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How to Work Marble into Your Home Decor

11 Aug 2017

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The easiest way to add a touch of sophistication and class to your home is to add a few marble details. While marble can be expensive and may even look tacky if overdone, here are some easy and affordable ways to work marble into your home and instantly lifting the look of your home.


Marble is most commonly used in bathrooms. Since the square area is small, adding marble to your bathroom won’t set your wallet back too much. Rather than covering the entire space with marble, you can consider covering just one wall near the shower. Whites and greys are classic combinations with the marble look.


Keep the rest of the bathroom sleek and classy by incorporating minimalist furniture with clean lines. You can also add small marble elements like soap dispensers in marble print to complement the overall look of the room.

Kitchen Island

Artrend Design

Another simple way to use marble to elevate the overall look of your home is to install a marble countertop in your kitchen. If you have plans for a long kitchen island, not all of it has to be made of marble. Marble is often used in kitchens not just because of its beauty, but because it’s easy to work on and clean up after a messy cook-out.

Likewise, you can also work some smaller marble elements into your kitchen without breaking the bank. Simply invest in some kitchenware like a rolling pin or mortar and pestle set that are made of marble to add a hint of elegance to your kitchen.


Blk1 Skywood CondoBenz Design Interior

If you want to make a bold statement, install a marble wall behind your television set in your living room. The statement piece immediately draws all the attention to it. With this, you don’t necessarily have to spend too much on the rest of the room. Keep the furniture in the living room sleek and simple. Fancy, over-the-top furniture can make the room look gaudy.

Benson from Benz Design Interior also advised homeowners to stick to neutral wall colours if they wanted the marble wall to stand out.

Landed House Project / Wideangle Pte Ltd

Take advantage of the natural light coming into your living room by opting for white marble. It will brighten up your living room instantly. You can also experiment with lighter colors with the rest of the room.

“The marble wall used is made out of natural stone, giving off classy vibes.”, Brenda from Wideangle Pte Ltd shared. She also told us that low hanging furniture can give the illusion of a larger space too, as illustrated here!



Huddington Ave9 Creation

Covering your floor in marble may be costly, but it undeniably makes any room look opulent. Again, if you want to minimize the damage to your wallet, consider installing this in a bathroom. Complete the rest of the room with touches of silver and white to bring out the marble beauty.

Winston from 9 Creation said that all the walls in the home have white finishes so that the marble patterns could stand out; except for the tv console that has a black marble background. He also recommends most of the furniture to be in veneer.

Another trick to adding more marble elements is to opt for a countertop made of slate, which is a cheaper alternative. That way, you can have matching marble elements in your home without it costing too much.

The marble interior doesn’t just wow guests and visitors, it can also be calming after a long day at work. For more tips on how to stay add some calm and serenity to your home decor, check out 6 Fancy Bathroom Styles to Help You Stay Relaxed.

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