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Saving Money Greenly: Renovate, Reduce, Repair

22 May 2019

Renovation Essentials

Saving Money Greenly: Renovate, Reduce, Repair

Here’s how to spend a little on your renovation and save a lot on your future utilities bills and living expenses.

LED the Way

Install energy-saving LED lights. While the bulbs and fittings cost more to buy than conventional incandescent ones, they use more than 75% less energy and last 25 times longer. That adds up to sizeable savings in the long run.

HDB 5 Room | Swiss Interior Design Pte Ltd

Nip that Drip in the Bud

A dripping tap, especially if it’s a hot water one, is money trickling down your drain. You should replace the worn-out washer as soon as possible, or get a handyman to do it for you. To avoid the problem of leaky taps altogether, consider investing in ceramic taps when you renovate. Instead of rubber washers, they use ceramic discs that should never need replacing.

HDB 4 Room | Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

Go with the Low-flow

Water is expensive, and hot water is especially so. When taking a shower, cut down your soaking time and remember to turn off the water while you lather up your hair or shave your legs. When renovating your bathrooms, choose low-flow shower heads, taps and toilet bowls.

HDB 3 Room | Renozone Interior Design House Pte Ltd

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Kill the Vampire Power

‘Vampire power’, ‘phantom load’ and ‘ghost load’ are all suitably sinister terms to describe the insidious way in which electricity is consumed by unused electrical appliances and device. To kill the ‘vampire’, simply switch them off at the plug or better still, disconnect them. When planning your renovation, make sure your plugs and sockets are easy to access.

Condominium | U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

Insist on a Fantastic Kitchen

Home cooking is immensely satisfying on so many levels. You can control exactly what you eat. You get showered with compliments when the dish is delish (and applauded for your efforts when it’s less than stellar)… And you save stacks of money when you cook for yourself as opposed to eating out or ordering in. Splurge on a great user-friendly kitchen and use it!

Landed House | Doubble Interior Associates Singapore

Let Your Laundry Blow Dry (Don’t Blow Money on a Dryer)

Clothes dryers suck up energy. Instead of shoving armfuls of wet laundry in the dryer, hang them out to dry on a balcony or in front of an open window. When renovating, allow sufficient space for a rack in the breeziest part of your home, or install a pull-out folding one on your wall. Your laundry will smell fresher, feel better and last longer when it’s dried in sunlight, which incidentally also has a natural sanitising effect.

HDB 2 Room | Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

Of course, the number one way to save money in your home is to invest in a quality renovation and an evergreen design that won’t need refreshing for years, possibly decades. The good news is, has done the homework for you. Find an interior designer to suit your personal style and renovation budget at Why not request a free renovation quote right here?

Be Energy Efficient, Be Cool!

X-Premium Inverter | Panasonic

Energy efficiency is crucial for the sustainable development of our planet. It not only helps to reduce our carbon footprint but also helps to save money on energy bills. Energy efficiency can be achieved by making small changes to our daily habits or by using energy-efficient appliances in our homes and workplaces. Hence, practising energy efficiency not only saves money and conserves natural resources but also helps to protect our environment and improve our economy.

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