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5 Important Things to Consider for Office Renovation

04 Dec 2017

Renovation Essentials

TRG @ Millenia Walk Office by  Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

Most people call their office their “second home” since they spend a large chunk of their time there daily.

Since the office is such an important place, it is wise to pay attention to its design so that employees can produce their best work.

Various research has long established links between office design, employee productivity, engagement and as well as the company’s bottom line. More recently, the World Green Building Council’s research found overwhelming evidence that office design significantly impacts staff’s health, productivity, and wellbeing.

Other studies ranging from workplace art collections to natural lighting and the ergonomics of your furniture have shown that these elements do boost productivity.

Technology giants like Google and Facebook have realised the importance of the workplace environment so they have taken the pains to renovate their office based on the type of culture they want to encourage.

“Google and Facebook are ditching confined cubicles as staff are more productive with open-concept offices that promote interaction and encourage creativity,” observes Roger Tan, director of Image Creative Design Pte Ltd.

To help you create the most conducive environment for your employees, we have compiled the best tips from our interior designers so you know what to look out for an office renovation.

1. Seek Employees’ Input

It pays to consult your employees on their needs so that you can plan your office layout effectively. An office lobby designed by Sky Creation

Before you start the renovation, it is important to gather your employees’ feedback and take it into consideration. Research has shown that employees feel happier when they are given the autonomy to decide where and how they work. Happier staff also translates to increased productivity.

Secondly, employees know best what type of office layout meets their needs, whether it is collaborative workspaces, meeting rooms or recreational rooms.

Take the case of IT conglomerate CISCO for instance. CISCO’s management originally thought that their employees would need traditional cubicles for work purposes. However, they discovered that was untrue. Most employees were away from their desks for meetings most of the time while meeting rooms were oversubscribed. To solve this issue, they redesigned their office into a collaborative workspace for employees to select the best space for their needs. This also gave CISCO considerable cost savings.

Figuring out your requirements is also important in space planning. “You need to know your needs such as the number of meeting rooms and the number of people you are planning for so that the interior designer can do the space planning,” Sky Tan, the Chief Executive Officer of Sky Creation explains.

2. Determining the Available Space

An all-white space that is brightly lit creates an inviting environment that attracts potential customers. KENJO Salon by Designscale Pte Ltd

The next step is figuring out the amount of available space and factor in electrical and water points as well as any potential challenges that you may face in your renovation.

The amount of space you are renovating as well as your specific requirements will determine the cost of the renovation.

Jeremy Ong, the design director of interior design firm Designscale estimates that a small and medium enterprise (SME) that is just starting out, with a space between 1,000 – 2,000 square feet will require around $40,000 – $50,000 for a quick and basic renovation. A slightly larger SME with around 20 employees and around 4,000 – 5,000 square feet will need to budget around $80,000 –  $100,000 for renovation.

For a more detailed and accurate budget estimate that suits your needs, contact one of our experienced interior designers.

3. Save the Earth, Save Costs

Do your part to save the earth by making your office energy efficient. Sembcorp at Changi Business Park by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd.

An often-neglected aspect of renovation is how to use energy efficiently. There is also good reason to do so – you can enjoy cost savings when you go “green”. At the same time, you do a good deed by saving the earth.

In most offices, air-conditioning consumes the most energy. Jeremy suggests that an open-concept office can reduce energy consumption. “When you have employees working in a room, you need an additional air-conditioner installed in the room. In contrast, an open-concept office means that everyone shares a general air-conditioning system, this will save more energy.”

Lighting is another element that can help you to save energy costs.

“You can use LED lights that have lower wattage but higher lumen so that the lights are brighter,” says Jeremy.

4. Business Continuity Plan

Supreme Pioneer Group’s office by Sky Creation

Depending on the purpose of the renovation, the time required will vary and this has an impact on your office operations and employees.

“For small-scale renovations, you can renovate area by area to avoid disrupting business operations,” says Sky.

For massive renovations which take a considerable amount of time, you may need to consider renting a temporary space or allowing employees to work from home.

Unfortunately, closing the office may not be viable for most businesses so you may need to think of alternatives such as renovating over the weekends or holidays to minimise disruption.

5. Showcasing your Corporate Identity

Avoloq Sourcing Asia Pacific (Singapore) Pte Ltd by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

When someone enters your office, the first thing they notice is the design. This aspect is also gaining companies’ attention, according to Jeremy. He notes that more companies are keen to showcase their corporate identity through interior design.

In order for an interior designer to do so, Roger shares that the designers need to understand their clients’ corporate identity so that they can integrate the corporate colours tastefully in the interiors or furniture designs.

“You also need a unique proposition for every trade. For example, technology companies need futuristic designs while creative companies require designs with a more artistic feel,” he adds.

How To Select a Reliable Renovation Contractor?

The right interior designer can make a major difference to your space and how your employees work. Lady M by Designscale Pte Ltd

The key to a smooth renovation lies in selecting the right contractor. A good contractor will tailor the best plan to meet your requirements, timeline and budget while giving you a quality finished product.

When selecting a contractor, don’t just think of getting the contractor with the lowest quote.  Also, consider the contractor’s past portfolio of similar works and reputation.

This is where HomeRenoGuru can help. It has Singapore’s largest and most comprehensive renovation database with over 300 price packages and more than 500 designers for you to choose from. If you need inspiration for your office renovation, browse through HomeRenoGuru’s gallery of gorgeous commercial property interiors.

As renowned furniture designer Charles Eames says: “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”

Think carefully about what you want to accomplish through your office renovation and work closely with a reliable contractor to design a space that best meets your needs.

Want to use your space intelligently to maximise your staff’s productivity? Contact one of our experienced interior designers for a consultation today!

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