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Dream Home: A Cosy-Curvy Home - Alvin & Mei's Renovation Journey

14 Nov 2016

Dream Homes

Working couple Alvin and Mei, a business advisor and a business development executive, love their modern minimalist home, which they share with their lively and adorable 3-year-old son Davier. The curves around their TV console were perfectly brought to life by their designer Don from 1 Works Interior Design.


Mei, Davier and Alvin love their modern minimalist home

Name(s) of Homeowner(s):
Alvin Soo and PohShu Mei
House Type: 5-room BTO Flat
Size of Home: 110 sq m
Duration of Renovation: 2 months
Cost of Renovation: Approx. $45,000
Interior Design Firm: 1 Works Interior Design Pte Ltd
Name(s) of Designer(s): Don Lim


HomeRenoGuru: How and why did you choose 1 Works Interior Design for your renovation?

Alvin: Our friend actually recommended Don to us. So we spoke to him, took a look at the company’s portfolio and saw what they had done previously. We told them that we wanted something modern minimalist, and we felt he could portray that.
The coveted curve around the TV console was perfectly executed in the final design

HomeRenoGuru: What was your brief to Don?

Alvin: The ‘modern minimalist’ conceptwe had in mind had some curves around the TV console area. As Don was the expert he told us, okay, this could be done in this manner, and we were convinced.

Mei: Eventually he delivered the whole curve perfectly, and we love it.


HomeRenoGuru: How was the renovation process?

Alvin: The renovation process was pretty smooth. We gave Don a timeline of about two months. We weren’t in a hurry. So within the two months he managed to get things done up, and he updated us properly. And when we had questions, always answered us accordingly.

Mei: The WhatsApp is a great communications tool for us to update each other.


HomeRenoGuru: What do you love most about your renovated home

Mei loves the island countertop that connects her kitchen and dining area

Mei: I like my open concept because of the island top, so that we can spend our ‘couple time’ together.


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The cubic wall decals on the grey wall in the master bedroom enhance the modern minimalist concept

Alvin: For our main bedroom, I wanted a grey wall so that I could put some sticker decals on it to play up the modern minimalist design. So that’s why you see the cubes.

The hotel-like bathroom adds a touch of luxury to daily life


Mei: I love our hotel-style bathroom.

Alvin: Don took us to a few shops to look at sanitary fittings. And we managed to choose the ones that we wanted from his recommendations.


HomeRenoGuru: Would you recommend your designer and interior design firm to other homeowners?

Alvin: Overall, we are very happy with the renovation works done up. We would greatly recommend Don and 1 Works to new homeowners.

Mei: We love our home!


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