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5 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Look Million-Dollar

26 Aug 2016

Design Trends

As far as interior design goes, 5-star hotels have reign supreme. Luxurious interiors, fresh, fluffy pillows to jump onto and soft, alluring lights that put you in a state of relaxation as soon as you enter.

While staying in hotels long term may not be a realistic option for most of us, bringing the hotel to your home may not be as far out of reach with these tips!

1. Liven Up Your Home With Flora

Condo - Boon View by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd
Condo – Boon View by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

A simple way to inject some elegance into your home is to bring a bit of the outdoors in, by introducing some fresh house plants. Not only do they purify the air, the added greenery also visually rejuvenates a plain space.

Nature also has a proven calming effect on us. Some plants and flowers with strong aromas, such as jasmine and gardenia, serve as brilliant natural alternatives to home fragrances. A useful tip for low-maintenance homeowners, or styling a small nook, is to go for succulents, which do not require a lot of care.

Last but not least, when placed in the right areas of your home, it is great for feng shui!

2. Do Not Ignore The Lighting

Park Oasis Condo by Hwa Li Design Build Pte Ltd
Park Oasis Condo by Hwa Li Design Build Pte Ltd

No hotel is complete without a majestic chandelier to instantly wow guests. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a statement piece in the house, it elevates an apartment from average to amazing. If you prefer a more subtle lighting element, opt for warm, cove lighting on the ceiling that retains a touch of luxury without overpowering the room.

Aim for soft, indirect light, especially for the living room and bedrooms. Other features to consider are wall sconces, table and floor lamps, as well as a light dimmer to control the mood of a room. If you’re interested in more cove lighting tips, this article ought to help you out!

Joshua Wong from Design Profession adds: “Using warm light in strategic locations like walkways and entrances can give out cosy hotel room vibes. Shining the light against reflective surfaces also gives off a glimmering sense of luxury. ”


3. Style Your Home With Sophisticated Soft Furnishings

Condo Project by Kaiyi Design Pte Ltd
Condo Project by Kaiyi Design Pte Ltd

Most upscale hotels adopt a neutral colour palette of cream and ivory, maintaining a clean and stately look. Introduce these colours to your residence with matching upholstery for your cushions, curtains, rugs, and throws.

For some aesthetic juxtaposition, give your decorative pillows and sofa a dark trim. While rugs replicate the soft carpeted floors found in hotel rooms, curtains and drapes provide a certain posh vibe that blinds and shades lack.

4. Create A Spa-Like Environment In The Bathroom

275 Loyang Rise by Love Home Interior Design Pte Ltd
275 Loyang Rise by Love Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

The devil is in the details when it comes to the lavatory. Don’t have the budget for marble countertops and floor tiles, or a fancy claw-foot bathtub? Not to worry. The first thing to do is clean up the space, and remove all visible clutter. Hide storage items under the sink, if you can.

Then, purchase some glass jars to contain essentials such as cotton buds, cotton pads, and soap bars. It is a simple trick with a classy effect. Use trays to organise your toiletries, and get a pair of matching baskets – one with a lid for dirty laundry, and one for fresh towels, which you can roll up for that spa-like essence.

To round off the hotel bathroom vibe, Lennon Yong from Hugo Design suggests: “Vanity countertops like marble will work well in toilets, while hidden cabinets keep things looking simple in the bathroom. Cove lighting under the mirror works well to give off warm cosy vibes.” If you need more information on marble counter tops, this article should help!

5. Go All-Out In The Bedroom

Casuarina Cove by Renozone Interior Design House
Casuarina Cove by Renozone Interior Design House

The cornerstone of a five-star hotel room is a comfortable, grandiose bed. Besides the usual drapery, carpet, armoire, and matching set of side tables and side lamps, upgrade your current sleeping quarters with a statement-making headboard. If you’re looking to turn up the romance factor in the bedroom we’ve got a few pointers for you too.

Freshen up your bed with sheets and covers of a high thread count, and complete the look with down pillows, decorative cushions, a thick down duvet, and a cosy throw – the works. You will never want to leave your bed again after this.

To satisfy your bedroom accessory needs, Russel Chin from Inspire ID Group suggests a trip down to Courts in Tampines or Big Box if you live in the West. “Both locations are good because of the wide variety of quality and brands. There’s a lot to choose from and with so much competition, the prices are usually more competitive!”

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