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7 Things You Should Do To Bring HUAT into Your Newly Renovated HDB

21 Jun 2016

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Transform your new house into a cosy, harmonious home begins even before the renovation starts. Planning is key – usher in good fortune, prosperity and health with the help of moving-in rituals and fengshui principles. Here are some things you should do when renovating your home:

1. Roll pineapples for good luck



Good luck begins on day one – once you’ve gotten your keys, it’s time to welcome wealth and prosperity into your new home. Before you step in, roll a pineapple into the house while saying “huat ah!” Take note of where the pineapple stops – this is said to be your “fortune position”.

2. Cleanse your space

If you’re moving into a resale flat, an important moving-in ritual is to cleanse the space. Sprinkling salt and rice in the corners of the rooms is supposed to purify the negative energies accumulated during the previous owner’s stay.

3. Plan the layout of your house carefully

In Feng Shui, curved designs are believed to alleviate the overly rigid and impersonal qualities of straight lines, introducing a softer and flowing energy that helps improve the environment’s ambiance and energy flow. Here are several significant meanings of curved design in Feng Shui:

Balanced Energy Flow: Straight lines are thought to accelerate energy flow, potentially leading to excessive agitation or concentration of energy. Curved shapes, on the other hand, create a smoother energy flow in a space, avoiding abrupt or concentrated energy movement.

Gentle Atmosphere: Curved designs can infuse a space with a gentle and cozy ambiance. In the context of home environments, this gentle atmosphere contributes to relaxing the body and mind, resulting in a more comfortable living experience.

Guidance and Acceptance: Curved shapes are seen as a way to invite positive energy. In Feng Shui philosophy, curves gently guide positive energy into a space, while also aiding in the acceptance and integration of such energy by the occupants.

Dispelling Negative Energy: In Feng Shui, negative energy may accumulate in corners or areas with straight lines. Curved designs can help break up this negative energy accumulation, promoting balance and dispersion of energy.

Visual Attraction: Curved shapes are visually appealing and can serve as focal points within a space. This contributes to guiding the flow of people’s gaze and creating a richer visual experience.

(Picture source: Interior Times Design Pte Ltd)

In summary, from a Feng Shui perspective, curved designs represent a softer, balanced, and flowing energy that contributes to creating a more harmonious and comfortable living environment. In home design, incorporating curved elements can help balance energy, improve ambiance, and facilitate the flow of positive energy, ultimately fostering a space that is conducive to the health and happiness of its occupants.

4. Declutter your house


Contemporary Design by Rezt & Relax Interior

For a happy, harmonious home, your chi needs to be able to flow smoothly throughout the house. Messiness and scattered objects obstruct the flow of chi in your house. Consider smart storage solutions or streamlined furniture to better manage your space, especially for those living in small apartments.

5. Understand the layout of your space

From a Feng Shui perspective, the application of colors in the environment is closely related to the Five Elements theory and the Nine Periods. In Feng Shui, the Five Elements theory encompasses wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, while the Nine Periods represent different phases of energy flow and changes in fortune. The vibrant use of colors holds special significance in Feng Shui:

Vibrant Colors Represent Fire Energy: The Fire period is one of the Nine Periods and symbolizes passion, vitality, and illumination. Vibrant colors, particularly those belonging to the red, orange, and purple color families, correspond with the Fire element. These colors can enhance energy and enthusiasm, promoting positive energy flow

Enhancing Fortune with Vibrant Colors: Properly using vibrant colors in Feng Shui can inject liveliness into a space, uplift people’s spirits, and attract positive energy. For instance, incorporating vibrant color elements into home decor can infuse a dynamic vibe into the overall ambiance, contributing to improved fortunes and a sense of happiness for the occupants.

Balancing Personal Five Elements for Magnetic Field: While vibrant colors can enhance fortune, it’s essential to consider one’s personal Five Elements attributes when applying colors. According to the Five Elements theory, each individual possesses a unique set of Five Elements attributes, such as wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Utilizing colors that align with an individual’s Five Elements attributes helps balance their personal magnetic field, enhancing their aura and fortune.

6. Decorate your home with plants


Source: Feng Shui Dana

Beautify your space and purify the air in your home at the same time with the help of leafy plants. To make your home even more prosperous, choose plants such as money plants or lucky bamboo.

7. Lucky decorations


Source: Decoist

Even if your renovation doesn’t completely eliminate all the negative energy in your house, you can decorate with “feng shui cures“. Lucky ornaments such as tortoises and laughing Buddhas or water fountains and aquariums can adjust any energy imbalances.

A happy, harmonious home

It’s okay to be a little superstitious! Even if you don’t believe in them, moving-in rituals can help to ease the anxiety of being in new surroundings and feng shui principles can create the perfect space for relaxation and unwinding after a long day. Balance and harmony start at home – it’s important to choose a renovation package that suits your own unique needs.


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