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Right, Bright Lights: Top Light Fixtures for Your Home

24 Sep 2014

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Right, Bright Lights: Top Light Fixtures for Your Home

Radiate style with any of these light fixtures.



They are, in one word, stunning. Chichi and classy, chandeliers can glam up any room.Because they’re usually positioned above a table or in the center of a room, they become the room’s default focal point. They’re perfect for adding drama to your house, but don’t forget that they provide overall or ambient lighting, too!

Wall Sconces.

Another pretty fixture that can turn your room into a stylish affair is a wall sconce. Used for ambient or task lighting, these easy-to-install wall-mounted lights provide upwards or downwards light. A lot of people use this to light up their hallways or corridors, but they can also substitute for the more common ceiling lights and provide light for areas of high activity.


Desk, floor, table lamps.

As they come in different sizes and styles, lamps will never go out of style. While they’re generally considered as task lights (reading), they can also be used for ambient lighting.


Fan lighting fixtures.

For hitting two birds with one stone, fan lighting fixtures are extremely popular in kitchens, dens, and bedrooms. Not only can they be employed for general lighting, they also keep the room

well-ventilated and comfortable.


Pendant lights.

Pendant lights are ultra chic, sassing up the room as they hang from the ceiling. Usuallycovered in shades or globes to prevent glare, they’re perfect for task lighting over islands, counters, and tables. They’re more space-efficient than lamps.


Utility lighting.

They’re simple, functional, and because they have no design or whatsoever, they hardly account for the room’s décor. These lighting fixtures are commonlyrelegated to garage or laundry room. Nevertheless, even in their austere state, these lights can affect the mood of the space. Who would want to do laundry in a dim place, anyway?



Cover photo courtesy of Groovexi

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