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6 Steps to Transform Your Home into a Tropical Paradise

10 Jan 2018

Design Trends

There’s nothing like waking up to bright cheery interiors and spending your day amid bright natural lighting. Really, the environment you live in plays a huge role in your mood – so if you’re in a happy and relaxed atmosphere, there’s a good chance that your mood will reflect that too. Leave the stress and urban lifestyle problems at the door as you step into your own private tropical paradise!

Here’s how to change your home into a tropical paradise with 5 easy steps:

1. Use the 3 B’s for décor

Big, Bold, Bright colours. Its common sense really – dark colours will absorb light, giving the room a dark hue, whereas big and bold bright colours will add cheer and life to any room, just like the tropics. Says Designer Incharge Matthias Ho with Design Pte Ltd, “Selection of a bright green colour as the outstanding shade further enhances the natural concept of interior designing. Furthermore, we accentuate this theme throughout the entire house using a mixture of warm white and wood brown colour schemes”.

Blk 676D Punggol Drive, by Design Pte Ltd

2. Well-thought out themed wall paper or paint

Even if you have natural light washing through the house thanks to floor to ceiling windows, having the wrong coat of paint or wallpaper on your walls can be a disaster. Herawaty Djunadi (Sim) of U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd advises keeping things clean. “While this urban chic apartment primarily stresses clean lines and sophisticated furnishings, it has kitschy and surprising touches, which make the place more interesting. The vertical-striped accent wall that doubles as a shelving space, the Oriental artwork, potted plants, the glitzy chandelier, and the Angry Birds toy collection make the living room more fun without disrupting the contemporary feel”.

Landed House by U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

3. Go Green

The words tropical paradise instantly invoke images of lush green plants and greenery, so invest in a few good quality indoor plants – preferably those that are low maintenance. At the same time, if you have a balcony or outdoor patio, then having a few plants out there can make all the difference between a cosy home and just a house.


4. Unplug completely

Technology is great and we can’t imagine life without a smart phone anymore – but there is something to be said for staying away from devices (be it a TV set or a computer) and just enjoying the surroundings completely. Andrew Tan, Designer with MJS Interior Pte Ltd says “Having no television in the living room gives the home an environment that is closer to nature, allowing people to feel like they have broken free from the urban lifestyle when they arrive home, giving them satisfying peace of mind”.

50B Faber Height by MJS Interior Pte Ltd

5. Use tropical materials for internal furnishing

Using tropical materials such as rattan, bamboo or wood for furniture is an easy way to bring the tropics to your home. Parquet bamboo and the woody texture of laminated materials are specific effective to enhance the tropical concept.

316B Punggol Cascadia By DB STUDIO PTE LTD

At the end of the day, it is important to understand that there is no right or wrong way of making your home feel like a tropical paradise. Different things appeal to different people. But the important thing is to make your wishes known to an interior designer who understands your vision and is able to translate it into reality.

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