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8 easy steps to implement feng shui tips to bring good luck home

25 Jul 2016

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Everyone wants a happy, harmonious home, and keeping fengshui principles in mind is one of the best ways to make sure your home will overflow with good luck. You don’t have to go out of your way to implement fengshui tips and tricks – here are some easy steps to increase the flow of good chi in your home:

1. Rearrange your living room furniture

Ang Mo Kio by Designscale

According to fengshui principles, the best placement of a sofa is against a solid wall, to provide a firm and steady support to the members of the household. Try to avoid an L-shaped sofa as the sharp angles create a “poison arrow”, which might direct negative energy towards your body.

2. Use a mirror to reflect abundance

HDB Buangkok Vale by Thom Signature

Dining rooms are ideal locations for mirrors. The dining table represents abundance and the presence of the mirror symbolises doubling your wealth. For people living in small apartments, a mirror may also help to make your room look more spacious. But be careful with crack in mirrors! According to Noel from Atelier Concept: “In fengshui cracks and gaps in mirrors represent a fragmented soul and spirit and that invites bad energy into the home.”

3. Balance wood and metal elements

BTO Waterway Brooks by Posh Living Interior Design

The wood element is associated with “health and family”, so it’s the ideal element for a cosy living space. However, too much of any element is never a good thing, so balance wooden furniture or floors with metal elements like white walls or furniture.

4. Grow plants in dead spaces

970 Geylang Rd Tristar Complex by AC Vision Design

Negative energy can accumulate in dead spaces, like the spaces above and below your cupboards, or neglected high shelves you rarely use. Instead of letting these spaces collect dust, place some lights or green plants to bring life to these areas.

According to James Tey from 9 Degree Design & Renovation: “Plants should go by the balcony, next to the TV in the living room or next to the sofa. The Chinese believe in the saying 左青龙,右白虎 which means green dragon on the left and white tiger on the right. The idea is to provide the dragon and tiger some shade so they don’t roam all over the house, and disrupt the natural flow of energy.”

5. Move your bed to the perfect spot

Waterfront Waves Condominium by Ciseern By Designer Furnishings

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep, and according to fengshui principles, the location of your bed in your bedroom is extremely important. Ideally, the bed should face the door without being exactly in line with it.

Wayne Chuan from The Local INN.terior also adds: “Your bed should not rest against a window and face away from the toilet, these arrangements facilitate bad luck according to the rules of Feng Shui!”

6. Add earth elements to your bathroom

Punggol North, 176A Edgefield Plains by Carpenters Design Group

Bathrooms tend to have a negative reputation in fengshui. The belief is that flowing water may drain the luck from your home. Improve the energy of your bathroom by introducing earth elements to “control” the overwhelming water elements. Add accessories with warm colours like golds and yellows – rugs, towels and even a fresh coat of paint will help to lessen the elemental imbalance.

7. Make the study room a conducive place for work

Starry Homestead Studio by Starry Homestead

Feng shui principles, when applied to study rooms, can help you focus better and learn more efficiently. Ensure that your desk is placed in a position where your back doesn’t face a window or a door. Avoid placing the desk where it has a direct view of a window as well.

An additional tip: when decorating, use green plants to bring vitality and energy to the room.

8. Less is more

Minimalist by Rezt& Relax Interior

One of the easiest tips to bring good luck to your home is to keep your house tidy and uncluttered. A messy house obstructs the flow of chi and increases your levels of stress.

Less is more – furniture should not obstruct walkways and shelves should not be overcrowded with knick-knacks. Good fengshui can be achieved by simply keeping your home clean.

Good luck!

Making use of fengshui principles doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Basic things like rearranging unlucky furniture layouts, adding decorations to neutralise the imbalance of elements and keeping the house clean are simple ways to bring good luck into your home. For more design ideas and home renovation tips, check out HomeRenoGuru’s design gallery here.

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