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Soundproof Your Existing Windows with Magnetite

06 Aug 2021

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Are you kept awake by noise from passing traffic, partying neighbours, 24-hour eateries, barking dogs? Is your home so noisy you can’t hear yourself think? You’re not alone. The good news is, you can turn your home into a sanctuary of peace and quiet with a simple and affordable solution: Magnetite retrofit double glazing.

It’s a Fact. Singapore has a Noise Problem.

Before we talk about the solution, let’s examine the problem. Though you may be so accustomed to living with constant background noise that you barely register it, it could have a long-term impact on your physical and mental health.

A recent NUS study found that the mean noise level in Singapore is 69.4 decibels, which is equivalent to the noise made by a vacuum cleaner. According to World Health Organisation guidelines, 70 decibels is the sound level that can lead to hearing impairment after a full day’s exposure. If you live in a neighbourhood that falls in the range on the higher side of that average noise level, you should probably consider wearing earplugs (not a viable long-term solution), moving house (a costly exercise), or soundproofing your home.

You may be surprised to learn that most street noise enters homes not through walls, which are typically insulated with sound-absorbing materials and drywall layers, but through windows.

Double-glaze Your Windows and Dial Down the Volume

HDB flats come with single-glazed windows as standard, which are no match for living above a noisy expressway, clattering train tracks or a 24-hour food centre. Older condominiums and private properties may or may not be fitted with double-glazed windows and may have thin gaps between poorly sealed window frames and panes that result in noise seepage. Sliding windows and doors are especially poor at keeping noise out, due to their imperfect seals.

Though there are several ways to soundproof your windows, double glazing is considered the gold standard.

In single glazed windows, sound waves pass through a single pane of glass as well as the window frame and seal that surrounds it, with minimal loss of intensity. In addition, noise can enter your home directly through existing gaps between walls and windows. In double-glazed windows, there is a layer of dead air space between two panes, which acts as an insulation barrier against noise and temperature.

If you choose the traditional method of double glazing, you are up for a significant structural renovation that involves extensive hacking (more noise!), considerable inconvenience and a hefty price tag. An equally effective, more affordable and sustainable solution is Magnetite retrofit double glazing.

How the Magnetite Noise Shield System Works

Magnetite is a patented system of double-glazing existing windows that essentially involves fitting a panel of optical-grade acrylic over the original panes, with a layer of dead air in between. A magnetic locking device is built into the panels’ flexible vinyl edging, which ensures a snug, airtight fit.

The optical-grade acrylic used by Magnetite is up to 18 times stronger than plain glass and is guaranteed not to yellow. The system fits any shape or style of windows, from sliding to awning and casement types, and can also be applied to sliding glass doors. And since it cannot be seen from the outside, you won’t encounter any objections from your building management.

Inside, the finish is sleek, discreet, and aesthetically compatible with all types of traditional and modern décor.

Immediate, Short-term and Long-term Benefits

The benefits of opting for a Magnetite Noise Shield System over traditional double-glazed windows are numerous. Firstly, the installation is quick and efficient, and is completed in two visits – one for measuring your windows, and another for installing the panels. (Allow a few weeks for production, since the panels are customised to fit your windows.) The work is done by Australian-trained Singaporean crew – they speak your language and know exactly what they are doing.

Upon installation, you will notice a reduction in sound levels by up to 70%. Imagine – no more tossing and turning night after night, trying to block out street noise with sweaty earplugs or pillows wrapped around your head… Relaxed, leisurely conversations around the dinner table with no shouting required. Watching your favourite TV series without turning the volume to full blast. Bliss!

In the long-term, you may well notice a welcome reduction in your utilities bill. The airtight magnetic seal means that no hot air enters your home through sneaky gaps, and no cool air leaves it. It means you may become less reliant on air-conditioning and may even be able to turn it off at night.

What’s more, if you are a tenant, the Magnetite Noise Shield system can be easily removed if you are required to restore your rental property to its original condition when you move out.

Quite literally, the benefits of a Magnetite Noise Shield System never end.

Soundproof Your Home During (Not After) Your Renovation

Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on a renovation, only to move in to your ‘dream home’ and have it marred by the constant din of street noise. The nightmarish situation is all too common, and easily prevented with a little foresight and planning. Though Magnetite retrofitting can be done at any time with relatively minimal disruption, it makes sense to build it in to the timeline of your renovation. If your ID is adept at scheduling and coordinating multiple contractors, it can even be done while other works are in progress.

If you are thinking of renovating, be sure to visit and check out IDs’ online portfolios before you start trekking all over the island to visit their showrooms. Not only can you request and receive obligation-free quotes from the comfort and safety of your own home, but if you engage your ID through HomeRenoGuru, you can have your investment protected by HRG Guarantee. This first-in-industry initiative covers your renovation deposit and up to 50% of your contract amount, up to $50,000, in the event that the ID company winds up. It even comes with free legal advice if you need it.

Good luck with renovating your ‘home sweet home’ – sweet dreams included, interrupted only by the sound of your alarm in the morning, courtesy of Magnetite.

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