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From Seasoned to Modernity - Tips for revamping your old flat

23 Mar 2017

Tips & Advice

Having a resale flat doesn’t necessarily mean having an old-looking flat. In fact, they have the potential to be bigger and better. Why? Resale flats generally have larger areas, and as Jason Quek from DB Studio explains, this means that more can be done, because designers will have more room to work with. “A bigger space also means less limitations when choosing furniture,” he elaborates.

Alex from Quirky Haus agrees, “When your flat is bigger, you have a bigger visual space – and with the right design, the place will just look more awesome”.

However, there are cons to resale flats as well, which is the unpredictable wear and tear of some fixtures of the home. However, just because you’ve got an old flat, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like a brand new home. Here are some tips to make your resale flat feel fresh and new.


1. Assess your situation

Every flat is different, so your scale of required works is bound to be different as well. For example, for flats that are really old (over 25 years old), not well-maintained, and have never been renovated, Jason recommends a complete overhaul. This involves hacking and changing of all tiles, especially for the bathrooms and kitchen. However, for relatively new flats, homeowners can choose the more cost-friendly option of overlaying. “However, this will cost more down the road, when they decide to do another round of renovation,” he cautions.



562 AMK – A Before & After Comparison by DB Studio Pte Ltd

2. Make it look good from the get-go

Alex believes that the first impression counts – however, in his experience, homeowners sometimes don’t allocate enough budgets for new fire-rated main doors and gates. Having an old-looking front door gives the home ‘tired’ vibes even before you step in, so you may want to consider prioritising your unit’s exterior during your revamp.


HDB 4-Room Blk 318A Yishun Greenwalk by New Interior Design

3. Get your lighting right

A statement light fixture can make all the difference in styling up your living space. Replace outdated lights with new ones. Don’t get us wrong – it’s not a must to change lighting fixtures if they’re not broken – and it really depends on how long they’ve been around. For example, vintage lights may look old, but it’s obvious that they’re still in good condition. Alex puts it well, “I’m sure one can tell the difference between new and old lights!” Above all, do keep in mind that lights can enhance your overall decor. Plus, new lights usually come with more features, such as energy-saving ones, which can save you money in the long run.


Strathmore Avenue by Quirky Haus


4. Windows

If the previous homeowners haven’t changed their window frames since they first moved in, you may find the windows a tad outdated. This is a chance to combat weathering too – if you’re already renovating your home, why not go all out to switch up your window frames while you are at it? They will last longer after renovation, reducing the possibility of needing another renovation for many years.


HDB 5-Room by Carpenters Group


5. Repaint Your Home!

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into your home. Painting also offers the added benefit of hiding imperfections on walls. Freddy Tan from The Interior Lab advises, “to keep your living space looking timeless, use a coat of brightly coloured paint to maintain the level of brightness in your home.”


HDB 4-Room by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

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