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Living In The Now: 5 Contemporary Designs That Will Keep Your Home Trendy

18 Jun 2018

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Like any form of art, the world of interior design is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends. What is now considered traditional was once the contemporary of its time.

While difficult to define, contemporary interior design can be understood as a hotpot of different design trends of the past to make something new. It has elements of Modern, Minimalist, and Scandinavian, but refuses to hit any of their extremes. At the end of the day, contemporary is in vogue. Are you the type to stay up to date with the latest trends? Then check out contemporary interior designs for your home. Read on to feel inspired by what’s hot today.

The Hybrid

HDB 4 Room – 428 Yishun Ave 11 by Absolook Interior Design Pte Ltd

Although mixing things up can lead to a mess, there are clever ways to combine themes together to create something special. This design by Absolook Interior Design, in particular, draws on a number of design themes. Minimalism and modernism can be seen in the bareness of the floors and the neutral colour palette. The wallpaper flanking the television is classical in its detailed patterns, while the blue wall print comes across as retro. This masterpiece adds a fun character to the space, incorporating the best of all worlds.

Contemporary Is Curvy

HDB 4 Room – Yishun Ring Road by Absolook Interior Design Pte Ltd

While contemporary interior design are no stranger to the geometric patterns popular in modern designs (yes, contemporary and modern are not the same thing), it’s much more flexible when it comes down to the rules of shape. Curved edges are especially popular in contemporary style, which endows the home with a more fluid, free-flowing vibe that looks to the future. Such is the case in this curvy design by Absolook Interior Design, which also takes on the practice of minimalism to create a unique but spacious living space.

Basic, Bare, and Bold

316D Punggol Way, Waterway Cascadia by Design Profession Pte Ltd

Neutral colours – particularly black and white – are currently the most sought after palette in today’s design world. A neutral backdrop enables boldly-coloured furniture or items to stand out and speak for themselves. According to Andy from Design Profession, “in contemporary interior design, less is more. Each piece stands out as individual and unique”. In this four-room HDB, the sleek black furniture and gold ornaments pop in the bare, white space. Andy goes on to advise getting rid of “cute and small”items. Furniture should be uncomplicated, basic and structural.

Stark But Serene

Blk 316 Yishun by Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

With black and neutral colour palettes, contemporary interior design themes may come across as cold and unwelcoming. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Simple colour palettes can translate to a warm and relaxing interior. Design 4 Space argues that “when contemporary interior design is well-planned, it can promote a sense of serenity and non-fussy simplicity.” In this design, the use of natural light coupled with the blue bird pattern by the door creates a peaceful and cosy environment. As with other contemporary homes, simplicity and space are key to designing a place you’d love to come home to everyday.

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Resort Vibes

59 Flora Drive by Darwin Interior Pte Ltd

Chill and contemporary are a great combo, resulting in a space that is as fashionable as it is relaxing. In line with current trends, this living room is decorated with a simple black and neutral beige palette, while the dashes of mustard and green add a tropical touch to the overall theme. Briana from Darwin Interior adds that “the space is brightly-lit for a well balanced, welcoming, and cosy ambience”. The design also excels in making strategic use of space, opening up the floors and avoiding clutter. For those looking to achieve a similar layout, Brianna advises homeowners to purchase units to “store your belongings so they don’t cause obstruction”. The result is a simple, elegant design perfect for those looking to unwind after a long day of work.

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