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How to Set Up a Home for Fitness Buffs

27 Feb 2018

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For the modern Singaporean, keeping fit is not just something to be relegated to that spare hour on a weekend evening; it’s increasingly a core part of their routine. From the gym rats who pump iron during lunch hour at CBD gyms, to the stay-at-home mum who wants to keep herself occupied when her kids are at school, everyone is looking for ways to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. What better way to do that than by making your home a conducive place to keep fit? Here are some ways to transform your home into the ideal work-out space. 

For the Gym Rat

Landed House by Designscale Pte Ltd

For the truly dedicated, a fully decked-out home gym might be a worthwhile investment, especially if it helps you save on exorbitant gym fees elsewhere. Go all out with state-of-the-art machines, floor-to-ceiling mirrors for form-checking, or even an ensuite bathroom to truly turn your home into a gym away from gym. 

Double Up on Space 

Others by LE Interi

This quick fix is sure to appeal to the practical Singaporean. Home offices and study rooms can be furnished with compact, non-intrusive exercise equipment like a Stairmaster or even a simple weights bench in a corner. For the stressed-out workaholic or student, having your room double as an exercise space also means you can easily take a quick break from staring at your laptop by working out. Designer Andy from LE Interi confirmed that “minimizing space” was crucial, but also warns homeowners that they must “be willing to accept that including exercise areas may alter the balance of the overall design of the house.” 

Open Concept Apartment

HDB 5 Room by Des&Co Interior Pte Ltd

For those who see themselves exercising best when distracted by the TV, expanding the living room area to make space for exercise machines or even a simple yoga mat can generate just the right amount of motivation for that next work-out session. Angie from Des&Co Interior notes that space is the biggest constraint, and suggests having an “open concept living room and kitchen” that is “modern, clean, and easy to maintain” for anyone who works out where they can. 

Buy Some Plants 

Condominium by Rezt&Relax Interior

Don’t underestimate the importance of flora in your home! Just looking at something green as you exercise or go about your daily routine can be hugely refreshing. If there’s no room for a small balcony garden, simply buy some potted plants and place them around the home. As Parvis from Rezt&Relax Interior explains, they “reduce the level of pollutants and airborne dust and thus clean the air, plus they provide more oxygen for us to breathe.”

Make Sure Your Space Reflects Your Intentions

HDB 5 Room by New Interior Design

Subtle inspiration goes a long way. Implement some industrial chic features, like exposed black light fixtures and bright bulbs, to lend a more rugged edge to your home and perhaps inspire you to stick to your fitness regimen. Annie from New Interior Design even suggests using vertical bicycle racks as “display art for the home,” and advises active homeowners to “use vinyl plank flooring as it has high durability, is scratch resistant, and comfortable underfoot.”

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Make Sure Your Home Inspires You 

Alibina Glisic / 

The home is normally seen as a place for rest and relaxation, but if you’re looking to make it a viable place for committed, consistent exercise, you mustn’t be tempted to just fall into bed or sink into your sofa the minute you get home. Come up with an exercise schedule and feature it prominently in the house; personalize your work-out area, be it the living room or an exercise room, with motivational posters and your fitness goals. Besides buying the right equipment and setting up the physical space, priming yourself mentally is key if your home is also going to double as your personal gym.

Fitness is About Your Diet Too

HDB 4 Room by Sky Creation

Don’t waste your all the calories you lost on the treadmill by making a beeline for snacks right after a workout. Stock your kitchen with granola bars instead of potato chips, and organize everything so you don’t feel tempted to order in UberEats when you can’t find anything else lying around. In this case, having a clean, functional, and more minimalist kitchen area is preferable over more ornate and distracting designs. 

At the end of the day, remember that fitness is a lifestyle, and that means making sure that every part of the home is geared towards championing that!

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