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5 Hacks to Achieve a Luxury Décor for Budget Lovers

21 Feb 2017

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Everyone deserves a taste of luxury now and then. But no one should have to break the bank to do it. The Straits Times’ recent feature of a gorgeously renovated condominium unit can give us the impression that luxury is only achievable with an unlimited budget. In reality, luxury décor is about a feeling or a sensation, rather than the amount of cash you put down on that plush armchair or mahogany coffee table. Here are 5 essential tricks to doing luxe right on the cheap.

1. Making a Statement


HDB 5-room by Renozone Interior Design House

As the old adage goes, less is more. Luxury is not about clutter or piling your home high with furniture – an overall minimalist style adorned with a few statement pieces can have a much higher impact, as it draws focus to the pieces that you want the attention on. For example, invest in a thick area rug while keeping the other furniture simple, or an architectural sculpture that adds majesty and depth to the room.

2. Luxe Lights


Condominium by Design 4 Space

Lighting has the power to completely change the atmosphere of a home. You wouldn’t want the fluorescent of your CBD office to be the same lighting you see in your bedroom. The thing people love about luxurious décor is the power it has to instantly relax you, and that should be reflected in your home lighting choices. Thomas Poon from Thom Signature suggests, “For creating a luxurious feel with light, it would be good to have a false ceiling and LED spot light to cast onto a feature wall or wallpapered wall. Preferably, it would complement an art work or painting in order to enhance the luxe feel.”

3. Soften ‘Em Up


HDB 5-room by AC Vision Design

When we think of luxury, we usually think of sumptuous fabrics – a chenille throw, or a velvet chaise longue. However, there’s no rule that says we can’t be a little cheap. Make your home a place you can truly unwind amidst these little indulgences. Choose rich textures that create not just visual interest but allow you to physically enjoy the space. Shann Ong of Dezign Culture advises, “To achieve a luxurious feel while sticking to a budget, you simply need to focus on soft furnishings like curtains, wall colours, and furniture colours.”

4. Laying The Groundwork


HDB 5-room by Cad Associates

The gleam off the parquet, the sheen of the marble… Floors are such a crucial part of our home life that sometimes we tend to overlook them and their importance. But sometimes it’s the design details you don’t notice immediately that really speak to a sense of sophistication and taste. Anyone can buy a good centrepiece, but it takes greater skill to pick a classic flooring.  Flooring doesn’t have to break the bank either – you could pick a cheaper plywood or even wood laminate – just make sure it feels and looks consistent to suggest a wide-open space.

5. Excellent Embellishments


3-room condominium by The Mind Design

The little things can often matter the most in home décor. Luxury is typically emphasised with big items that occupy a lot of space, but in reality, small details might be what sets you apart from the rest. Irene Koh from Chapter One Interior Design explains, “The luxurious feel borrowed its looks from the minimalist movement with fittings and embellishments in gold, copper, and even brass. It can be anything from handles to light fixtures.” You can then play the rest of your décor off of these embellishments, and use them as the main focus for a cohesive overall style to your home.  Since these elements tend to be small, they are definitely a budget-friendly choice.

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