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5 Faux Pas Wall Areas For Placing Mirrors in Your Home

05 Oct 2016

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The mirror has been regarded as an essential furniture in every home after its ease of availability since the Industrial Revolution. Over the decades, mirrors have been used as various forms of decoration and in modern times of interior design, space widening and light reflection.

When discussing mirror placement in homes, the topic of fengshui is certainly inevitable even in Western countries, as the mirror is known to be one of the most powerful tools in that field. A wrong placement could mean an inauspicious home or worst, an everyday eyesore.

So what are some of the unfitting spaces in your home that you should avoid mirrors then?

1. In Front Of Your Bed

Clementi Ave 4 by DISTINCTidENTITY Pte Ltd
Mirrors can be placed across your bed, but avoid having them directly opposite so that you cannot see your own reflection while in bed.
Clementi Ave 4 by DISTINCTidENTITY Pte Ltd

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should have heard of common dissuasions about placing a mirror in front of your bed. Be it from friends or relatives, the usual claims you will hear are that mirrors can deplete your energy and suck your soul during your sleep or even let you see otherworldly beings through them. Well in fact, they may not be entirely wrong.

A scientific journal published by a psychologist at an Italian University noted that hallucinations occur when we look at our reflections in the dark. 48% of his test participants even reported seeing “fantastical and monstrous beings”. Well, even if it’s not in the dark, let’s just say the reflection of our morning faces may not be all that pleasing to the eyes either!

2. Bedroom Ceiling

HDB 5 Room Belvia by Fatema Design Studio
If you really adore reflections that much, consider selecting glossy materials for bedroom furnitures such as wardrobes and headboards.
HDB 5 Room Belvia by Fatema Design Studio

If you are not planning to rent your room as an Airbnb honeymoon suite, then do not even think about having mirrors on the bedroom ceiling. Not only is it tacky (Retro? Absolutely not!), you do not want a mirror potentially falling onto you. Also, how are you going to explain the decoration to your friends and relatives when they come over for house visits? “We REALLY love watching ourselves sleep!” Nope. Next.

Alex Yang from Quirky Haus exclaimed, “I have not encountered an absurd request from my impression so far. There is no right or wrong in terms of aesthetics and if the customer is able to match the offered price. To me, it’s more of compromising on the quality and price, which we will not adhere to for the safety of the client and our reputation.”


3. Kitchen

Contemporary Designs by Starry Homestead Pte Ltd
The same concept of glossy materials can be utilised in the kitchen as well, if applied tastefully.
Contemporary Designs by Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

The kitchen holds the fire energy in the house and ideas of having mirrors there are often dismissed by fengshui experts. Mirrors will magnify the flames and excess fire energy is deemed to be destructive. It is also advised that mirrors should not reflect dirty plates and messy countertops. With all these restrictions, we are better off without one in the kitchen. In practical sense, think about the times you had to scrub off the sticky grease on your kitchen cupboards, cabinets and stoves.

Jeffrey from MJS Interior Pte Ltd advised to select mirrors with an anti-rust and waterproof coating as rust may appear on the edges when in contact with water. A mirror in the kitchen would be an extra maintenance, not to forget the bothersome water marks. Having one less item in kitchen means having one less item to clean!

4. Facing the Front Door

HDB 4 Room Anchorvale by Nativ9 Design LLP

Having a mirror in the living room can make a big difference when placed on the correct walls.
HDB 4 Room Anchorvale by Nativ9 Design LLP

Another placement that is frowned upon by many is the one right in front of your home’s front door. Many claim that having a mirror reflect your front door will push the energy that is flowing into your house right out. The lack of energy circulation in your home can even cause you to lose your wealth.

Superstition aside, having a mirror reflect your front door means that whoever walking past the common corridor could have a good view of your living room or perhaps even the bedrooms. This is especially so in HDB flats when most front doors are open for ventilation, leaving only the gates locked. Having a stranger acquire such awareness of your home could pose a risk after all. Now that is a practical concern!

Carol from Le Interi Design Pte Ltd backed up that most clients prefer the classic elongated rectangular mirrors to be in the living and dining room to create a more spacious feel.

5. Infinity Mirror Illusion

The Canopy @ Yishun by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd

Do not be misinformed that placing more mirrors on more walls can create more space. Having one good strategic placement is enough to broaden your area.
The Canopy @ Yishun by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd

Your home is not a gym or dance studio, it does not need parallel mirrors to create an infinity illusion at any wall. Common mirror glass has a green tinge and having multiple reflections will make your reflection greener as you look deeper into the infinity. If you want more greens in your home, consider potting plants instead. They are known for good fengshui, if placed strategically.

Imagine yourself trying to fix your appearance in the infinity mirror and one of your many reflections stretches out its left arm where you do not. Could it be a hallucination? Perhaps you could find out for us and even publish a scientific journal when you are done.

Nonetheless, whether you are a firm believer of fengshui or not, there are indeed practical reasons to why certain mirror placements are definitely discouraged. Widen your spaces with attentiveness and reflect light only when necessary. You would appreciate a home that feels good after all!

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