and look at testimonials from past clients. 


Choice of ID Firm  

The price of the renovation package offered by the different IDs firms will vary. The difference in prices is caused by reasons such as the reputation of the firm and the type of material used.  


Communication Skills of the ID 

Engaging an ID that communicates effectively is important as you will be working with your designer for an extended period 

Clear communication improves understanding between the parties involved and saves time required to clarify details. This improves productivity and increases efficiency in the renovation process 


Whether ID Firm is CaseTrust Certified 

Opting for a CaseTrust accredited ID firm gives you a peace of mind knowing that the company adopts ethical sales and business practices. 

CaseTrust certification also signals that the ID firm is transparent in their pricing policies, reducing your risk of falling for a renovation scam. 


Types of Renovation Work that Require a HDB Renovation Permit 

Some types of renovation work need to be approved by HDB before they can commence. The following are some examples that require a HDB renovation permit. 


Flooring Works 

Approval from HDB is required when you are replacing existing floor tiles. You will also need a permit to raise your floors in areas like the kitchen, balcony or toilet. 


Window Works 

Permits are required if you want to change your home’s windows and install or replace window grilles in your service yard or balcony. 



You need to seek for approval if you are hacking walls or constructing arches or rounded corners in your home. 


Choosing a 5 Room HDB Renovation Package 

HomeRenoGuru carries a range of renovation packages that are offered by some of the most popular IDs in Singapore. Contact us today for more details! 

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