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6 Ways To Display Your Collectibles

22 Dec 2016

Tips & Advice

Have a fascination for clocks, pottery, bottles, cups and more? It’s natural to collect items you love, but in this hobby may end up creating clutter, especially in Singapore, where most of us don’t have the luxury of space. But like they say, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” Here are some refreshing ideas on how to organise and show off your treasured collections in style.

1. Mount them on your wall.

This is one display technique that’s out of the box, which also gives you the advantage of not having to buy additional furniture. Plus, it’s great if you’re the type who loves to revamp your place every now and then – just rearrange your collectibles and remount them to get a whole new look!


Condo Project by Black N White House LLP

2. Create a one-of-a-kind shelf.

Your collectibles symbolise your interests and best memories, so why not build a space that shouts “you” to match your personal collection? You can customise shelves in your favouritecolour, shape or even the initials of yourself and your loved one – anything that reflects a special place in your heart. For example, if you love to travel, you can build a structure of the world map, and decorate it with souvenirs and memories that you’ve collected on your adventures.


HDB BTO 5-Room – Sunshine Gardens by Absolook Interior Design Pte Ltd

3. Forget painting, fill your wall with your prized collections.

If you’re a packrat who collects anything and everything, here’s a space-saving tip for you – let your entire collection span entire wall. Now, your favourite toys and prized possessions will always be within your sight and reach.

According to IfaIndra from DB Studio Pte Ltd, homeowners usually face space constraints when displaying collectibles, especially in BTO flats, which are usually smaller in size, compared to older resale flats.

“One smart way to fully utilize the limited space available is by incorporating the display cabinet as part of a feature wall or as an added feature of a built in cabinet,” she recommends.


Hougang Ave 1 by Quirky Haus


4. Keep your items safe behind glass panels.

Some items are delicate, and require as little contact with air and dust as possible. To ensure your treasures stay pristine condition for as long as possible, consider installing glass panels on your shelves to minimise your scale of upkeep. Your items will still be visible, just less likely to wear and tear due to natural elements. Plus, that means less time spent on painstakingly removing the items one by one to clean your shelves!

Colin Phua from Renozone Interior Design House adds, “While dust cannot be prevented entirely, it can be minimised with glass covers.”

He also suggests installing cove lighting to better showcase collectibles, “just like what retail shops do with Transformers and other collectibles”.


Punggol Way by Ace Space Designs

5. Spread them out symmetrically.

Like the Golden Ratio in facial structures, a symmetry in interior decorations can be extremely satisfying as well. Let your collectibles be your living room’s crowning glory, as you place them proudly on display, where everyone can see as they unwind after a long day.


Estuary Condominium by Artrend Design

6. Install a simple shelf in your favourite place.

If you just have a few pieces of bits and baubles that you can’t find a place for, create a small space for them! For example, you can place a few of your most-loved items right above your bed, so that it’s the last thing you see before you go to bed – that’s great for reliving happy memories. Just make sure you use a wider shelf and place your items properly, to avoid unnecessary accidents.

To save space, Kevin Foo from Design Profession Pte Ltd recommends using areas that have structural beams, whether they are standalone, or attached to the ceiling. “You can also use the carpentry or partition to create a display cabinet,” he adds, citing cost savings as another advantage.


Landed House Project by Affluent Team Pte Ltd

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