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6 Surprising Living Rooms That Breaks All Rules

03 Apr 2019

Design Trends

Get a load of these eye-catching, rule-breaking living rooms that are anything but understated.

Though probably more than 90 percent of homeowners dial down the creativity and colour in the living room, since unlike a bedroom it must cater to all household occupants, there’s a brave minority who make a loud, proud statement from the entrance hall onwards. Be it through a bold use of colour, lighting effects, wall murals or other inventive means, these rooms are screaming with personality and crying out for attention.

Walls that Wow

Condominium Tropika East | Rezt & Relax Interior

Wow. Really, that’s the most fitting word to describe this luminescent purple and blue modern, graphic living room. The double-volume ceiling accommodates dramatic pendant lighting and a typographical wall mural in the shape of a crucifix.

Paris, Tampines

HDB 4 Room Tampines St 42 | Darwin Interior

Holiday at home – with a view of the Eiffel Tower. A monochrome colour scheme with mocha accents is dominated by this cool full-wall digital print in black and white with a hint of sepia.

Puzzle Magic

Condominium Nautical Sembawang | The Two Big Guys LLP

Here’s a living room you’ll never be able to figure out. Its eye-catching feature wall is clad in jigsaw piece-shaped wooden veneers, complete with negative spaces for ‘missing pieces’. The quirkiness is echoed in the sloping ceiling, eclectic furniture and splashes of primary colours.

Crossing the Lines

HDB 4 Room 360B Admiralty Drive | Luxurious Design Pte Ltd

This living room would be as plain as plain can be except for the striking geometrical wall mural in a surprising combination of off-white, camel and teal blue. Areas of flat colour are outlined by criss-crossing lines reminiscent of intersecting spotlights.

Quirky Cabinetry

HDB 4 Room 164 Rivervale | Love Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

The very seventies combo of brown and turquoise has been applied to a pair of intersecting honeycomb-shaped floating shelves that dominate the space. Podiums at staggered heights and slanting lines make a big statement in this small living room.

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Lodge a Compliment

Condominium Vue 8 Residence | Albedo Design Pte Ltd

With its antler-inspired light fitting, mounted deer’s head and faux fireplace, this living room stirs memories of a hunting lodge in mid-west America. It just goes to show that place is nothing and space is everything. Cross the threshold of your front doorstep and you can transform your home into a microcosm of your favourite place on the map.

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