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How to Make the Most out of Your 3GEN Flat

23 Mar 2017

Tips & Advice

If you’re in possession of a 3GEN flat, you’re probably a little worried as 3GEN flats present a myriad of problems in terms of maintenance and decor. How are you going to please everyone? Can you really satisfy everyone living in it? We give you tips on how to strut its stuff right.

1) A #throwback to your parents’ roots


HDB Renovation by Artrend Design

Living in a 3GEN flat means that you have to consider everyone’s opinions- from the young to the old. So what’s the best way to fuse modern trends and the past? According to Elle, tassels and fringe, otherwise known as hallmarks of the good ol’ 70s, are making a comeback in 2017. It’s well known that home decor trends often follow what’s hot on the runway, so a good way to spice up your home (while harkening back to your parents’ roots) is to use such elements in your home decor. Your cushions and curtains can volunteer as tribute.

“In vintage designs, there is an emphasis on old school metal doors and threadlight doors. Socket covers are normally white PVC, but we use round tube covers instead. Aluminium will have a black coating.” Edwin Poo of PJ Design Works says this of vintage trends in home decor.


2) Catering to the young: a dash of modern chic


Bedok Walk by Carpenters

As previously mentioned, vintage-themed home decor is making a strong comeback on runways in 2017. However, if your family loves the classic chic, one way to modernise your 3GEN flat is to include elements of the industrial chic/Scandinavian looks, which are trends that have taken the home decor industry by storm. For example, wire lighting with exposed lightbulbs and light, neutral walls are trademarks of a home that knows what’s up. There’s also the ever popular option of mirror walls to amplify spaces- your home is now worthy of Echosmith.


3) Make use of existing advantages


Chai Chee Drive by Ace Space Design

If you have a 3GEN flat, treasure it, because they don’t make many like it. These flats are known for being bigger than the average 5 bedroom flat. Capitalise on such advantages and play up the space! Give it a fresh trendy look with contrasting textures and colours.

To maximise the space, Henry Yeo from In2Space recommends that renovations should focus more on brightness. “If possible, add on a ventilation fan to make the space more airy, and use white tiles to amplify the space. Highlights in terms of different tiles in a small portion of the area could be used, and maybe even subway tiles in the bathroom. Get waterproof boards to build the storage cabinets.”



4) Consult all family members involved


Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

If you’re living in a 3GEN flat, there are many people’s feelings to take into consideration. If you’re living with your parents (or maybe even grandparents), they might feel strongly about things like Fengshui. As the Chinese saying goes, 家和万事兴- a harmonious family brings prosperity. Consult everyone living in the flat so that no feathers are ruffled, and to create a home that’s everybody’s dream in one aspect or another.


5) Don’t be afraid to take risks


Rivervale Crescent by New Interior Design

With 3GEN flats, it’s easy to succumb to temptation and keep it the way it is- afterall, don’t fix what’s not broken. However, if it’s affordable, why not try something different to spruce up the house? The piping you find an eyesore?

Brenda from Wideangle says that homeowners could use carpentry work to conceal the pipes, as well as cement blocks to cover it. “Frosted glass panels or opaque glass panels work as well- if it’s in the kitchen, it must be carpentry as it differs from wet to dry areas. If homeowners prefer not to cover the pipes, they can match the pipes to the tiles, but only certain textures of paint are suitable, so as to match the overall feel and theme of the house.”

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles in your home. Living in a 3GEN flat presents its own unique set of challenges, but you too can create the home of your dreams with some research and careful planning!

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