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Big Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms

09 Jul 2018

Tips & Advice

Don’t settle for a modest design just because you have a small bathroom. These stylish real-life bathrooms will make you rethink the way small bathrooms can look and function. From sleek hotel inspirations to a resort spa-like ambience, make the most of your small space footage with these clever space-planning ideas and design solutions.


Blur the boundaries between your bedroom and connecting bathroom by taking off all the walls between them. Glass panels will keep the water out but the light and expanse of space intact. Most importantly, it makes a bold and radical style befitting of a boutique hotel-inspired bedroom.

Condominium @ Watermark by Renozone Interior Design House


Induce a double dose of luxury to your space with his and hers sinks. Make room for it by pushing the vanity out of the bathroom and into the bedroom instead. With two sinks, no more fighting for counter space especially during hectic mornings.

Landed House @ First Ave by Designscale Pte Ltd


This bedroom- bathroom setting takes the open-concept layout to a whole new level by going completely wall-free. Flowing, organza drapes replace doors for a relaxing, spa-like appeal. The bathroom is also integrated with the walk-in closet for a seamless and space-enhancing effect.

Condominium @ Casuarina Cove by Renozone Interior Design House


White is one of the best colours to create a larger illusion of space but this anti-colour can also be cold and less than welcoming. This all-white bathroom is far from being all that with a good balance of textures thrown in. Sophisticated embellishments like the wall mouldings on the cabinetry and glossy subway tiles add another stylish dimension to the entire space.

Landed House @ 7 Goldhill Place by Design Pte Ltd


In this tastefully-done bathroom, matching the wall tiles with careful restrain becomes the basis of its winning style. The wall backdrop looks like a work of art with a rich gradient of textures coming through. Having a luxury item like a bathtub elevates the overall aesthetics but for small bathrooms, a soak tub might be a better fit because of the space constraint.

Condominium @ Cradle by Artend Design


Play it sleek with a classic monochromatic colour palette. Chances are, with a strong colour scheme, it’ll avert the focus on the exposed water pipes and eliminate unnecessary visual clutter. For HDB bathrooms, you can’t really conceal the water piping without taking up lots of space so having a bold colour scheme works in distracting the eye.

HDB 4-Room @ Blk 462 Jurong West by Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd


Standard styles are just so monotonous so why not take things further with an interesting theme instead? This nautical style with its blue and white colours makes this humble HDB bathroom come alive with design details associated with the sea.

HDB 4-Room @ Blk 808D Choa Chu Kang by Renozone Interior Design House


Changing the entire configuration of the bedroom, wardrobe and bathroom to suit your exact needs can pay off well in both functionality and aesthetics. As seen in this contemporary bathroom, merging the walk-in ensuite with the bathroom can better maximise the usage and space for both areas. In other words, a small bathroom will look and feel larger with the walk-in wardrobe extension.

Condominium @ The Ecopolitan by Posh Living Interior Design Pte Ltd

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