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Ultimate Guide: 6 Renovation Ideas to Look Expensive on a Budget

15 May 2019

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Ultimate Guide: 6 Renovation Ideas to Look Expensive on a Budget

If you’re renovating within a tight budget, there’s a stack of low-cost little things you can do that will make your home look pretty without draining your piggy. For example…

Make the First Impression Count

The entrance is an often-neglected part of the home. Since Singaporean home usually have small entrance halls, it doesn’t take a lot of money or effort to create a  favourable first impression.

HDB 5 Room Upper Boon Keng Road | Meter Square Pte Ltd

A laser-cut unit number and a deep blue door create a strong statement even before the visitor sets foot inside this house. It says – modern, bold and individual!

Green a Room

Pot a plant and plant it in a prominent position. For well under $100, you have a focal point for a living space, which also serves as a free indoor air purifier!

HDB 4 Room 461D Bukit Batok West | Fineline Design Pte Ltd

This sun-loving plant pops against a neutral interior and contrasts brilliantly with the bold yellow sofa. The natural materials of the basket-weave ‘pot’ lend the space a resort feel and invite long lazy afternoons curled up with a good book, warmed by filtered sunlight… Bliss!

Let’s Stick Together

Wall stickers and decals are an easy way to theme a room for next to nothing. There’s a huge range online and at your local hardware store, so get picking and start sticking.

Landed Property 114 Bedok Reservoir Road | Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

This decal of a stylised world map creates the perfect centrepiece for this eclectic living space, which is a little bit ‘resort’, a little bit New York loft’ and a little bit Scandinavian.

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Throw and Toss

A few cushions and a floor rug or throw are all you need to make a statement, which can provide visual cues that recur throughout the connected spaces. And when you feel like a change, you’ll get change from a few hundred dollars!

HDB 5 Room Waterway Sunray | Sky Creation

Black and white is the common thread that connects this artfully mismatched medley of cushions and eye-catching textured rug. The monochromatic palette and linerar lines of the cushions are echoed in the track lighting and venetian blinds, creating a contemporary urban vibe for a modest outlay.

Poster Child

Home is where the heart and the art are. But it doesn’t need to be expensive. Prints are just as effective and often more-eye-catching than original artwork, and can be switched up at a low cost. A bunch of relatively low-cost posters, framed, can create an instant ambience – from ‘country garden’ to ‘man cave’, depending on the subject-matter.

HDB 4 Room 527 Jelapang Road | The Two Big Guys LLP

This homeowner’s clearly a comic fan. The living space is dominated by a series of superhero posters in uniform black off-the-shelf frames. It’s fun, inexpensive and striking to fill your home with your hobby.

Mirror, Mirror

A mirror is every designer’s go-to way to optically enlarge a space. Mirrors reflect a wide range of styles and historical periods, from Victorian to art deco to mid-century modern.

Condominium River Place Condo | Rezt & Relax Interior

This massive gilt-framed mirror adds grandeur and the illusion of extra space to this compact open concept dining area. Big mirror, small room – it breaks all the rules, but it works!

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