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5 Things You Need To Do After Getting The Keys To Your BTO Flat

26 Aug 2016

Renovation Essentials

New Beginnings

Congratulations on clinching your very own Build-To-Order (BTO) flat! Celebrations are in order, but there’s still plenty more to consider. To prepare for the long-term future, your precious BTO needs to have proper planning and protection! Here are five crucial points you should start checking off your to-do list.

1. Design & Renovation

Lofty Ambition by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd
Lofty Ambition by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd

From the light fixtures to types of flooring, there are boundless options for you to choose from. Consider the focus of your home and the needs of each person living in it. A bachelor pad would definitely turn out differently from a family home with little kids running around.

But be wary of making cost your first priority interior designers agree that it is the most common mistake new homeowners make. Proper research needs to be done to ensure you’re getting good prices (here’s a guideline).

Henry Ong from Posh Living warns against being overly price conscious as well: “There have been incidents where homeowners go for the cheapest option and end up getting scammed. Always do your research on interior design firms and ensure they have a credible reputation before committing funds! Look out for telltale signs of scammers. They have no showrooms or offices and are unable to produce original portfolios.”

Paul Chang from Beaux Monde also added: “Consumers should also beware of promotions that seem too good to be true. Some firms like to list promotions online and on the papers boasting a whole list of features under a really cheap price, but they end up being incomplete or expanded listings.”

He explained expanded listing as a practice that breaks down basic features into minute details to make consumers think they’re getting a lot more value than they are. For example, tiling work could be expanded to tile cost, manpower, waterproofing, cement and so on. These offers may also offer incomplete features and you may even have to top up costs to cover additional renovations and end up paying twice the listed price.”

2. Maximising Space

Spacious Concept by DISTINCTidENTITY Pte Ltd
Spacious Concept by DISTINCTidENTITY Pte Ltd

If your unit doesn’t boast the largest square footage, don’t fret. There are many ways to create an illusion of space within even the smallest of compounds!

Rather than creating unnecessary clutter all throughout the house, tuck everything away tidily. Think under-the-bed storage, wall-mounted tables that you can stow away, and pull-out counters attached to the kitchen top.

Another nifty trick is to install hidden rooms and storage units. These cleverly designed entryways are disguised as a simple wall, but hold an entire room’s worth of space within. Definitely a conversation starter every time you have a visitor!


3. Administrative Duties

Tropical Mediterranean by 9 Degrees Construction Pte Ltd
Tropical Mediterranean by 9 Degrees Construction Pte Ltd

As extensive as the checklist is, the admin work for new homeowners are actually not as daunting as they seem. In fact, many of them only serve to make your life easier! Take the application for season parking, for instance. You’ll want to reap those savings and convenience ASAP!

Other to-dos include updating your residential address with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, setting up your utilities account with Singapore Power, and finding out about your property tax obligations.

Set an afternoon aside for these tasks and they’ll be done and dusted in no time!

4. Protection & Insurance

Industrial Vintage by Edgeline Planners Pte Ltd
Industrial Vintage by Edgeline Planners Pte Ltd

As snore-inducing as it may seem, familiarising yourself with home insurance jargon is going to be well worth it in the long run. Instead of purchasing one solid insurance plan, you’ll need to get your home covered with fire insurance, home contents insurance, mortgage insurance and more.

There’s a reason why insurance exists, and that is to protect all that is precious to you. After all that hard work of renovating your beautiful abode, you wouldn’t want to be caught off-guard in the face of any mishaps. Have a chat with your resident insurance advisor and give your home the best protect policies possible. Your future self will thank you!

5. Care and Maintenance

HDB 5 Room by Meter Square Pte Ltd
HDB 5 Room by Meter Square Pte Ltd

The occasional bumps here and there are inevitable, but careless accidents and negligence will add up over time.

Take note of potential negligence in your day-to-day routine, such as water damage. You don’t want to get too carried away with splashing in the tub and cause a mini flood throughout the house. Believe me, soaked floors that stay damp for months on end are no fun at all.

PravisBrahim from Rezt& Relax Interior also says that materials play a part when it comes to cleanliness: “Designers can advise you on the best materials if you’re worried about dust. There are some materials that attract dust more than others. For example, matte surfaces attract more dust while glossy surfaces repel dust.”

The Start of Something New

This may all sound like one big headache, but not if you know where to start! Narrow it down to just five things you need to get sorted now. This is how you turn a house into a home. Last but not least, consider implementing these Feng Shui tips to usher in good luck to your new home!

Whether you want to model your home after a 5-star hotel suite or a superhero’s secret city hideaway, have a chat with your renovation guru and there’ll be something for you.

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