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Woodlands - 5 Homes from the 'Star of the North'

06 Nov 2017

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To most Singaporeans, Woodlands wouldn’t be described as an iconic location. It’s known for being far, in the north, and close to JB. But with new plans to rejuvenate the heartlands, Woodlands is set to become the ‘Star of the North‘, making it an appealing place to call home. We take a look at 5 gorgeous homes in Woodlands that are sure to inspire.

Blk 877 Woodlands by Design 4 Space

Blk 877 Woodlands by Design 4 Space

Small but stunning, the design for this small 4-room flat maximizes its space. The floor-to-ceiling mirror gives the illusion of depth, while using shelves as room partitions creatively organizes the home. Everything about this design oozes class – the Scandinavian style furniture adds a touch of sophistication, and the recessed lighting fixture just adds to the ambience. It’s easier than you think to achieve this beautiful look!

Woodlands by NorthWest Interior Design

Woodlands by NorthWest Interior Design Pte Ltd

This trendy design by NorthWest is riding on 2017’s hot new trend – texture. The light geometric pattern of the wallpaper adds dynamism to the otherwise sophisticated but plain black and white colour scheme of the room. The textured wall on which the TV is mounted puts ‘living’ in the living room, without being too tacky. This is perfect for homeowners looking for something minimalist but eye catching.

Woodlands Crescent by Absolook Interior Design

Woodlands Crescent by Absolook Interior Design Pte Ltd

The striped wallpaper and marble wall make this living room both classic and fun at the same time. The openness of the layout, combined with the mint green colour scheme creates a carefree and relaxed environment. According to Madeline from Absolook Interior Design, “Tiffany blue with stripes and marble finish at living and dining area made the entire abode refreshing and grand.”

Blk 437 Woodlands Street 41 by New Interior Design

Blk 437 Woodlands Street 41 by New Interior Design

This modern contemporary design is refreshingly cozy. While it retains all the hallmarks of modern design trends – recessed ceiling, partition shelf, backlit TV wall – the home is undeniably cozy. The purple couch adds a bold dash of colour to the otherwise simple scheme. Jacob from New Interior Design, who was in charge of this project, shared that “our client had a strong preference for marble designs, so we used marble designs laminate as a cheaper alternative.”

Blk 890B Woodlands Drive by I-Chapter

Blk 890B Woodlands Drive by I-Chapter Pte Ltd

The wooden panelling and warm colour scheme in this design adds a homely feel to the modern contemporary theme. The large central space in this flat encourages the family to come together. As Tues from I-Chapter explained, “the full length suspended laminated feature wall utilises wallpaper to enhance the modern design of the whole space extending through the passageway to the bedrooms.”

These homes are perfect in reflecting the personalities and lifestyles of their owners, while effortlessly exuding style and class. For more inspiration, check out the design gallery – you’re bound to find some ideas for your dream home!

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