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7 Kitchen Designs for Baking Addicts

27 Sep 2016

Design Trends

A space no home can do without, a well-designed kitchen can make or break a family, especially since it is the lady boss of the family that rules this territory for the most part.

As a Spanish Proverb goes, “a full stomach makes a happy heart”, and the place where all good food originate from is the kitchen. For baking lovers, we have carefully selected 7 designs to inspire your nifty fingers and creative palettes, and fuel your addiction for baking. These designs range from modern contemporary to young and bold, sure to cater to every home owner’s visual tastes.

1. An intimate character

The addition of a marble slab to the wooden kitchen theme balances the rustic elements, giving the space a hint of modernity. The coarse texture and irregular tones of wood on the cabinets, stools and overhanging shelf, gives the kitchen character. This blend of contemporary elements and antique touches marries comfort and style, providing a cosy corner in the house for intimate baking parties.

2. An open invite

The Gale @ Flora Road by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd

The Gale @ Flora Road by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd

Marble is an extremely versatile addition to a kitchen, with its countless ways to integrate into either contemporary or antique designs. With its abstract veins of gray winding through the pristine white marble, this marble tabletop is a perfect complement to the raw plywood cabinet and counter stools, giving the kitchen a modern aesthetic look with timeless appeal. The open space is a perfect invitation for any baking preparation needs.

To encourage bonding through baking, Kurt Boh from 9 Creation suggests that having a triangular kitchen layout with an island table is the best configuration to fit a large group of baking enthusiasts. “Do separate it with the dining/consumption area,” he says.

3. Sleek modernity

Til Showroom by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

Til Showroom by The Interior Lab Pte Ltd

This grey-tone marble island against the white, glossy cabinetry gives the kitchen a modern touch. At waist height, the table top is the perfect spot for bakers to converge and have baking conversations while kneading dough. The cosy spotlight and rosewood panels on the ceiling adds a punch of warmth, making the entire kitchen showroom-worthy with its edgy and stylish look.

For sleek and conventional kitchen designs, Lennon Yong from Hugo Concepts says that having an island table is preferred for the storage of baking tools. He also recommends to have a granite marble top to handle heavy duty baking. An ideal layout for the baking-friendly kitchen is either a square or rectangular.


4. Quiet elegance

Contemporary Designs by Voila Design Pte Ltd

Contemporary Designs by Voila Design Pte Ltd

A kitchen for the modern family, the stainless steel appliances and black marble top bathed in a monochrome  theme gives the kitchen a modern, sleek and clean look. The black marble contrasts well with the nude palettes of the kitchen and dining area, lending a simple yet stylish elegant feel to it. Its open concept also makes it an inviting space for baking needs, especially with the built in oven under the counter.

5. Warm and earthy

BTO Waterway Brooks by Posh Living Interior Design Pte Ltd

BTO Waterway Brooks by Posh Living Interior Design Pte Ltd

The textured brushed aluminium table top goes well with the contrast of the darker black walnut cabinets. This cream-coloured kitchen exudes warm, calm tones with an earthy feel, making you feel right at home (pun intended) while working for your stomachs. The long table top provides ample space for food preparation, an essential requirement for any baker.

6. For the young and fun

HDB 5 Room - Blk 639 Jurong West 61 by I-Chapter Pte Ltd

HDB 5 Room – Blk 639 Jurong West 61 by I-Chapter Pte Ltd

This kitchen design is a bold shift from typical contemporary or wood kitchen themes, redefined by the subway tile backsplash that frames the kitchen. The simple, open shelving under the table makes dishware and spices easily accessed. Ample lighting and the bright, bold colours provide the inspiration for every baking adventure. Perhaps even Pinterest-worthy?

Now, how do you prevent a messy affair that comes with baking?

Paul Chang from Beaux Monde says that it is ideal to design an island with a sturdy counter top as it separates the dry ingredients from the wet sink area. This layout promotes good hygiene too.

7. A cosy corner

Condominium - 478 Flamingo Valley by Spacious Planners Pte Ltd

Condominium – 478 Flamingo Valley by Spacious Planners Pte Ltd

The open concept provides plenty of space for moving around for the preparation of ingredients in the kitchen. The hanging bulbs adds to the modern, industrial kitchen concept. Baking can now easily be integrated as part of activities done together as a family, since nobody in the confines of the home will be spared from the freshly-baked smell of cookies.

With a wide range of kitchen designs to be inspired from to fuel your lust for baking, I hope you are itching to get your hands dirty with sacks of flour, dreaming of whipping up sugar-coated treats for your tribe now.

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