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Laying Low: The Rise of Platform Beds

05 Feb 2020

Design Trends

Platform beds are popping up in homes everywhere. You get to save on a bedframe, gain storage space below, minimise the risk of falling out of bed (or at least shorten the fall)… What’s not to love?

Room Within a Room

A platform bed that spans wall to wall creates a room within a room. It’s like stepping up into your own private sleeping pod, or TV-watching pod, or reading pod. Add natural sunlight filtered through blinds and you have the perfect scenario for sleeping in. We love this bedroom!

Condominium 38 Forestville | Carpenters

Standout Stand-Tall Bedhead

Because it’s closer to the ground, a platform bed allows you to create a taller-than-usual bedhead, thereby visually elongating the height of the ceiling. This stylised coral bedhead emulates a rustic brick pattern while feeling thoroughly modern.

Landed House Lynwood Grove | Renozone Interior Design House

At Arm’s Length

This simple, striking room design makes clever use of protruding pillars by using the recessed space as shelving for books, earplugs, even a laptop for when you can’t sleep at night and figure you might as well catch up on work or study and buy yourself some naptime during the daytime. White against grey creates an attractive contrast and improves the visibility of the shelves in dim light.

HDB 5 Room Jurong West St 93 | Leef Deco Pte Ltd

Luxury and Light

An elaborate built-in bed with connected lighting and a matching bedhead requires commitment. Then again, who wouldn’t fall in everlasting love with this gorgeous monochromatic room? The paltform bed is connected to an upholstered bedhead and built-in bedside tables.

Landed House Goodman Road | U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

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Simple Forms and a Splash of Colour

Bold colour choices can transform a plain room into something special. The clean lines and right angles of a platform bed lend themselves to isolating and highlighting rectangles of colour. This ivory room with a burnt orange feature wall and TV wall is a perfect example.

HDB 4 Room Anchorvale Link | Y-Axis ID

The Suite Life

In a large room, a platform bed can semi-divide the space by function – sleeping and sitting. This stunning black-and-white bedroom cum living space plays with straight lines and circles, which are echoed in the wallpaper, the lampshade, the floor lamp and the curvilinear chair. You’d never want to check out of this ‘hotel’…

Landed House Choa Chu Kang | Northwest Interior Design Pte Ltd

Complementing with a Good Mattress

The right mattress can provide exceptional comfort, support, and pressure relief, but without a suitable bed frame, its potential benefits may be compromised. A well-designed platform bed can enhance the performance of a good mattress by providing proper support, stability, and alignment. It ensures that the mattress maintains its shape and integrity over time, preventing premature sagging or wear. Additionally, a sturdy platform bed minimizes motion transfer, allowing for uninterrupted sleep, while proper ventilation and airflow promote a cooler and more hygienic sleep environment. The combination of a high-quality mattress and a compatible platform bed creates the ideal sleep setup for maximum rest and rejuvenation.

Zinus 25cm iCoil® 2.0 “Cool” Series Euro Top Mattress (10”)

Breathable Bamboo Fibre Fabric + Certipur-US Certified High-Density Foam + iCoil® Pocketed Spring + Border Encasement


Image by Zinus.

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