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5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Functional By Day And Romantic At Night

25 Jul 2016

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It’s said that your bedroom should be a sanctuary, where you can seek refuge after a long night of OT, or recharge over non-productive indulgences like binge-watching an entire season of Descendants Of The Sun. But in our fast-paced lives, it has become no more than a space for slumber.

Most of us are guilty of hosting what we like to call an organised mess in our room, with all sorts of cables strewn across our desk. It’s convenient, but it’s also unsightly. If your room is in need of a facelift, here’s how you can give your bedroom the ambience of a hotel suite and the quality of a living space.

Room Decor 101

1. Declutter your room with clever storage

Condo 3 Bedroom – Waterfront Wave by Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

We live on a land-strapped island scattered with tiny HDB flats and condominiums, so get creative with your vertical space! Platform beds make your room look bigger, and double up as a storage unit for bulky items like spare comforters and pillows. There’s nothing sexy about watching them spill from the dusty top of your cupboard. Conceal them “underground”!

2. Cordon off a productivity corner

Landed House Project by Form & Space

Our first tip on making your room a relaxing space is to stop working from your bed! It may be comfy, but it also causes neck and back pains, and can potentially ruin a good night’s sleep.

Keep stressful activities away from the sheets by cordoning off a ‘workstation’. Better yet, make it a blind spot from where you’re sleeping. You shouldn’t be reminded of unread e-mails and spreadsheets when snuggling up with your partner.

HDB 5 Room – Tampines by Nativ9 Design LLP

3. Select curtains that flatter your room

The Serennia Condominium by Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd

Not all curtains are created equal. Some are designed for the sole purpose of shielding glare, while others can transform your crib into a luxurious Parisian abode. No matter the colour theme of your room, you can’t go wrong with layers of sheer drapes and blackout curtains. The former fills your room with a soft touch, while the latter is a lifesaver for afternoon nap enthusiasts.

Kurt Boh from 9 Creation also added: “Day and night curtains work really well to achieve a romantic and functional feel. They are common and allow you to adjust the amount of light that comes in during the day depending on your needs.”

Condominium (Modern Classic Theme)Living Gaia

If you own a canopy bed, curtains and drapes can give your room a mellow look and make the sleeping area feel extra intimate. Heck, even a mosquito net will do the trick while keeping the insects away!

4. Have an array of lighting options

Photo from the private collection of DB Studio

Most Singaporeans have only 2 lighting modes in their room – fluorescent white and pitch dark. While well-lit is great for your eyesight, the same can’t be said about an overhead glare on a romantic night. Install dimmers, spotlights and bedside lamps for a variety of soft lighting, or “upgrade” your existing ones with pink-tinted bulbs and lampshades!

If you’re looking for a good spot for your lighting needs, Ronnie Goh from Swiss Interior Design says: “4K Lighting in Khaki Bukit is my go to place when shopping for lights, they’ve got some of the best variety and their prices are competitive.”

41 East Coast Terrace by 2nd Phase Design ID Pte Ltd

5. Transform your room into a spa

Project 001Ken Home Design & Construction

Now that your room is de-cluttered, your work put away and your lights dimmed, the last thing you need to do is set the mood with scents. Not a fan of the unsightly plug-in deodorisers? Opt for candles, scented oils, potpourri or even fresh cut flowers.

If you’re a beginner at aromatherapy, lavender and lemongrass will be safe bets that aren’t too powering. They’ve been proven to soothe your nerves and help you snooze better! Off the book, the Fluffy Towels Spray Mist from Yankee Candle is a personal favourite of mine that makes your room feel like a hotel spa in just 3 sprays.

Get cracking!

Now that you’ve gotten the low-down on making your room both functional and romantic, it’s time to get working! With a few tweaks and changes, you’ll soon have a hideaway that you’ll never want to leave during your weekends.

Here’s a checklist to help you ensure that your renovation works has been a job well done.

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