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How to Make the Most of a Studio Apartment

23 Mar 2017

Tips & Advice

With homes getting smaller and smaller and some opting for studio apartments, you may be thinking “How is it possible for one to squeeze all his or her belongings into such a tiny space?

Well, it’s all about planning – with the right innovations, a small space can make a huge impact. In this article, we round up some ideas and inspirations for small – or as we like to call them, cosy and inviting living spaces.


1. Make your furniture built to fit

You can customise your interior decor to maximise space – in this way, you can be sure that every possible space is fully utilised. Li Wen Jing from Elegance Concept advises, “Look for furniture such as beds with built-in storage. You can also clear ground space by building overhead shelving such as floating shelves.”

Andy Lim from Design Profession Pte Ltd shares the same sentiments. “Homeowners can customise furniture or cabinets such that they will not take up space. For example, if a cabinet is only meant for small items, they can tailor the cabinet’s depth to suit them.”


By Elegance Concept

2. Build a mezzanine

Minimal floor space? No problem – just improvise. Andy suggests constructing a loft structure if your ceiling height can accommodate an “additional room”. Do, however, make sure that building management permits you to do so before starting.  You’ll have your own cozy hideout, high above everything for reading, working, or simply just relaxing!


Tanah Merah Crest by Dreamvision Designer Pte Ltd

3. Install Flexible/Collapsible Furniture

What about considering innovations that help to maximise the use of space – furniture that appears when you need it, and disappears when you don’t! Ideas for such furniture are limitless, such as folding tables and chairs, folding wall-beds, hidden television panels and even folding bathtubs. However, these space-saving innovations come with disadvantages too, as Mabel Tan from Space n Living Pte Ltd cautions. She cites the need for long-term servicing as one disadvantage. “Some of these pieces of furniture will not function in the absence of electricity,” she adds.


HDB Clementi Ave 1 by U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd


4. Sliding doors/windows

Sliding doors and windows are known to take up less space as no additional space is required for the opening and closing of such doors and windows. This gives you more leeway to fit in furniture. Plus, they offer an unobstructed view of outside your home without having to be opened, and you won’t have to worry about playful winds slamming your windows shut. However, do note that sliding fixtures require a bit more maintenance, specifically when the wheels are out of alignment or have built up dirt.


Bedok Reservoir by Ace Space Design Pte Ltd

5. Look for space in the most unexpected places

Living in a small home doesn’t mean you have to make do with less stuff – with the right smart storage and organisation ideas, you can pack a lot of features into a tiny space. Look around your home and explore spaces that you’ve never really noticed. For example, you can utilise the space above your door by installing shelves (just make sure you install sturdy shelves with safe designs so that there’s no risk of injury from falling items). You can also install right-angled triangular shelves in that tiny little corner beside your door, let a shelf double as a partition, or make a table out of a chest of drawers. Ideas and spaces are aplenty – you just need some imagination!


HDB 3-Room 375 Clementi Ave 4 by Spacious Planners Pte Ltd

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