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5 Factors to Consider When Buying Artwork for Your Home

22 Sep 2017

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Walking into your living room one day, you notice the empty wall glaring right back at you and the dusty corner screaming for your attention. Is something missing? With plenty of information online, you can easily scout for upcoming art exhibitions in your area or for rising local artists. Artwork is probably the best way to express yourself, but many people seem intimidated by the freedom it has. To avoid any regret (such as having an oversized gory painting in your overcrowded dining room), do consider these factors when purchasing artwork.

1. Find a different medium

What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when the word “artwork” is mentioned? For many of us, the answer is likely to be “painting”. But have you considered other mediums of artwork? While painting accentuates certain colours, sculpture and statues add depth and visual texture to the room. Having a mixture of different mediums helps to optimise the visual space of the room.

Condominium by Renozone Interior Design House

For Colin Phua from Renozone Interior Design House, planning is crucial. Different textures and mediums should not be an issue as long as “there is a common theme or colour. For this dining room, the colour is warm, so we pick artworks that have warm tones as well. It helps to blend different elements and pieces naturally.”

2. Pick the right size

Don’t let the word “scale” scare you into thinking of some complex rocket scientists’ mathematics. The rule of thumb is pretty simple. Buy an artwork that is smaller than the designated place. For example, if you are hanging a framed photograph above the sofa, make sure the width of the artwork is less than that of the sofa. You wouldn’t want to place a gigantic artwork that chews up too much visual space of the room unless this is intentional. Found a lovely artwork whose scale is off for your room? Ask the artist whether it’s possible for it to be resized or rescaled! Chances are they are more than happy to customise it for you.

Condominium by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

3. Pick a theme or colour

This is the safest way to make sure that the artwork you choose will suit your home. To play safe, you can pick based on the dominant colour of the particular room. If your intention is to accentuate the artwork, choose a more attention-grabbing colour. There is never right or wrong colour of artwork, but keeping the room to maximum three colours would be ideal.

HDB 5 Room by MJS Interior Pte Ltd

“Symbolising purity, white is the perfect colour to bring out the different colours of the vases,” said Terence from MJS Interior. His client has a great variety of collections for display, and he saw the familiar theme, which is Chinese-style ceramics. To meet the needs of his client, Terence decided to rearrange everything according to the types and display them on the white glass cupboard. “You need to take a look at the collections you have and decide on the common theme or colour to make it work. If you can’t find any theme, pick the white colour to play it safe.”

4. Follow your style

This may sound contradicting, but buy whatever you love. Don’t force yourself to buy an artwork that you dislike just because it looks great for your room. Having an eye on that electric green pop-art? Go and grab it! The trick is to place that seemingly out-of-place artwork in a room with minimal decoration. Let your guests know your true colour and taste.

HDB 3 Room by Artis Interior Pte Ltd

Collin Tan from Artis Interior believes that personal styles work anywhere “as long as the background has a plain neutral colour.” However, he gave advice to “avoid flower pots or human features” because, most of the time, they are too messy for the room. “We always appreciate personal styles, but do keep them to one common theme so that the contrast is not too stark,” he added.

5. Consider your budget

You may have those friends who easily spend 4 digits (or more!) on a piece of abstract painting, but the best advice is not to overkill yourself. Having an artwork is not the utmost priority for your home, so prepare your budget accordingly. There are many online alternatives and rising local artists that accept commissions. Be sure to check them out before deciding on the artwork you want to bring home.

HDB 3 Room by ID Pte Ltd

There is no “cookbook” on how to select the best art piece for your home. Aside from some research and your personal taste, your best bet is an experienced interior designer.

Want to know 6 ways to incorporate art into your homes? Read on and get ready to bring out the artistic side in you!

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