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Golden Rules

19 Feb 2020

Design Trends

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, the colour gold is shimmering and shining in all directions. You can incorporate it in your home without making it look like a cross between the Palace of Versailles and a downtown pawn shop. Here’s how:

A Little Goes a Long Way

Since gold has that wow factor, use a light hand when adding it to a room. A gilded knick-knack, a piece of metallic wall art and some warm lighting are all you need to create a luxe corner and an opulent moment.

Condominium 57 Flora Drive | Carpenters

A Golden Thread

An eclectic, maximalist living room can be tied together by a thread of gold weaving in and out, throughout. In this busy but welcoming space, a chandelier and sconce lights, a heavy gold frame, a cushion cover and a velvet stool, all in shades of gold, tie everything together. Beautifully.

Condo 4 Room Waterfront Isle | Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

Golden Memories

In this ivory passageway, a golden cherub sits comfortably with a golden Buddha head, reflected in a gilded mirror flanked by gold-framed paintings, and all bathed in coruscating warm light. Amid all that ivory and gold, a zebra-print rug evokes images of a swashbuckling adventurer returning with hunting trophies from exotic lands… This assortment of golden souvenirs and accessories are props in a richly evocative 3D photo album of golden memories.

Condominium River Place Condo | Rezt & Relax Interior

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Above All, Gold

Why not turn the traditional decorating rules on their head and colour your ceiling gold? Gone are the days when ceilings were white, white and off-white. And you don’t need a palatial or art deco theme to pull it off. This simple, minimalist room is made fabulous with a ceiling painted in Nippon Paint Momento special effects paint. It draws the eye upwards and creates an ambience that is both cosy and contemporary, all at once. The dappled texture of special effects paint, versus a solid expanse of flat gold, complements neutrals and naturals like wood and stone.

HDB 5 Room Keat Hong Close | In2Space Interior Pte Ltd

Shine A Light

Turning a space from ordinary to extraordinary can be as simple as hanging a trio of metallic lights over the dining area. These rose gold pendants are gorgeous against the mint and white wall, and the effect is doubled by a reflective mirror.

HDB 5 Room Jurong West Street 65 | Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

Draped in Gold

Adding the opulence of gold to a master bedroom or living room can be achieved simply by hanging gold curtains. Pick up the hue with wall art and accessories. Bathe the space in warm light to extend the golden glow throughout. With its soft gold drapes and upholstered gold bedhead, this room is all-gold.

Landed House Jalan Dondang Sayang | I-Chapter Pte Ltd

Arabian Nights and Days

The Middle East conjures up splendid images of gold, brass, lamps and ottomans. This living area is a modern take on it. The recurring geometrical patterns culminate in the splendid spotlight gold ceiling trim. Who wouldn’t want to bask in all this reflected glory?

HDB 5 Room 406A Northshore Drive | Eight Design Pte Ltd

A Good ID is Worth their Weight in Gold

Whether or not you plan to introduce gold into your décor, finding the right interior design firm is Golden Rule #1. Unless you are a repeat customer or have a 5-star recommendation from a trusted friend or relative, you’d be wise to seek the counsel of HomeRenoGuru, Singapore’s leading home renovation website and app. Fill out a simple online form and they will provide you with a list of established and trusted interior design companies that match your budget and your needs.

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