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6 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homes

29 May 2017

Tips & Advice

6 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homes

4 Room HDB @ 455 Segar Road by Spacious Planners PTE LTD

Introducing artistic elements into your homes does not necessitate splurging on an original Picasso or Renoir. After all, not everyone can afford to fork out a million at the Sotheby’s. But making space for art does not have to be expensive, as all it takes is a bit of creativity and resourcefulness. Read on for some tips on how to source for affordable art to get those artistic vibes going.


Purchase Art Prints

6 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homes


Buying artistic prints is an economical and convenient way of increasing your space’s aesthetic appeal. Not only is there a gigantic selection available to suit your palate, but also in a variety of sizes. A great place to start searching from is the online website Society6. Most prints available there are priced below $40, unless you have additional preferences like wanting your prints framed. If you prefer art prints with a local context (like one featuring every single kind of kueh that ever existed), you can also check out shops like Naiise, which occasionally collaborates with local designers to produce exclusive prints. Although such prints may creep above $50, you get to #supportlocaltalent!

Take a trip to Little India or Chinatown or Kampong Glam

6 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homes

Choo Yut Shing // Flickr

Our cultural enclaves in Singapore are secretly teeming with shops that sell low-priced artworks, including paintings or even sculptures. With the industrial trend now being all the rage, you might want to be more hipster and consider something offbeat, like Chinese calligraphy or ink brush paintings. Many Chinese calligraphers who have a wealth of experience sell their works in Chinatown and will customise their works for you. For example, if you want to hang the words “和睦相处” (meaning to live harmoniously) above your apartment’s door, you will be able to find a Chinese calligrapher to write that for you easily.


Making space for art in your house does not have to mean hanging artwork up in your house either. It is far easier and sometimes more natural to incorporate artistic elements into your home decor and furniture to complement what you already have:

Lighting is Everything

6 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homes

HDB @ Bukit Batok by Posh Living Interior Design PTE LTD

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of good art in your yard if no one can see it. Beyond that, good lighting is key to whether the overall ambience of a room feels right. If you want to showcase your favourite artworks, track lights are your best friend. According to HomeEdit, track lights are now in high demand due to their versatility in terms of positioning and size. There is so much you can do with them!

Another option that Henry Ong from Posh Living Interior Design suggests is mood lighting that homeowners can make use of to change the lighting colour as they fancy. This is a dream come true for those who want to cast purple light onto their white marble sculptures.


Don’t Skip the Walls

6 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homes

Ongoing Project by Luxurious Design

Many of us forget that our walls need not be white or in just one colour! Besides adorning them with artwork, there are countless other ways to inject some life into them, like making use of wallpapers. Having a decorated wall can complement the artwork you want to hang on it too. However, wallpapers might not be as long-lasting thanks to Singapore’s unforgiving level of humidity. Instead, Lawrence Teo from Luxurious Design says that “a cheaper and longer-lasting option is to have a design custom-made, then have it painted directly onto your wall.”

Install Individualistic Ceiling Fixtures

6 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homes

Condominium @ The Minton by ID

Certain areas like your living room are strategic locations for you to install that ceiling fixture with some serious personality. It could be one of those Murano style spirally glass blown chandeliers you see in many hotel lobbies, or a futuristic-looking ceiling fan. But take note of its dimensions. As Eric Toh from ID cautions, if the size of the fixture is too large, you risk overwhelming the whole space!

Look at Vintage Furniture for Inspiration

6 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homes

Condo @ Arcadia Hillcrest by ID

Don’t we all sigh in appreciation when we take in the gorgeous cinematography of vintage Wong Kar Wai films (Cue In the Mood for Love). If you are into artworks from the 60s – 80s but don’t know how to display them, perhaps you should dive all in and change the theme of your house decor to vintage! When it comes to the playing the vintage card, remember to go big or go home.

Making space for art in your homes is not just reserved for the rich. With these tips and some inspiration, we are sure you can win the #Aesthetic game too, and for much less. Time to get creative!

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