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Now Trending - The Simplicity of Scandinavian Design

02 Oct 2017

Design Trends

When it comes to Scandinavian, simplicity is key. More and more Singaporean homeowners are beginning to adopt this Nordic style because of its understated elegance captured with just a few materials. Natural light, wide open spaces, and white-to-neutral colour palettes – what’s not to love? Feel crowded out by the concrete jungle of Singapore? Then the Scandinavian approach was made just for you. Read on to be captivated by especially jaw-dropping designs that take this clean and refreshing approach.

Neutral is Crucial

Condominium – 86 Parc Centros by Carpenters Group Pte Ltd

Matte nudes and pastels have been at the core of today’s fashion trend for quite some time, and the same observation can be made about interior design. As Jimmy from Carpenters Group observes, “dark, edgier designs can quickly go out of trend…Keep it simple”. A neutral white-beige palette is a simple strategy to creating a streamlined, soft, and refined aesthetic. While it is perfectly fine to inject splashes of bold colours here and there, they should not overwhelm the calm serenity of what makes Scandinavian interior designs so popular in the first place.

All Natural

Eco Sanctuary by The Interior Place Pte Ltd

Nature is a prized feature of the Scandinavian landscape, complete with spiralling mountains and lush forests. It comes as no surprise that these natural wonders have deeply inspired the aestheticism of interior design. Scandinavian homes are distinct for wide open layouts that maximise exposure to natural light and greenery. In this beautiful design by The Interior Place, for instance, the living area is well exposed to natural sunlight and foliage. With all the development taking place across Singapore, such a serene, breathtaking view is becoming endangered with time – make sure to preserve it in your home!

Add a Modern Edge

BTO Angsana Breeze by Posh Living Interior Design Pte Ltd

Although traditionally bare and simple, the Scandinavian aesthetic still leaves room for the bold and daring. The design theme has naturally evolved to integrate a variety of styles, borrowing from the more avant-garde slant of modern interior design and the rustic edges of country. This eclectic mix is prominent in this design by Posh Living Interior Design, which capitalises on earthy tones for a warm, natural ambience. Straight lines and sharp edges help define the space, adding sophistication and sleekness to the design. Even with these modern additions, the simple core of the Scandinavian theme still remains intact.

Bare It All

Blk 353A Admiralty Drive by Swiss Interior Design Pte Ltd

Of course, at the heart of Scandinavian simplicity is an artful minimalism. The aesthetic is heavily inspired by a “less is more” philosophy. Decluttered spaces and furniture limited to what is functionally necessary are the rules to swear by, creating a wider sense of space that promotes relaxation. Ronnie from Swiss Interior Design agrees that minimalism lies at the heart of what makes Scandinavian homes so relaxing. In this bedroom, the absence of litter and chaos brings an aura of clarity and cleanliness to the space. The beautiful wood and bright, natural lighting become the center piece of the design, adding to its Scandinavian charm.

Keep It Personal

HDB 5 Bedroom by D Initial Concept Pte Ltd

What ultimately makes Scandinavian designs so timeless is how they can be modified to fit your personal tastes. After all, simple wooden furniture and wide open spaces can be easily matched with just about anything under the sun. In this personalised home design, the classic Scandinavian layout is decorated with unique, personal additions – colourful chairs, pillows, and a prominent name sign to boot. According to D Initial Concept, “Scandinavian designs are flexible, and if owners want to add changes to layout or colours, it can be done easily without much cost involved”. So don’t be afraid to shake things up, so long as that Scandinavian simplicity still remains intact.

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